Top Ten Best Zelda Dungeons

Top ten dungeons in EVERY Zelda game. Feel free to add as many as you like.

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1 Stone Tower Temple (Majora's Mask)

Ah yes. The Stone Tower Temple is gaming's finest level. It is mind blowing. It has everything I love about a video game level. Awesome atmosphere, great music, amazing design, a cool backstory, excellent build up, and it uses all of Link's abilities. And the best part is just when you think you're done with it, it flips upside down and you just realize you finished half of the level. The other half feels so different yet so similar at the same time. I can't put my finger on it, but despite the fact that it's flipped upside down. It feels like the layout was slightly altered. Even though it's not. All of these things culminate together to make the ultimate Zelda dungeon. and the ultimate video game level. It goes even further into proving that Nintendo EAD are the best developers in gaming. Period. - rxmonste

It is such a cleverly made dungeon and the first time I found out that I was only half way done, that you have to flip the entire dungeon and do the whole thing over upside-down, it blew my mind.

Sheer brilliance. Like all of Majora's Mask, this temple is genius. With the most clever puzzles of any Zelda dungeon ever devised. Although the Shadow Temple is slightly better overall, this temple is the most clever, by far. - A7XfoREVer

The way you have to utilize every mask and such a wide-range of your items throughout the game really made Stone Tower an extremely memorable Zelda experience.

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2 Snowpeak Ruins (Twilight Princess)

I really liked how they broke the mold by making this dungeon an actual home. Visiting the Yetis throughout the mission provided a nice reprieve, and really contrasted with the danger of heading back into the rest of the Mansion. Kept the same dungeon formula without feeling like a "dungeon. "

The use of the item you obtain here, the Ball and Chain, really keeps the difficulty and degree of entertainment in an essential balance.

I thought the boss was meh. But this dungeon did everything else perfectly. The atmosphere (like most TP dungeons) is amazing, Ball and Chain is a cool item, the puzzles are refreshing (especially that sliding ice block puzzle), and best of all is that you really feel the seclusion of being in a house deep in the mountains. On top of that, Snowpeak Ruins is one of only a few dungeons that I felt was so fun that I would have replayed it immediately after beating it. It's that good. - surgeonsanic

The music made me zz those ice lance things made me scream

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3 Ancient Cistern (Skyward Sword)

It's (in mine opinion) the most beautiful Zelda dungeon ever.

Many dungeons have different features. I believe that the fact that above ground everything is nice, the underground holds a dark secret. The dungeon shows that even a beautiful dungeon has it's dark secrets.

2nd best boss, creative and original

Cool atmosphere with creepy cursed bokoblins. Puzzles were great.

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4 Spirit Temple (Ocarina of Time)

Woah, loved this dungeon! definitely one of my favourite dungeons! The Egyptian atmosphere was great. I love how for the first half of the dungeon you play as child Link who you haven't had to use since Bottom of the Well (which was annoying) so it's a nice way to bring back child Link one final time. The second half though, is my preferred part. The mirror shield and light puzzles in General were great, and the boss was a fantastic implementation of an item into a boss fight. Twinrova is one of my favourites. Stone Tower Temple just narrowly beats this one out as my favourite dungeon, though this dungeon is going to stay in my top 10 no matter what. Fantastic.

When I first played this game I loved it, but then the Water and Shadow temples dragged down my enjoyment levels along with getting to this dungeon. But then, when I started this dungeon, I knew it was special. The whole switching of Young and Adult Link was really cool, and it felt like an actual temple! How about that! It was also very pretty and clever with the mirror shield puzzels and the boss was so much fun. This dungeon just plain rocks. Period.

Best. Dungeon. Ever. So hard though, really enjoyed playing through it!

The only temple in ocarina of time that I didn't need to look up 1 or 2 times what to do next or how to do it.
and still, easy temples doesn't mean bad temples, actually this is my favoritte dungeon in the hole franchise!.
also have anyone noticed that the desert or dry temples are the best dungeons in the series: oot=spirit temple, mm=stone tower, tp=arbiters grounds.

