Best Beyblade Burst Tops

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1 Lost Longinus

Lost Longinus is one of my favorite Beyblade he is absolutely crazy and the strongest, but there was only one Beyblade that can win it, and that is NIGHTMARE LONGINUS!

Trash burst easily. Never comes off the launcher. I would rather die than buy this.

Lost longinus is good because it has a strong attack and its extremely fast but there's one bey that can beat it the NIGHTMARE LONGINUS! It also won 5 championships in a row it's like no other bey can beat it. It's the most amazing bey ever...

Lost Longinus is the fastest, craziest, and the strongest beyblade in the world!

2 Xcalius/Xeno Xcalibur

Xcalius is the best beyblade because it has the special sword that will always burst the opposing beyblade straight away every time

I like Xcalibur but buster Xcalibur is the best in my opinion it wins like all the time so I basically like all Xcaliburs

Xcalius is awesome xcalius always bursts my other beyblades!

Xeno Xcalibur is my beyblade and I never lose and I don't intend to lose in the future

3 Valtryek/Valtryek V2

If we are talking about the anime, a strong contender he is for first place, but in real life it really determines how you use it. But in my opinion, It is an amazing bey and is one of my favorite.

Well, valtryek kept bursting when spryzen, Xcalius and zuetron were battling it

Whenever valtryek faces another bey it will burst it like it was nothing.

I figured out a secret move he has and destroys my opponents

4 Spryzen

Spryzen is my most beyblade in the world because he beat everything.

Spryzen is my favorite beyblade no matter what we will burst every bey that stands in my way

This Beyblade has not bursted one time and I have had it for 3 years and battle almost every day with my brother and he has spriggan requiem I highly recommend this Beyblade

it is better than valtriak because it won in distric tournement and it also destroyed lost longinus

5 Kerbeus

So great it does drain spin really well and it bursts beys really easy

He is my FAVORITE beyblade.

He is really cool bro my kerbeus can spin steal

It bursts so easily

6 Spriggan Requiem

Spriggan Requiem is easily a top tier Beyblade choice. There is a variety of options that the bey has available. Starting off with the layer, very strong teeth, making a tight locking mechanism, a metal god chip that gives it more weight, rubber on the layer allowing it to spin steal and absorb attacks. Metal on the layer making heavy impacts. And, left and right spin! How many other beys besides the Spriggan lineup have that? None! That's what makes it so unique. The round disk is 0 and is one of the heaviest and best attacking disks that you can have! And the Zeta driver (6 in greek) allows up to six modes including left and right spin! The flat rectangular tip is the Attack mode tip, the ball looking tip is the Defense mode tip, and the flat circular-shaped tip with a little point in the center is the Stamina mode tip. This bey is basically a must-get and is very good. I recommend it very much.

Spriggan Requiem is the best it has 6 different modes it is unstoppable!

Your list is totally wrong. The best top tier beyblade is lord spriggan and it is the 2019 list. I don't even have to explain why it's so good. I voted foe spriggan requiem because he is in the spriggan line. It' on beatable and the only good looking' good bey.

Not the best but almost burst my choz spriggan with burst blockers activated

7 Drain Fafnir

My Favourite Bey is in the top 8! Drain Fafnir is really cool and it sucks other bey's power which I think made it one of the most powerful bey ever. I like the part when the driver is pressed down and it suddenly zooms so fast that it can either dodge the opponents bey or BURST it, and the other beys will be like "Fafnir, give...mercy..." and Fafnir will be like "GET DUNKED ON! " then you'll know what happen.

It can steal your opponents' spin then transfer in your own spin and you can also hand spin it!

The most awesome bey ever he can spin steal any opponent and always burst others

Drain Fafnir is good because it could drain peoples attacks, so it barely gets affected.

8 Spryzen S2

He has a good attack and a little he's not the fastest but he's a really good bey

Sprigging requiem is better, sorry storm spryzen fans, but overall, requiem outclasses storm is nearly every way

This by sucks it has bad burst resistance and deserves to be vaulted

I love spryzen S2 he is so grand just got hike today and I'm already winning battles The only beyblade that is my favourite is spylryzen S2.

9 Dark Doomscizor

World's best attack type. Stamina could be better, but if it gets a good hit the opponent will burst or even break.

Doomscizor has great attacks it beat my metal revive Phoenix with a burst

Doomscizor for the win

Best bey ever

10 Doomscizor D2

I hate it and spell your words right dude you type like a 3 year old

It mostly gets a burst finish and he almost beat blast jinnius

This is one of my best beyblades! It can smoke Xcalius, Furneas, and Orichmondulus! ( did I spell those right? ) The only bey that stands a chance is Odax. ( which is BEAST. )

It is so awesome

The Contenders

11 Nightmare Longinus

Nightmare Longinus has insane attack power, it should be in the top 3.

