Top 10 Best Zoos


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1 San Diego Zoo

We got a mofo panda

2 Bronx Zoo
3 Singapore Zoo

It has a water park

4 Berlin Zoological Garden

Can never get enough of this zoo

5 National Zoological Gardens of South Africa
6 Taronga Zoo

It's the greatest, most diverse city, visit it it's the world's best zoo, from the world's best city, it's amazing here. From the best country as well.

7 Chester Zoo
8 Toronto Zoo
9 Smithsonian National Zoological Park
10 Schonbrunn Zoo

The Contenders

11 Tiergarten Schönbrunn
12 Memphis Zoo
13 Prague Zoo
14 Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
15 Roger Williams Park Zoo
16 Saint Louis Zoo

Free admission and commitment to manage their wildlife resources in an exemplary fashion while ensuring human visitors are met with the most natural wildlife experience possible!

17 Zoologischer Garten, Basel
18 Brookfield Zoo

What a beautiful place

19 Franklin Park Zoo

I live 15 minutes away from this zoo, it's great. People probably just don't praise it as much as the higher-ranked ones because it's smaller. Same goes for Roger Williams Park Zoo, by the way. - LordofGeek

20 ZooParc de Beauval
21 Portland Zoo
22 Toledo Zoo

It one and live time experience of all time

23 Cameron Park Zoo
24 Dublin Zoo
25 Lincoln Park Zoo

How is this not on the list?

26 Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
27 Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
28 Riverbanks Zoo
29 National Zoological Park
30 Philadelphia Zoo

It’s the 1st in the country! I live near here. They have a carousel, petting zoo, and you get to ride camels, ponies, and horses. They even have a hot air balloon!

31 Woodland Park Zoo
32 Capron Park Zoo

May be tiny but is clean and has a very extensive variety if species. Quality not quantify

33 Kolmården Wildlife Park
34 Dallas Zoo

I'm a volunteer there.

35 Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
36 Potawatomi Zoo
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1. San Diego Zoo
2. Bronx Zoo
3. Roger Williams Park Zoo
1. Berlin Zoological Garden
2. Bronx Zoo
3. National Zoological Gardens of South Africa
1. Singapore Zoo
2. San Diego Zoo
3. Bronx Zoo


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