Top 10 Best Zombie Movies

Top movies of any genre that involves the living dead/zombies.

The Top Ten Best Zombie Movies

1 Shaun of the Dead

I have to be honest, this movie was not number 1 when I created this list. But you don't know how glad I am that it became the cream of the crop. Truly cool movie. - aeromaxx777

Not scary but if you haven't seen this movie go watch it Simon Peggy and nick frost are amazing in a lot of movies together but this a king of comedy and great movie must take this to your grave if you haven't seen it MUST WATCH

How can somebody put this movie, zombieland and 28 days above real zombie movies and why isn't day of the dead up here in the top 5. What is the problem with you people, many changes many changes.

The single BEST zombie film of all time next to zombie land you can never beet shaun of the dead's witty British banter and unique style of writing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS!

2 Zombieland

This movie has the rules to be the greatest zombie movie ever" so nut up or shut up and buckle your seatbelts, cause no Code red mountain dew or twinkiw will match the awesomeness of this movie. - theTwister

I'm sorry but how the hell did two comedy movies about zombies make it to the top of the list? Zombies are supposed to be scary not funny!

Just finished watching it. Most of the things the girls do are so mean and stupid (I would've shot them! ) but everything else is cool. I love how much Tallahassee wants a twinkie, and how nerdy the main character is. I love the part when he accidentally shoots Bill Murray. I was like "NO! D: IT'S BILL! " It was so funny! Watch this movie! - maddyparrot22

I agree this dose deserves to be number1 mostly because I watch it all the time and I don't know 1person that doesn't like zombie land. Probably because there's a little girl that fakes a bite then robs you!

3 28 Days Later

Danny Boyle's epic survival tale is Dawn of The Dead in London effectively. Swapping the shopping mall of Pittsburgh for the streets of London, Boyle has created a horror film with the brutality of the Romero franchise and the thrill of the Hitchcock films. - thesentinel82

Incredible. It's atmosphere is incredibly potent, and it is one hell of a thrilling ride. The zombies, or "infected", are legitimately terrifying due to their unpredictable and rage fuelled behaviour. And the fact that they run is just... Horrifying. It also features great performances from the likes of Cillian Murphy and Christopher Eccleston. My favourite Danny Boyle film.

Should be number one! I've seen a lot of zombie movies, but this is by far my favorite! Danny Boyle, Cillian Murphy and running zombies, what else do you need for a great zombie movie?!

It's not that I dislike Shaun of the Dead, or Zombieland... But those are more of horror/comedies set in a zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile this movie is just straight up awesome.

4 Dawn of the Dead (2004)

So unique, unlike other zombie movies. It has a plot that will blow your mind. They make it more realistic, and frightening. Definitely deserves this spot in the Top 10.

Zack Snyder's brilliant remake of the Romero classic is brutal, unrelenting and features some superb characters and individual storylines. -

Not my favorite Snyder movie, that favor goes to Batman V Superman and 300, but a great directorial debut and a pretty good Zombie movie.

I was terrified at 5 years when I saw this movie. Just the fact that the zombies look nightmarish and could actually run just scared the crap outta me.

5 Dawn of the Dead (1979)

. . . The 2004 remake of this AND the indie remake of Day of the Dead are higher then this? How? This movie is the king of zombie movies. It was the first movie that I saw and felt for the characters. The feeling of tension, the raw emotion, the vivid characters, the catchy-as-hell music, and the great quotes (We got this man! We got this by the ass! ) make it the best movie of all time, and the best zombie movie by far.

Hello! This movie inspired all the zombie films we have nowadays. I don't state that Dawn of the Dead is the best ever but it deserves to be at least in the top 5. Modern people don't praise classic zombie movies. Sad! - Alexandr

I do agree that Dawn of the Dead is the bet zombie film but Night of the Living Dead was the film that started and inspired all the zombie films we see today. - XtremeNerdz12

Best movie ever. How the hell is Shaun of the Dead is rank 1. That movie was a joke. This is the best ever zombie film of all time. It paved way for the modern zombie genre. This film has awesome plot, great acting, great soundtrack and intense scares! Even till now it frightens me.

Are you kidding me that this movie is this low on the list! Half the movies above this aren't even in the same league.

