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21 Minecraft

This isn't a zombie game! - Sunflowerswag

We mean focused on zombies
The Walking Dead
Not zombies as a minor enemy

22 Zombie Estate 2
23 The Walking Dead: Survival Instisnt
24 DayZ

It's a work in progress and has a lot of potential. overall one of my personal favorites and should be higher on this list

What? Dayz Is Top 5 What the hell is going on?

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25 House of the Dead: Overkill
26 Zombie Pandemic

I haven't had this much fun since I played X-com and the Fallout games back when I was a kid! It has more content and a richer world than any other zombie game I've tried and since I like co-op games and found a fun clan pretty quickly I haven't felt like playing anything else for almost 2 weeks now...!

I started playing this game during breaks at work and I'm loving it so much I now actually look forward to getting to work (for the breaks

Super cool game! Lots of content and places to explore. Takes a while to get into, but well worth the time.

Its really an awesome Zombie game, easy to play MMORPG with deeper gameplay and cooler missions.

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27 Call of Duty
28 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
29 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

What? Is the best ever it's kidding?

30 House of the Dead 4

Minecraft is higher than this?

31 Dead Island Riptide Special Edition

Better than the first in every way- only flaw is that it does not address specific issues in the first game. Just because the first game came out earlier, does not mean it is better! The first was more advanced for its date of release, but this game is still an improvement. They should swap places

32 Diablo 2
33 Prototype
34 Resident Evil

I like resident evil but where is 6?

35 Prototype 2
36 7 Days to Die

It is true survival


37 Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time
38 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
39 Unturned V 1 Comment
40 House Of The Dead 3
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