Top Ten Betas In Animal Jam

We all know the beta days are over, but what are the top ten betas in aj? This is just my thinking.

The Top Ten

1 Pink Forest Walls

I love these, they are so pretty. If I had to choose one favourite beta thing, ANY beta thing, it would totes be this. You know what, stop reading this. Go get Pink Forest Walls right now.

Now these are rare I have only ever seen one! With a member of course

I have beta pink forests but I'm getting bad trades like necklaces and tiaras


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2 Orange Beard

I think a all colors of the beard is good... There is only like 7 or more it less in the game. I have a black beard! I traded it not fair because he did not know how much it was worth so sorry if it was you.

These are the best I think black is still the best though

Although not really anymore, it used to be the rarest

These r not beta they can be found in forgotten desert I got it my first time playing

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3 Beta Walls

Well mostly nobody has this mostly they use this type of things in stores but what does planet walls and spaceship gray worth?

I don't have any beta walls. Instead, I have two beta floors. Both quite rare.

Beta walls are hard to get but a lot of people have them

Used to have a bunch of beta walls

4 Founder Hats

They are not beta. I have wanted one for a while and I thought they were beta but the people I tried to trade said they weren't. by the way it is so hard to get one.

Yes, actually this is beta. I know this, but, the founders came out during the Beta Testing days. So for all you who think it's not beta, it is.

They are not beta. everyone I tried to trade said they were not beta.

Want a founder so much

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5 Beta Robot

It is rare now days you can get it in the forgotten desert it's kinda hard but I would vote it a lower rank.

These aren't that rare I have probs seen them 1000000000000 with people

These rnt rare at all

6 RC Car

Me too I was scammed and was left with a rc car

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7 Spike Collars

Spikes collars aren't betas at all. Even black longs. Though they are rated highly, and have done lots of research on them. Spikes can be higher than betas, but honestly they are not betas. Yes, they are wanted in Animal Jam a lot. But the thing is, they appeared in the Forgotten Desert, and the Diamond Shop. Also, spikes are highly scammed by demanders. Spikes are a very un-forgotten item in Animal Jam. My opinion for spikes isn't that greedy. I mean, spikes are hard to get. Surely, they are millions of jammers with spikes so spikes aren't that beta, nor rare. In 2001, Spikes appeared in the expensive shop, Epic Wonders. Frantically, they were bought by many, many jammers. Today, spikes are a favorite in Animal Jam.

Username 1: Heartsandhopes
Username 2: Madamlovley

Not beta. If it were beta then there wouldn't be thousands of people walking around with them. They aren't even that rare anymore.

They were in the beta testing, but then, diamond shop spikes, And THEN The forgotten desert. And in October, I think, they came to the diamond shop for 3 days. Which means..., They aren't very rare! About as rare as a rare headdress which was a 2014 rare Monday item. So, yeah! Spike(s) (Collars). Are in high demand, they aren't "rare". That was Jammer78z46 if u wanna check me out!

THEY ARE NOT BETAS. They are not rare either. They are Arctic wolf treasure hunt... And people would trade me firefly friends and faire wings for a blue spike... Of course I accepted, that's what they get for worshipping spikes! >:3

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8 Art Easel

I think they are pretty cool but I don't have one but I have seen one in a den. I doubt anyone will gift me one.

I have one. I didn't know they were beta let alone the seventh best beta!

What are they worth?! I will gladly trade then, for extra betas then!

I have one but what are they worth?

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9 Horse Coins

Because horse coins should be number 1!

I have 2 horse coins! I guess I'm the only person who has it. I bought it really quick because duh it's the only 3D item in aj


Horse coins are 3d but they werent deleted becauce of that no one know why they be deleted

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10 Black Top Hat

It is so rare and was since the beginning of Animal Jam

I have one bestjammer172 is me

The Newcomers

? Nerd Glasses

So many people have been asking for these.

The Contenders

11 Cami's Frog

It took me years to get one and I won't give it up for anything. It is adorable and was created for a sick little girl, which in my opinion makes it really special. Another thing is I doubt they will ever release it again and it was created early in the game.

I once had one but traded away. I miss it!

I saw like millions of cami frogs in someone den once


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12 Pink Swirls Carpet

I have one :D

13 Zios Sculpture

I haven't even heard of one of these!

I have I had 2 now 1

14 Skullies


Like really? I don't EVEN HAVE ONE D: but, I'm frost317 on aj :P

You can get them if you pay aj 70 dallors

15 Tiki Mask

Their acctually the most beta and rarest thing in the game


Tan tiki is definitely the rarest, its worth 100 black longs nearly and by the way my username on aj is Slideshowz.

16 1st Birthday Cake

I traded a long blue collar for one but still someone declined... I guess it is the most rarest since I ended up trading 4 camis frogs for 1.

17 Headdress

They use to be in beta days and they are very rare but they are the rarest item besides I don't know but there KIND OF beta

November 2011 wasn't a beta testing time...

My friend just gifted me a free headdress. o_o

I WOULD LIKE 1 NR (non rare) please jag me if you would like 2 trade sometime
-monkey21971 (new) (i will take any headdress) :D

18 Moon Dirt

I have one of these! I got it in a trade for pink swirls (which is not really beta)

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19 Neon Bow

I have one of these. What is it worth? I want a black long really bad but I know that's not gonna happen

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20 Open Sign

I have an open sign I shall only trade it for what its worth though

I have one of these... But I'm not trading it.

21 Rare Headdress

I KNOW its now a Beta, But I SO want 1! they're like the most wanted item in aj! if u have one jag me I'm Bladersdust12

22 Blue Vines

This flooring (in my opinion) is pretty rare.

23 Blue Shag Carpet
24 Spike Wrists Band

-I used to have a rare until I traded it for a rare samurai chest

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25 Orange and Blue Den Beta Chest
26 Black Long

Because its swag

27 Worn Blanket

I don't see a lot of these around and my sister tells me they are beta, so...?

28 Mira Statue

I have one pretty sure its beta

29 Basketball
30 Gecko Plushie

I have one and everyone wants it

31 Snow Machine

I have one, jag me if you'll trade 3 den betas for it, I'm Bladersdust12!

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