Top Ten Best Squidward Torture Episodes Ever Made

This is any episode where the plot had to do with Squidward getting tortured. This includes good and bad episodes. If there is an episode where Squidward only gets tortured for about 1 scene, it won't make the list. Most of the plot has to do with him getting tortured.

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1 Jellyfishing

This whole plot had to do with squidward getting tortured, but it was for a good reason. He was being mean, and he got punished. - Listproffessor3030

I think the episode is okay but I don't like some parts

It definitely is a squidward torture episode, but has hilarious comedy to go with it.
My favorite part is when Patrick tries to help Squidward eat soup.
All in all its just a good episode and deserves to be on this list and the top 10 episodes of season 1.

2 The Camping Episode

This is a squidward torture episode done absolutely perfect. Squidward was not listening to the sea bear rules and was laughing about it. So when the sea eat attacked him, he definitely deserved it. - Listproffessor3030

Poor Squidward, although it was his fault for not listening to Spongebob and Patrick.

3 Reef Blower

No one considers this a torture episode but it actually is. The good thing about MOST pre movie torture episodes, is that squidward does something AND THEN he gets tortured. They are never for no reason - Listproffessor3030

4 Naughty Nautical Neighbors

I had a love for this episode but not for squidward, but for Patrick and Spongebob's break up, and being friends again. But I will admit that I did see some Squidward torture. He does get a fork stuck in his mouth because he was laughing at Patrick, but Patrick uses CPR on him and gets it out. Also he's crippled while trying to take Patrick outside because he fell asleep. SpongeBob sees this, and flies and bumps into Squidward healing him. Squidward gets worked up because SpongeBob and Patrick are now not friends with each other, but friends with him. Squidward realizes his mistake trying to make spongebob and Patrick call names at each other. So to get them out of his hair he has a dinner party so they can be friends with soda, but when he turns his back on them they destroy his house.

Arguably the BEST squidward torture episode. This, again was for a reason. Squidward tried to ruin SpongeBob and Patrick's friendship, and got tortured - Listproffessor3030

5 Club SpongeBob

A lot of people don't like this episode, and I never knew why. There IS a reason he gets tortured. He said the magic conch was stupid and so he got bad luck from it. - Listproffessor3030

6 Squid's Day Off

This episode isn't physical torture, it is mental torture. And it is done great! - Listproffessor3030

Isn't this the errands episode

Squidward: I won't return to the Krusty Krab.
SpongeBob: I will destroy the Krusty Krab - Goatworlds

Have hou finished those errands?

7 SB-129 SB-129

I think it's torture for Squidward because he's trying to get back home. But it takes him forever.

He even gets stuck in another dimension

That face is gross enough it's funny

8 Good Neighbors

The first BAD squidward torture episode. And I mean BAD. He was just trying to have a relaxing Sunday. - Listproffessor3030

Poor Squidward - bobbythebrony

This is the one where he has to do community service for the town on Sundays after his house destroyed the town.

9 Restraining SpongeBob

The beginning of this episode has a scene almost as bad as house fancy. Then, squidward is tortured by Patrick the whole episode. - Listproffessor3030

Poor Squidward.

10 Bubblestand

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11 SquidBob TentaclePants

I honestly didn't think this episode was that bad. Even though there wasn't a reason he had to be tortured by being put together like that. - Listproffessor3030

12 The Thing

It wasn't a good episode but it wasn't as bad as other Squidward torture episodes

This episode was horrible! This was such a stupid plot. Plus, if they didn't know it was squidward, WHY WOULD THEY TREAT A PET LIKE THAT!?! - Listproffessor3030

I liked this one - Goatworlds

13 Squid Wood

Yeah, now squidward torture episodes are officially terrible. - Listproffessor3030

14 Squilliam Returns
15 Skill Crane

Squidward tortures himself in this. Why can't there be more episodes like it

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16 Squidward In Clarinetland

This is a mental torture episode, but it is actually one of my favorite episodes in the show! Just because it is weird doesn't mean it is bad - Listproffessor3030

17 Once Bitten
18 Fools In April

This is mental torture, and it's one of the best episodes I've watched. The fact that Squidward becomes hysterical at the end is very out of character for him, so he must have been crazy tortured.

19 Squid Baby

This episode is very bad! How many times does squidward hit his head? - Listproffessor3030

20 That Sinking Feeling

Only good Squidward Torture Porn nowadays - Goatworlds

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