Top Ten Best Squidward Torture Episodes Ever Made


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21 House Fancy

You know why this got on the list. BUT it is one of the only torture episodes where squidward won I the end - Listproffessor3030

In this episode, squidwards toenail gets ripped off, yeah stay away from this episode

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22 Slide Whistle Stooges

SpongeBob uses the slide whistle and nothing happens to him. Squidward does it, and everybody hates him - Listproffessor3030

23 Giant Squidward

This is bad, but I can't explain why - Listproffessor3030

24 Boating Buddies

This is one of the creepiest episodes ever made - Listproffessor3030

SpongeBob Is Such A Pervert In This Episode

25 Choir Boys

One of the most infamous torture episodes, and in my opinion, the worst - Listproffessor3030

26 Cephalopod Lodge

He was tortured just because they saw that he was happy... - Listproffessor3030

27 Squids Visit

This is the creepiest episode ever made - Listproffessor3030

28 Tentacle Vision

I actually liked it (Don't kill me) - Goatworlds

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29 Smooth Jazz In Bikini Bottom

This time it's not really sponge bob doing the torturing, it's PATRICK! Yeah, this is a torture and a Patrick a prick episode. - Listproffessor3030

30 Are You Happy Now

They played squidwards depression way too seriously. It is almost like he actually has a problem. Then there is that joke about him killing himself - Listproffessor3030

31 Squid Baby

This episode is very bad! How many times does squidward hit his head? - Listproffessor3030

32 Don't Look Now

This is a torture episode ACTUALLY DONE CORRECTLY! He is mean to SpongeBob and Patrick and gets tortured. - Listproffessor3030

33 Boating Buddies

Now this is a Squidward Torture Porn done right. He broke the law, so he got punished for it.

34 A Friendly Game
35 That Sinking Feeling

Only good Squidward Torture Porn nowadays - Goatworlds

36 Jellyfish Jam
37 Opposite Day

I think it's hilarious because Squidward tries to sell house and tells spongebob not to be annoying with Opposite Day. But spongebob and Patrick are even more annoying while trying to be Squidward

38 Pineapple Fever
39 Dying for Pie
40 The Lost Mattress
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