6 Night of the Living Dead (1968)

A terrifying look at the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Society's struggle to come to terms with the dead rising from their graves is such a disturbing look into the human psyche and the character turmoils are startling and morose. A frightening look at the apocalypse and how the human race reacts to the need for survival -

This movie will always hold a special place in my heart. It should definitely be in the top ten and if I had my way first. This list actually isn't that bad surprisingly

This is the classic Romero movie that started the zombie genre. How is this not higher on the list?! It should be at least no.2 (Because Shaun of the Dead is also a great movie). They're Coming to get you Barbara!

This movie and George A. Romero are the sole reason for any of the movies listed above and below. It's the first zombie movie how is it number 8?!? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!?

7 World War Z

This movie is superior to every zombie movie. It has action, a realistic plot and an epic and a thrilling story. Moreover Brad Pitt's smartness and cool and great presence of mind added to the taste of this film.

The zombies are the coolest ever brad pitt is amazing the movies is scary and epic and it scared me threw the movie too and it should be at the number 1 spot

This one is the most realistic one, like what would happen to the world if zombies really exist? This movie answer that question

Beast of a movie 10/10 but I hate brad pitt's wife she is such a cow and clutchy

8 I Am Legend

They are zombies. Here’s my explanation: #1 some zombies also burn in sunlight. #2 there are also fast zombies. #3 there are also zombie dogs.
Now I will talk about the movie: I really like the beginning where it shows his every day life. The first jumpscare was amazing, very tragic at the middle and the end. I only seen it once, and it is already one of my favorite movies.

This movie isn't even about zombies! Those are Vampires, that's why they only come out at night how stupid are the 0.9% that voted for this movie seriously!

Mutated horrifying zombies that hunt you down scary

This movie is very scary.

9 Resident Evil

Why is this not at the top of the list instead of a comedy movie... Zombie movies aren't supposed to be funny!

This is my favourite ever zombie movie. And I think it should be at the top, because Shaun Of The Dead is a funny movie and not so much horror. I enjoy both the films and the games for this one and my favourite Resident Evil movie is Apocalypse and my favourite game is The Unberella Chronicles. Thumbs up for Resident Evil. It should be at the top.

Simply amazing! I would say the first one was best. - Zackary1992

One of the BEST orginal Resident Evil Movies Of All TIME! They killed it wit the 3rd part - AnXi3Ty(AnX)

10 The Evil Dead

A brilliant black comedy/horror blending excellent special effects with a fantastic character portrayal by the awkward Bruce Campbell. -

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11 28 Weeks Later

Britain really knows how to make a zombie movie. - aeromaxx777

Awesome but scary

12 The Return of the Living Dead

Is it me or is this a comedy. Anyway, these zombies look like those in Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Brains, BRAINS! - aeromaxx777


Comedy! zombie! my two favorite things combined! whoo. oh and naked lady

13 Night of the Living Dead (1990)

This movie is at least top 2 or 3 only behind dawn of the dead

14 Evil Dead 2
15 [REC]

Mostly overlooked because of the remake made quickly by Hollywood. Still not even close to the original Spanish version. Quite scary and a twist ending that is terrifying.

Good Spanish movie about zombies

Rocking baby!

16 Army of Darkness

Funniest movie so far.

17 Land of the Dead

George Romero's return to the genre he created after a gap of nearly 20 years is a landmark one. The zombies are faster, smarter and the characters are bigger and louder. Thankfully the trademark gore is intact and the storyline is the atypical Romero social commentary, reflecting on the events going on around the world at that time. -

I can't stop watching it. It is one of a few zombie movies with a dash of adrenaline. - aeromaxx777

18 Train to Busan

The best. Great acting, great plot. Sad and quite overwhelming.

Fantastic zombie movie that is so underrated. This should definitely be higher on the list. Such a sad ending. If you haven't seen it, give this movie a try!

Best zombie movie ever. Too bad it's not really well known because it is Korean.

This movies should be under 5list best ever zombie movies

19 Warm Bodies

The only zombie movie that isn't boring

Come one, zombie romance? This isn't the best zombie movie (that title is reserved for Shaun of thte Dead) but it was great!

No matter how people defend this movie, I think it's basically a zombie version of Twilight. Now we're going to have teen girls and possibly boys who think zombies are sexy too and they're going to start making movies and T.V. shows about good-looking zombies for sex appeal (I think they've already started with that ridiculous show iZombie). Oh what crazy times we live in now...

