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101 Junk Destroyer

Destroy any card as the same amount of cards used to create it YAS

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102 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon

With this card you can summon 1 dragon type monster per turn. I know all the other cards you guys have said are awesome especially all the blue eyes and red eyes dragons too. Red eyes has always helped me in a tight spot when I need him.

This card gains 300 attack for each dragon type card in the graveyard epic effect for a dragon type deck!

103 Gilford the Lightning

Gilford the lightning is the best none of my friends have him and with magnum shield he is unstoppable

I love this card it is one of favorite cards in my warrior deck

I have him I think of it as me when some one makes me mad

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104 Man-Eater Bug

This card is almost too powerful because ANY monster can attack and it would be destroyed.

Use to kill opponents who think there gonna win

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105 Giant Turtle Who Feeds On Flames
106 Beast King Barbaros

Sacrifice 3 monsters, and all of your opponent's cards (including spells and traps) are destroyed. Yeah.

This card is so cool you can just normal summon it but is attk becomes 1900. I summon this then I just normal summon heliosphere dragon use dna surgery that makes beast king a dragon that's level 8 cause of dna surgery and if there is a level 8 dragon heliosphere can become level 8 too so I can summon Number 62 Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon dragon with 4000 attack and defense.

super OP!

107 Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo

3800 body? Attacking in DEFENSE POSITION using it's DEFENSE POINTS?! THE ABILITY TO STEAL YOUR OPPONENT'S SPELL/TRAPS?!?! Not to mention the whole archetype of support behind SHS giving piercing, double attack, definitely bonuses...

108 Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon V 1 Comment
109 Swift Scarecrow

Sure, it is only 0 ATK 0 definitely, but it's effect stops direct attacks! If that isn't OP I don't know what is. - YuGi_Hero

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110 Toadally Awesome

It's a really great card, while you have it in your hand or deck, you win!

Such a stupid card, it isn't even funny - dubsinthetubs

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111 Harpie's Feather Duster

How can it destroy strap card when it's a trap card

112 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

3500 attack and 3200 defense whats better than that - yugiohman

113 Giant Germ

Special Summon any monster with the same name from your deck. Imagine 3 blue eyes, dark magicians, etc.

It's a decent floater that pulls out other Giant Germs. Unfortunately, that's all it does.

114 Theinen the Great Sphinx

This card is IMPOSSIBLE to summon. It can be very destructive if summoned. Either way it should be deleted from the game

Really cool card but the bummer part of it is that I lost it

115 Lava Golem

Problem is your opponent can attack you with this card so its probably best to combine with scrap iron scarecrow or something

No matter what is you opponent monster attack definitely, effect, summon this card by tributing 2 monster they contol... Two their best monster become this card

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116 Chimeratech Overdragon

Its good I love it

117 Raigeki

I don't think it shouldve been banned but please tell me again why was it banned

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118 Helpoemer
119 Monster Gate
120 Star Eater

It is just beast - AndrewTheGodOfWar

3200 attack

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