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1 Logan Reese

He actually had the balls to actually insult Zoey/Mary Sue and the people constantly playing with themselves for her. Also, Zoey treats him like the worst person ever even though he saved her from getting kicked out of PCA and he tutored her. Zoey should've been kicked out earlier with her personality.

I did not mean to vote but, Zoey is the WORST character.

He was mean but that is what made him awesome here is my list:
1. Logan
2. Chase
3. Lola
4. Zoey
5. Michael
6. Dustin
7. Quinn
8. James
9. Stacey
10. Coco

Me and Logan Reese are girlfriend. And boyfriend. By the my name is isabel adler

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2 Lola Martinez

In my opinion she shouldn't be this high on the list. She was okay in season 2, but she became a complete jerk in 3 + 4. She actually cared for others peoples feelings in season 2, especially in the episode “Lola likes Chase”. But after she was mean to most people around and selfish. This is just my opinion.

Lola sucks. A Cactus has more talent then her. Then again so does the rest of the cast... Hate you Lola - Coolpants

Lola is awesome! She is also awesome in victorious!

Lola rocks. no one else in that show is tallented except for lola love you lola

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3 Michael Barrett

Really underrated character, super funny!

He is so underrated! He is kind and extremely funny. Out of all the characters, him and Quinn would be the most successful. Lola too with her acting skills.

Very funny and actually has a funny subplot most of the time

the horse

4 Chase Matthews

I love Zoey 101

He's Josh from Cueless in modernized version, li-te-ra-lly - Enmanu16

Chase without a doubt - vinnyd101

Chase Matthews. Is my boyfriend

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5 Quinn Pensky

I don't know, just love her than the REST of the chaacters. Til this day, I still ship Quinn and Logan!

Exactly. Quinn Pensky is so awesome and admirable. She was my favorite by far. She's smart, beautiful, quirky, adorable, lovable, and out-going. Lola was a real jerk in most of the episodes to her calling her Quinnventions stupid and weird. I especially like the episodes like Paige at PCA and Quinn Misses the Mark when Quinn changes just to be what someone else wants her to be and teaches them a lesson. That's what I do. If someone tells me I need to loosen up and get out more, I'll become a bad rebel and start almost breaking the law just to prove a point. It shows people their mistakes in speech and/or actions.

I don't know I just really love her character. She never cares what anyone else thinks and she is always herself. She sees the good in people, especially admiring, since she realized that even Logan could be a nice person.

6 Zoey Brooks Zoey Brooks

I hated her like when in prank week the girls got kicked out. Zoey says it's the guys fault but really it was her. It's a tradition and she broke it by trashing a statue of the founder of PCA. Also in Haunted House she and Dustin scared Logan out just because he was trying to scare them. That's THE POINT OF A HAUNTED HOUSE! I literally cheered when she broke her ankle. She also gets in everyone's business. And she takes away her friends' unhealthy food like she knows what fat and carbs are. Also the way she rolls her eyes is irritating. To be honest the dress she made for Lola was hideous and then she wore the dress originally for Lola. Then when they fight Logan disqualifies them from the pageant so they just beat him. Also. Logan has done so much for the princess, stand up for her, teach her chemistry, and saved her from getting kicked out of PCA and she always calls him a moron and a jerk. He might be but at least he has some heart, unlike Zoey who does nothing for him. Also every ...more

Mind if I respond to your comment, friend?

Prank Week: Yes, I agree that she shouldn't have blamed the guys for the expulsion of the girls. The problem with your anger is that you shouldn't be angry about her pranking them back. If I was Zoey, I wouldn't stand there and be a victim during Prank Week either.

Haunted House: It was a prank, and you're acting like Logan didn't deserve it. It was just a little response prank and you're acting like it's the coming of Satan.

I agree with her being an ass, but Logan has been a jerk to her, despite doing SOME nice things for her, so why should she be nice to an ass?

The dress for Lola: Okay, I don't see why you are angry at Zoey about this. She was trying to be nice to her friend and she got angry at Zoey, thinking she was trying to win the competition, when she wasn't. Oh, and THEY beat up Logan. Stop acting like Logan is a god!

Eh, I agree and disagree with you. - DCfnaf

No she should be number 2 Lola should be number 5 besides zoey was at
PCA longer than her and Lola was so mean to her by being Competittive
by beating her for the cover of buzz magazine.

I love Zoey 101 but Zoey is just too mean and acts like everyone else's problem is her problem. She's gets kind of annoying. I mean, don't you get this vibe of her being a popular, prissy girl? - DCfnaf

I wanted to murder her

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7 Nicole Bristow

She was my fave! I hate that she got kicked off - Stevenuniversefangirl

Nicole and Lola were by far the two prettiest girls on the show!

This bitch is da best

8 Dustin Brooks

He is so funny especially when he ran away from a cute dog and squrriel and got scared by a dumb movie
that chase and michael and logan made him watch and he got his arm stuck in the vending machine
but I feel bad for dustin because quinn always use him as a test subject.

9 Dana Cruz

Dana was so hot and mean but who cares basically all the mean girls are hot! She should have stayed on the show I was mad when they got rid of her! Also I heard that Dana was supposed to be Logan's girlfriend in the show. Dana and Logan would've made a hot couple for sure!

Dana was so tough, independent, and strong. - ToptenPizza

10 Stacey Dillsen

Well, Schtacy wasch very intereschiting with her creative ideasch on making objectsch out of cotton schwabs. I love her scho much and I loved her appearancesch in Icarly and Scham and Cat. - cabennett18

The Contenders

11 Vince Blake

Vince is so hot he is the best male in the show

12 Dean Rivers
13 Coco Wexler
14 J.T.
15 Firewire
16 Mark Del Figgalo
17 Mr. Bender
18 James Garrett
19 Drake Bell Drake Bell Jared Drake Bell is an American actor, voice actor, and musician. Born in Newport Beach, California, he began his career as an actor in the early 1990s at the age of five with his first televised appearance on Home Improvement.

You know, he was in one episode when they needed a musical entertainment for the festival. Also watch Drake and Josh I think its a little better than Zoey 101.

It was worse than Zoey 101, people only liked Drake & Josh was because it became so popular, but it was dumb, it had laugh tracks, which zoey 101 doesn't have, and laugh tracks ruin the comedy.

20 Danifer

. He had probably the shortest run time out of any of the characters that spoke but he was hilarious in Quarantine. If you don't remember him when Dustin was telling Danny Zoey couldn't make it to the date he said it to Danifer instead. When he said that Stacey freaked put and thought he was cheating on her his reaction was priceless. I love his name. Later on in the show he plays the actor that is James. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Change "Dan" into "Luc" in his name - SamuiNeko

21 Ms. Burvich
22 Maurice
23 Carl
24 Brook
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