20 Pet Sematary
21 ParaNorman
22 Doom

Alien bites human, human becomes zombie, zombie becomes demon spawn, demon spawn becomes hell knight... CREEPY!

Great, but I'd rather play the game. - aeromaxx777

23 Cooties
24 Dead Alive

Peter Jackon's hilarious gore-fest which is so over the top and imaginitive is a riot of a horror/comedy with Shaun of The Dead-esque moments and some scenes not for the squeamish. -

It's braindead not dead alive - XtremeNerdz12

25 Zombi 2

This was a very scary zombie movie that had great gore effects and zombie make-up for an old movie that came out in 1979. The zombies in this movie really did look like they were walking corpses and some even had worms and maggots crawling out their faces which was very disturbing. There were also some really cool scenes like one where an underwater zombie was fighting a a real shark and had its arm bitten off. For those who don't know this movie is called "Zombi 2" in Italy because it was released as the unofficial sequel to George. A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead", but in the U.S. the movie is simply called "Zombie".

26 Resident Evil: Degeneration

I love this one - TuhindeFreak

27 Resident Evil - Apocalypse

I guess this one is truly underrated

28 Day of the Dead (1985)

In my opinion this is the best out of all of Romero's zombie movies ever made. It was scarier than the original Night of the Living Dead or the original Dawn of the Dead and it wasn't at all stupid like his newer movies Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead. All the new zombie movies that come out suck now and I wish they made more like this one.

The third in George Romero's stunning trilogy - a stark contrast to the mall setting of the second film, Day Of The Dead manages to isolate the human survivors even further in an underground bunker, surrounded by zombies and battling against deranged soldiers with the intent of destroying everything. -

The quintessential zombie film - a bleak, chilling and gory look at the world turned upside down by a zombie invasion. A terrifying social commentary intermixed with scenes of savage brutality and survival. -

29 Day of the Dead (2008)
30 Pride And Prejudice And Zombies
31 Quarantine
32 Re-Animator
33 Aaah! Zombies!!

The title is so creative( sarcastic) - Picklesthekitten45

34 George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead
35 Dead Snow

That ending though - XtremeNerdz12

36 The Crazies

Their technically not zombies just people who lose there minds and kill people.

37 Pet Sematary Two
38 Planet Terror

Not really sure if those things really are zombies; but who is complaining? Not me. - aeromaxx777

Best zombie movie ever, terror, joke & Bruce Willis..

39 The Last of Us

Okay, so I'm voting for this, but not for the movie that's coming out soon based on the game, I'm voting on a movie that a YouTuber made of all the games cutscenes. I actually watched this before I played the game, and it went down as my favourite zombie movie of all time. It's super well edited, and although you can tell it's a game, you forget after a while.
I showed this movie to my mom, who has NO experience with gaming, and she said it was one of her favourite movies of all time. It made her cry more than once. This game/movie has altered the way I think probably more than any other single piece of media. Trust me, if you like zombie movies, you will love this. It's not stupid whatsoever, has won hundreds of awards for its story, and gets almost perfect scores from every reviewer.
Please, if it's a boring night and you have nothing to do, don't ...more

40 Lucio Fulci's Zombie
41 Dance of the Dead
42 The Serpent and the Rainbow
43 Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

Oh my god, it was here, this movie rocks even if it is Norwegian. WWII Zombies, crazy director, cool actors, dry humor, bloody as hell, comedy, IT ROCKS! IT KICK ASS

Why is this not in the number one spot? , this bad boy is tons of fun, insanely gory, self aware, hilarious, and an all around great time, it even has awesome fight scenes too

44 Night of the Comet
45 Zombeavers
46 Fido

Tamed zombies are cool in many ways too. - aeromaxx777

47 Resident Evil - Extinction


a sexy chick fighting zombies. what do you want more?

48 Diary of the Dead

A stunning vision of filmmaking - filmed from the perspective of film student Jason Creed which shows the events that unravel when the dead start returning to life. Excellent gore and character progression which is aided by the way the film is shot. -

49 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

A classic British horror with some stale acting which makes up for it with an excellent storyline and some great scenes of carnage. -

50 Resident Evil: Retribution

After 1st one this one is my 2nd favorite of the series - TuhindeFreak

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