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61 Ancient Gear Golem

Simple to use. Ignores any effect during attack phase. With ancient gear castle its a quick summon

62 Shocktopus

Easy to find

great effect:when this card is sent to the graveyard attach this card to that card and it has zero attack

Amazing card! Had never heard of it before and it now makes a big difference in every duel!

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63 Red Eyes Black Dragon

I love this card to bits! I can't believe it's this high on the list. I have got a Custom Made Red-Eyes Deck in Spirit Caller and I best the game with it

I hate it, it has no ability and it only has 2400 ark even utopia can destroy it

I have red eyes,but with dragon nail you can make it stronger than utopia

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64 Raigeki

I don't think it shouldve been banned but please tell me again why was it banned

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65 The Wicked Avatar

Your opponent can't activate spells and traps for two turns!

This card will always have 100 more ATK than the best card your opponent has on the field so nearly impossible to beat

Stronger than any monster. Always 100 attack ahead

This Card is stupid it doesn't attack for 3 turns and it is banned

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66 Dragon Manipulator

Dragon Manipulator can control every type of dragon type monster on the field great for getting rid of your opponents best dragon cards!

67 Junk Synchron

Great card if the opponent sent your junk carrier to the graveyard it doesn't matter because junk synchron can get it back.

Once again, an unrecognized glory. Yes, from the same guy as Scrap Iron and Stardust Dragon.

Instant level 5 synchro for easy summon of catastor
Junk synchron is compatible in every deck.

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68 Reckless Greed
69 XX-Saber Gottoms V 2 Comments
70 Change of Heart

Sure, it's banned, but you can tribute, attack your opponent, practically whatever you want. it's really good! - Cobra-Kraken

71 Destiny Hero Plasma

Negate the effects of all face-up monsters your opponent controls.Best effect!

72 Creature Swap

A spell that can turn your opponents best monster against them

73 Elemental HERO Avian V 1 Comment
74 Tragoedia

Why is this so high on the list come on

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75 Raigeki Break
76 Number 39: Utopia

Utopia is epic. I got in 6 place in a tournament with it!

Remove I xyz mtarial and negate a attack. It's pretty handy

Got to go with the first card I ever got, Utopia. I have all three Utopias, and they are the perfect compliment to my deck.

Utopias are the best, I have 4 and I'm still collecting but I think 39 is the best

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77 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

YES! I love this card, having a jinzo on the field so no trap cards can be used as a reaction to this card makes its effect certain, for half your life points you destroy all cards on the field and gain 200attack for each card destroyed. This is absolutely devastating in a 6v6 duel. I defeated a team of 6 duellists with this card.

Its awesome you can do some major damage against your opponents lp. Its also not overpowered like others.

This card is boss with aerial recharge works so well.

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78 Rainbow Neos
79 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

Its awesome 4000 attk 4000 deff but its effect is cool

Great card, very effective!

80 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

This card is so good it can almost beat any card its only weakness is cards that can't be effected by ability.

It's easy to being out and it has a great ability to use!

One of the best cards I have in my collection

Best card ever

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