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21 Your Heaven
22 Blue Wind
23 Parade
24 Swing of Lie
25 Hello

I like this the most... The meaning of those lyrics are funny. The music is catchy

One day, I'll make you go crazy for me. You smiling cute demon.

It makes me sing-along even if I don't understand (hihi..Filipino Citizen here)

26 Love & Truth

18? What, this sound makes my cry

Beautiful song... this should be in the top 10

27 How Crazy

How crazy my love?
Well, I'm madly, hopelessly and passionately in love with Yui.

I love the way she criticize the people around her~

28 To Mother

Every time I listen to this gives me teary eyes...
It reminds me that I should live my life with my mother with no regrets while I still can.

29 My Generation

A really inspiring song!

30 Skyline

My blog is all about Skyline.. I don't know how to describe it, watching YUI performing Skyline in Taiyou no Uta. I just felt something. Something running through my spines listening to this song. It's the same with Tokyo.

Yes, I wish I can fly.

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31 Rain

Rain... So rocking & touching at the same time. YUI plays the piano and the guitar here. NOHANA from Stereopony plays the bass guitar. Yeah, you can already anticipate the amazing instrumental... And with YUI's familiar vocals and knack for writing lyrics, what a song we have here! Yep, that's Rain for you!

32 It's Happy Line

I like this song :) love you yui from philippines

This is definitely the best song ever!

The best song ever

33 Never Say Die

Good grief, she sounds so cool when she sings "Never Mind... Never say DIEE! "

34 Laugh Away
35 I'll Be

Very Energetic Song! Love It!

36 Just My Way V 1 Comment
37 RUIDO V 1 Comment
38 It's My Life

I Love This song..
Yui so cute :3

39 Lock On

This song is her best. And it really gets to me when she's like "I became a boring adult" that is so true... When we we grow up we become so boring and it hurts... But oh well at least with this song I know somebody out there at least understands me now

Arigato Yui-san

40 I Know
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