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21 Stache

Zedd is crazy about this

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22 Shave It

It is just a good song to lesson to when your done (in my a pinon)

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23 Epos

An amazing progressive house tune by Zedd! Starts off mellow and then it rips in to it at the end! Such an underrated DJ and has a massive future ahead of him!

This song is a masterpiece. From the beginning to the end, it alwas stays extreme, complex, and beautifully textured. 3 years after it was released, it still feels new, despite having eplayed it 746 times.

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24 Bumble Bee
25 Hourglass

I just love this song! At first, you can hear LIZ's beautiful voice, that piano and the ticking clock. But when the snare kicks... it's like you're floating on cloud 9!

Nice opening track, really well merged with shave it up

This should be in top 10. amazing intro, with the clock, and the mesmerizing entrancing piano loop, and then the awesome drop. really poetic and really cool. I also like how it turns into shave it up at the end

26 Save the World (Zedd Remix)
27 Straight Into the Fire V 2 Comments
28 Slam the Door
29 Codec

Awesome mash up nothing beats this

Pleasant progresive house track.. Zedd has a good future in djing...

Yes, it's a house track. But,the way Zedd mixed everything,is really something else which makes Codec different from other progressive house tracks.I never get bored of it.

30 Shotgun

Why is this so low? Should be in top 15s

31 Human

This song is amazing. The nasty edge on the beat is so appealing to me. Definitely should listen to it, I don't think you would regret it.

32 Ignite

First Zedd song heard by me and my favorite so far.

33 Breakn' a Sweat (Zedd Remix)

It can make your day energetic!

34 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix)

It's pure dance beat

35 Autonomy
36 Scorpion Move

Love Zedd's attempt at dubstep. Gorgeous song, it almost puts me into a trance. If you haven't heard this I would suggest going on Spotify right now and listening to it. Now. What are you waiting for?

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37 Daisy

This track is the next big thing! The best track on True Colors, in my opinion. Julia Michaels' voice is perfect for this and the overall production is just magnificent! A must listen!

Damn...this song is my favourite from True colours...please listen to this and UP YOU GO


Super sick!

38 Starving V 1 Comment
39 Adrenaline V 2 Comments
40 Rude

The band Magic! I think is gonna like this

Nice music by zedd and nice vocals

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