Better Credit Reports Consulting

1800 Lavaca St, Suite 109, Austin TX 78701

Better Credit Reports Consulting, founded in 2008 and commonly referred to as BCR Consulting, is an Austin, Texas based company offering credit repair and consulting services based on expertise obtained over many years of dealing with various credit related issues...mortgages, auto loans, etc. BCR Consulting, the first company to offer pay for deletion credit repair, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

No large setup fee. No fixed monthly payments. We want you to pay only for good results.

BCR Consulting's credit restoration service includes the creation and mailing custom dispute letters to creditors and credit reporting agencies. Unlike most major credit repair companies, BCR Consulting charges a one time initial credit report analysis fee for credit repair services and then a flat fee per item corrected or removed from any of the client's credit reports.

The company's identity theft services includes help stopping identity theft related collection calls, the removal of fraudulent accounts from the affected client's credit report, and a note added to the client's credit report requesting creditors take the necessary steps to confirm the client's identity before extending credit in their name. The credit lock service adds a layer of protection to the client's credit report requiring financial institutions to obtain a PIN number from the client in order to check their credit report.

BCR Consulting claims an average FICO Score increase of 50 - 150 points for people the company accepts as clients. Consumers the company does not believe they will be able to assist in increasing their FICO score to at least the high 600s are not accepted into the program.

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