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21 Ibanez Iceman

(S. O. A. D)Daron Malakian's Guitar
(KISS)Paul Staley's Guitar
JUST AWESOME, Amazing Sound!

22 Fender Mustang

So good kurt cobain used it

23 Dean ML

Nice design and nice sound

24 BC Rich Warlock

Got the Kerry King Warlock and modified it with some EMGs and it sounds KILLER! One of the best guitars I've ever used! In fact, probably the best because I made it into my own custom weapon!

25 Gibson Les Paul Jr.

A thiner cheaper older version of the Les Paul today Billy Joe Armstrong uses them -

26 Schecter Synyster Gates Standard

Synyster Gates Signature Model from Schecter guitar with Seymour Duncan Invaders really are ten times what they actually cost

27 Jackson V

Best Guitarist Ever "Randy Rhoads" Guitar

28 Epiphone Dot

Its a good guitar

29 Ibanez JEM7V

What the hell is this guitar doing at such a low position? This is the best Ibanez guitar ever!

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30 ESP LTD EX-50
31 Ibanez Rg 270
32 Ibanez Artcore

Really Amazing Guitar, Amazing Sound, I Love It, If You Try It You'll Love It Like I Do, Best Guitar Ever For Playing Classic Rock Songs!

33 Epiphone Casino
34 Gibson Les Paul John Sykes Special
35 Epiphone Les Paul Standard
36 EVH Wolfgang

How was this not on the list?! Definitely the best. Much better than the Striped series which is rated number 14

37 Fletcher Handcrafted Guitars

Fletcher is one of the best electric guitar brands with no doubt. - Tigomusic

I know this brand is from US but produced in Australia. - Tigomusic

Built The Old Fashioned Way...

38 Godin Signature

An amazing guitar made in Canada goden makes some of the best guitars for cording look like a les Paul with a full pickguardsg like and kind of like a tele -

I've heard about godin guitars and I love the look of them and they sound really rich and the only reason they are not at the top of the list is because they are made in Canada. if you are looking for a really good guitar like me try Godin's summit series

39 Signature indie

A really Amazing guitar created by indie looks like a tele/jr mix really looks great feels amazing designed in 2008 -

40 Yamaha Pacifica

This is a great guitar. I own one, have had it for a couple years, and never regretted buying it once! This is truly a better guitar than the Fender Stratocaster, because I played my Pacifica and a Strat when I bought mine, and when I compared them, I liked the Pacifica better.

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