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41 Goya Panther S-3
42 ESP LTD Viper-330
43 RJ
44 Kramer Jersey Star

Very Best Sound and nice Tripple Double Pickup which is use Seymour Duncan pickup

45 Kramer Night Swan

Also nice n great sound guitar made in USA

46 Sterling by Music Man Jp100

Great guitar for great players

47 Ibanez GART60-BKN
48 Squier by Fender

Best guitars for beginners

49 Ibanez Gio Gax70
50 Les Paul Jr.

The guitar has raw sound a signature guitar by Billie Joe Armstrong I hope this makes in to the top 5 - IwillJudge

51 Dean Dimebag Razorback
52 Ibanez Jem
53 Ibanez Js20th
54 Gibson Melody Maker

This may be a "one trick pony" but it plays like a dream.

55 Vigier Excalibur
56 Mayones Regius

Gibsons don't compete with these. Ask anyone who's played one. - dragonzrmetal

57 Cort CR 250

This is nice guitar trust me

58 Epiphone ES-339 pro

I have one and I love it. It's a small version of the gibson casino. I recomend it for beginners and just for jamming.

59 EVH Wolfgang

How was this not on the list?! Definitely the best. Much better than the Striped series which is rated number 14

60 Godin Signature

An amazing guitar made in Canada goden makes some of the best guitars for cording look like a les Paul with a full pickguardsg like and kind of like a tele -

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