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5 Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time)

BEST VIDEO GAME LEVEL EVER! The music fits the temple perfectly, and it was genuinely creepy and hard. Having the twisted corridors and the ghosts really amped up the dungeons creepiness, and nothing has ever made me feel so creeped out before. Love it!

This dungeon has everything, great puzzles, amazing boss and music that fits into the atmosphere. Awesome!

The non linearity of choosing the order of keys you grab, the backtracking with the bow, the memorable moments and atmosphere all make this dungeon so well designed.

The most atmospheric part of any Zelda game. There are many great dungeons, but this one gave me the chills.

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6 Arbiter's Grounds (Twilight Princess)

I was so scared at first to go into this dungeon. But I didn't regret it. It was the coolest, creepiest and best dungeon I've ever beaten. Plus it has the best boss of all time ( in my opinion)

This dungeon has the greatest atmosphere in twilight princess. It's spooky, mysterious, has great puzzles. Also great boss and even better mini-boss.

Number 6! This level deserves a top 3!

Best. Boss. Ever.

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7 Earth Temple (The Wind Waker)

You just have to give Nintendo credit for making an escort mission fun!

The best dungeon in the best Zelda game

The final boss is great!

I hated controlling medli

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8 Sandship (Skyward Sword)

The only dungeons on this list I have gone through are Ancient Cistern, Forest Temple, and Sandship. Sandship is definitely the best. It had the cool mechanic of switching times from a fully operational techno ship to a dusty old ruins. You even get to fight a pirate! Now that's cool. Sadly the boss of this dungeon is probably the worst boss in the game, it looks like that one monster from Monsters Inc. with manboobs.

The Sandship takes place on a pirate ship. It is epic! I like it just a little better than the Ancient Cistern.

This the best dungeon and it had me scratching my head at many parts. Ancient cistern is a close second as KOLOKOTOS is awesome

It is a neat dungeon. It felt so good shooting down bokoblins with the bow and arrow

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9 Goron Mines (Twilight Princess)

It's a fine dungeon with some fun long range combat after getting the bow.

Gordon mines are great!

10 Shadow Temple (Ocarina of Time)

A great atmosphere of darkness and shadow with clever puzzles with an amazing boss. This temple has it all. - A7XfoREVer

It's op because it's got Skyrim on the doors look at the doors and the Skyrim packaging - Lord28

Shadow Temple is the best

This temple should be #2. I mean, who dosen't like a dungeon full of death and torture?

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11 Water Temple (Ocarina of Time)

It was as frustrating but it's one of the memorable dungeons because it was so hard.

The water temple has a lot going for it if you look past its flaws. For example, the music sets a mysterious tone for the dungeon, the dark link battle is amazing, and the longshot is a pretty cool item.

The switching of the Iron boots was annoying, but the 3DS version fixed all of that for me! It has a great atmosphere, very good puzzles that are hard, has a great mini-boss and boss, the LONGSHOT, the music, and it's challenging in general. It isn't as terrible as others think!

Best dungeon ever designed. Most people hate it because it's hard, but that's exactly why I loved.

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12 Lanayru Mining Facility (Skyward Sword)

This is the coolest dungeon in skyward sword. The time shift stones alone make this amazing but the overall creepy feel of the dungeon is astounding, even if the boss is a let down

Man, Skyward just has rad dungeons. It's a shame that none of them are that long and that there aren't that many of them.

This dungeon is cool with the machinery and all but I thought the puzzles were boring.

Cool environment but no good puzzles - M4j0r45

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13 Lakebed Temple (Twilight Princess)

I'm not a fan of the environment but it has great puzzles. - M4j0r45

I loved using the staircase and raising the water level. It was also satisfying using the newly acquired clawshot to defeat the big jellyfish things. It's a little tricky ( took me 2 1/2 hours to beat, but it is one of the most atmospheric and amazing dungeons in TP. The boss was a breeze though.

