Best Zebrahead Songs

Zebrahead are easily the band band ever and they have so many amazing songs, but this list aims to find out which song is officially the best as voted by the fans! :)

The Top Ten

1 Falling Apart
2 Anthem
3 Rescue Me
4 Hell Yeah!
5 Expectations
6 Check
7 Hello Tomorrow
8 With Friends Like These, Who Needs Herpes?
9 Now or Never
10 Karma Flavored Whiskey

Truly epic! Its like the perfect song

The Contenders

11 With Legs Like That

This was the song Maria used for her entrance back when she still was in WWE, and it's an awesome song. I can see why she chose it as her theme.

12 Runaway
13 Playmate of the Year
14 Blackout

Wow, how is this song not on here?! This is brilliant!

I Love this music, I like ZH because of this music :3

15 I'm Just Here for the Free Beer
16 Postcards from Hell
17 Worse Than This
18 His World
19 The Juggernauts

This is their best song, everybody like it at the first listening!

20 Into You
21 The Walking Dead

This is their hypest most energetic and perfectly blended song to me. I say this as first place and karma flavored whiskey as second.

22 Too Bored to Bleed
23 Panic in the Streets
24 Demons Days
25 Back to Normal
26 Last Call
27 Who Brings a Knife to a Gunfight?
28 Wake Me Up
29 HMP
30 Lobotomy for Dummies

This one needs attention. - Ananya

31 The Set-Up
32 Mike Dexter is a God, Mike Dexter is a Role Model, Mike Dexter is an A******

This is a real song! I know it's name is long, but really! I love this song. Zebrahead all the way!

33 Ricky Bobby
34 Mental Health
35 The Hell That Is My Life
36 Ignite
37 Brixton
38 Stick Em Up Kid!
39 Freak Show
40 What's Going On

Definitely Should be Number One, It's one of their best songs, as well as it having an amazing message behind it. It just shows how amazing Zebrahead is.. Like this song is pure genius. It's My Number ONE!

41 Rated "U" for Ugly
42 We're Not a Cover Band We're a Tribute Band
43 Nudist Priest
44 Get Nice!
45 Be Careful What You Wish For
46 I Am
47 Morse Code for Suckers
48 I'm Money
49 Alone
50 Running Through My Head
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1. Back to Normal
2. Runaway
3. Demons Days
1. Falling Apart
2. Now or Never
3. Anthem
1. With Friends Like These, Who Needs Herpes?
2. Falling Apart
3. Last Call

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