WHY IS THIS NOT #1?! Nightmare Longinus has incredible attack and I've never lost with it. It crushes all of my other beys. MAKE THIS #1 NOW!

Nightmare Longinus is a great bey cause when I got it I thought MAN THIS STUFF IS FAKE FROM THE SHOW. Then I saw it has moving dragon heads like in the anime the Crush power. It is cool cause it gets stronger each click when it gets closer to bursting it can also spin steal a bit, when it gets close to bursting its almost like when those dragon heads change the close point of contact he takes the recoil and reverses it BURSTING HIS OPPONENT

I have nightmare longinus and it can spin steal every bey except left spin. AWESOME! wins in ten seconds!

12 Horusood H2

He is a good stamina type bursts people sometimes with those plastic edges just switch tip with survive to make his tip not scrape the ground when hit

I have Horusood H2 and it always beats my younger sister's beyblade Wyvron! I love it!

Horusood is the best he spins longer than any of my friends and the rest of my beys

Horusood is my best bey it is a beast at stamina

13 Geist Fafnir

He can spin steal and only the best bladers can unleash it's true strength like me. Now my bey broke like in the show because I battle too hard. Now I am just waiting for the new Fafnir for Beyblade Burst Super King or Sparking

This Bey is the strongest. It can burst Union Achilles. You have to be a good blader to unleash its full power. I can unleash it.

I LOVE GEIST FAFNIR and drain fafnir they spin steal that my favorite that's what make them so powerful

Geist fafnir should be the best beyblade because it can spin steal and all way gets burst finish

14 Valtryek V2

I really think this should be higher up on the list because I learned a launching technique that keeps stamina even though Valtryek has no idea stamina

Valtryek is the best because its super fast and when it gains speed it does more damage

Valtryek is super fast in spin and can go the the outer rim and gain more speed

I like op attack type

15 Winning Valkyrie

It ha the lightest disclaimer so it spins really fast and cool #wv

Yo this rocks

Winning valtryek sould be much higher I think it is the 2nd best of all the valtryeks

Its tip is so oP it always bursts any beyblade burst bey

16 Zet Achilles

I like it because it not only looks pretty cool but its also quite strong

Z guard and z whip is so amazing especially the takara tomy version

Hasbro one goes down in 3 hits (or less), while takara tomy one outclasses it.

Its good but it can be even stronger combing with other parts

17 Maximum Garuda G3

I have it and none of my beys have defeated it because of how long the forge disk is

The best
I have about 50 blades and he beats them all

With atomic tip unbeatable

Good nothing beat shut up

18 Hell Salamander

Hell Salamander is the best balance type out there! Should be number one.

One of my favorite beys and definitely one of the good beys out there, if you are able to read the situation then this bey has amazing potential

It a very good bey and it very cheap I like because it very strong and unbeatable

I have one hell salamander.. And it could crash the rock dragon

19 Vatryek v3

Sometimes it is hard to activate Genesis reboot and I think we all had that

This is the best bey

I just got it today but so far it's like a god bey!

Its fast strong damage and it looks cool

20 Lightning L Drago Lightning L Drago Product Image

Who cares this is l drago the best metal fusion it can beat all burst

Why is l Drago on a burst list

Attack broke my burst bey and could nit spin no more

Pegasus is better

21 Zillion Zeus

You guys are wrong zillion zeus took on xcalius, luinor, galaxy pegasis, gt spryzen and burst all of them on the first contact

Zillion Zeus is strong and has been the most successful in the beyblade world Tour

Worst beyblade

This bay is awesome.

22 Legend Spriggan

It's the best beyblade ever. I am not saying about is features but about its attack power. If used with tactics it's the best. However people are saying that SPRIGGAN REQUIEM is the best. I don't think so. Yes it has powers but


Worst bey I have bursted by my cho z spriggan one just one day it broke into pieces by a cho z spriggan

The most powerful Beyblade in the world.It was very easy to burst by my twin nemesis.I hate it.Especially when it is attacking other Beyblade.

Spriggan you bet anyone in beyblade burst

23 Legend Spryzen/Spriggan

I Have nothing to say, is the same thing of Spriggan Requiem but Biggest, it make it have more weight, and spin more.

Can we move on? He can not even beat SALAMANDER(a beyblade that can not win sucks like poo)

He can left and right spin and is a balance type which means he clearly has the advantage over most beys

Legend Spryzen a good bey. Can be beaten sometimes, but otherwise, when used correctly is really strong!

24 Shin Longinus, Lui's 3rd Beyblade

The best bey in the world

The names is bloody Longinus not "shin Longinus".

I love this bey best beyblade ever!

It is fast when you pull but it has weak stamina

25 Alter Cognite

I haven’t had much experience with this Bey but from what I learned, he seems to be pretty incredible

It deserves number 1

I bought it and tried out all the combos. This bey has got to be one of the best out there

Its attack is op and has long stamina on either mode

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