14 City in the Sky (Twilight Princess)

This one had an awesome concept, cool puzzles, and a strange but fitting soundtrack (although some find it very annoying, which I can understand). The only complaint I have is that it's too long, probably the longest dungeon in Twilight Princess (objectively, if you get really stuck on another one then it will take more time).

It's a great dungeon (though also a pain in the ass)

Best dungeon in Zelda hands down. Some people hate because it was hard, but for me it was absolutely fantastic. Love it

A great dungeon, but it gets exhausting after a while.

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15 Fire Sanctuary (Skyward Sword)

Good. Looks awesome and has an interesting boss. Plus, Bombs, bombs, BOMBS!

It does look exactly like the Earth Temple but it's 11 times better. - M4j0r45

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16 Fire Temple (Ocarina of Time)

The Forest and Spirit Temples get lots of love, the Water Temple is infuriating, and the Shadow Temple is disturbing, but I never see this dungeon appreciated, and personally, I like more than the others. The only dungeon that can beet this one is the Ancient Cistern. - M4j0r45

This Temple is amazing, my favourite colours are in there, the boss, Volvagia, was amazing, the Megaton Hammer was a pretty cool item and that music, even without the muslim chant, it sounded awesome!

I actually traded my old copy of ocarina of time for a newer one because the Muslim chant freaked me out.

This temple is tedious and has no real difficulty. My least favorite from oot

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17 Tower of the Gods (The Wind Waker)


Best wind waker dungeon in my opinion, barely beating Earth Temple. The music is great and the puzzles are really fun. The boss battle was okay but I think it looks really cool

Ok, I understand why people dislike this dungeon, what with the easy puzzles and linear design, but if you look past that then what you get is a really fun dungeon! It has some fantastically atmospheric music! I also loved the statue puzzles especially the one where Link has to stand on a switch to make a bridge for the statue but then he has to use the grappling hook! The Hero's Bow is also a staple item to the series and sees it's first use in Wind Waker here! The boss Gohdan, although easy, had some super catchy music and was quite a fun battle. And swinging on the bell was probably the best way to end this dungeon! Currently my 3rd favourite dungeon (2nd is Spirit Temple and 1st is Stone Tower Temple) and the pros definitely outweigh the cons in my book!

I thought I was the only one that liked tower of the gods but I am pleasantly surprised to find it in the top 20

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18 Hyrule Castle (Twilight Princess)

Great atmosphere, and a sot of side quest for the treasure room key

The difficulty and puzzle solving makes it the best in the series.

That was an awesome temple, I just wondered how you get in the locked room next to the boss door

This is the most epic finale to any Zelda game ever and has the most intense boss fight ever

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19 Ganon's Tower (Ocarina of Time)

This dungeon seemed had fun puzzles, cool enemies, and some of the best layouts.

When you into the sage rooms you need the items that you got at the temple like if you into the impa room you need the lens of truth this is a secret

This temple was pretty amazing, I loved how they added all the elements from previous dungeons.

It's the best final dungeon - M4j0r45

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20 Hyrule Castle (Breath of the Wild)

It can be entered from any direction at anytime, need I say more. It is filled with many secrets, amazing music, powerful challenging enemies, disturbing boss, detailed interior, numerous easter eggs/references and is probably the most real feeling dungeon not only in Botw but in any Zelda game ever made. With design like this I wish that Nintendo would create an OoT remake with a Forest Temple inspired by the freedom of this dungeon combined with the puzzles of the original Forest Temple. If only...

In every other zelda game with hyrule castle as the final level,the castle feels like just a chamber with a tower.Here it feels like an actual castle,with a dining hall,Libary,Docks,Gatehouses and a prison lockup to name a few.THE MUSIC IS ALSO HOLY! And the Bosses are great. - Lord28

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