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1 White Walls

Pretty much a masterpiece on a legendary album. As the closer it definitely finished with a huge bang. - cjWriter1997

2 Ants of the Sky

This song is has 10 minutes of literally everything you would want to hear in a metal song. The first 3 minutes alone should make your pants disintegrate.

Best song ever written

3 Swim to the Moon

Love this amazing song

4 Lunar Wilderness

An absolutely incredible piece of art.

5 Prequel to the Sequel

Easily the greatest song, on the greatest album in metal history.

Best riff progression ever builds up to epic finish

6 Selkies: The Endless Obsession

A True Classic. Very Progressive. - juan101

7 Sun of Nothing

This song needs to be higher in my opinion. I like to think of this and Ants of the Sky as one mega 24 minute song. For me it's impossible to listen to one without the other. - IronSabbathPriest

8 Melting City
9 Telos
10 Obfuscation

The Contenders

11 Fossil Genera (A Feed from Cloud Mountain)
12 Mordecai
13 Roboturner
14 Turn On the Darkness

Was a BTBAM fan, but this one made me a DIEHARD BTBAM FAN

15 Voice of Trespass Voice of Trespass

Although the song is as quirky as any other in BTBAM's catalog, it's one of their finest efforts in terms of fully combining their death metal sound with another genre of music, as well as one of their most cohesive songs.

This song is so "Jazzy"

16 Blot

I think that songs is more better than songs on "Colors" album

The riff sounds like some one trying to play a solo as the guitar is breaking apart, which makess it sound unique and amazing. The clean vocal sections are all amazing as well. - kempokid

17 Alaska

I think the riff is great. Should be deserve higher - Alcort

18 Astral Body
19 Desert of Song

A beautiful and haunting acoustic tune - petrucci75hammet

20 All Bodies
21 Silent Flight Parliament

Simply Amazing

22 Rapid Calm
23 Backwards Marathon
24 Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
25 Disease, Injury, Madness
26 The Ectopic Stroll
27 More of Myself to Kill
28 Bloom
29 Extremophile Elite
30 Memory Palace
31 Mirrors
32 (B) The Decade of Statues
33 Informal Gluttony
34 Specular Reflection
35 Aesthetic
36 Geek U.S.A.
37 Foam Born (A) the Backtrack
38 The Primer
39 Autodidact

This is a great song by them for sure. Autodidact means "Self-Taught"

40 Shevanel Cut a Flip
41 The Coma Machine
42 King Redeem / Queen Serene

Understandable if this song slips under your radar, but I think this is by far one of their best songs! They have a habit of repeating lyrics, riffs, and verses in a lot of their songs, sometimes to the point of ruining them. This is not exempt from that, but it nonetheless is one of their most progressive songs, starting slow, and building up to an explosive and furious chorus. Highly recommend.

43 Condemned to the Gallows
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1. White Walls
2. Lunar Wilderness
3. Ants of the Sky
1. Desert of Song
2. Melting City
3. Turn On the Darkness
1. Swim to the Moon
2. Voice of Trespass
3. Sun of Nothing

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