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1 Lost Longinus

Lost Longinus is one of my favorite Beyblade he is absolutely crazy and the strongest, but there was only one Beyblade that can win it, and that is NIGHTMARE LONGINUS!

Personally, it is good, but I would swap the tip. - FatPoo

I really like the bey and it truly is the most powerful because it won 5 championships in a row. Although Lui can be extremely rude sometimes that is practically the only way he knows how to communicate with people, so I really don't mind

This is amazing my friend used this against Xcailus and it burst after a couple seconds.

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2 Xcalius/Xeno Xcalibur

Xcalius is the best beyblade because it has the special sword that will always burst the opposing beyblade straight away every time

Xcalius has a golden sword he can beat anything in his way

Xcalius must be first it burst the bey with his sword

my partner

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3 Valtryek/Valtryek V2

It's not that good but deserves to be at second place. It is a great beyblade for young people.

God Valkyrie is the best beyblade in the world because it's attack level

It is so great the most powerful bey

Number one

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4 Spryzen

Spryzen must be in first place

It is really cool it's the first one who beat lui

Spryzen is so over powered

Spryzen beat all of my beyblades

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5 Spriggan Requiem

Spriggan Requiem is a great bey with 6 different modes. It can even spin steal. BEST BEYBLADE

It has 6 different possible combos: Attack left-spin, Defense Left-spin, Stamina Left-spin and Attack, Defense, and Stamina in Right-spin!

The Holy Grain of God!

He's so broken OP I could wreck people with requiem.

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6 Kerbeus

He is my FAVORITE beyblade.

He is really cool bro my kerbeus can spin steal

7 Spryzen S2

I love spryzen S2 he is so grand just got hike today and I'm already winning battles The only beyblade that is my favourite is spylryzen S2.

Best bey

8 Dark Doomscizor

Doomscizor for the win

Best bey ever

My friend had a Galaxy Pegasus and a Metro L Drago and I had a Doomscizor and instantly Galaxy Pegasus was knocked out and Drago burst after 10 seconds

He needs to be in the top 3 he bet xcalius and longius.

9 Drain Fafnir

Best beyblade in this universe it wins every time

Awesome and the only one who could beat lui so far

When I battled it it looked like I was going to win but Fafnir had won by stamina


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10 Doomscizor D2

It is so awesome

I shoul like it


It is so op

The Newcomers

? Zet Achilles

Dis op

? The God Valtryek



The Contenders

11 Horusood H2

Horusood is the best he spins longer than any of my friends and the rest of my beys

It defeated a metal fusion: earth eagle. - FatPoo

I like the bone in the middle

Horusood always beats wyvron

12 Nightmare Longinus

Nightmare is the new attack type that are the strongest of all Beyblade burst. He is the best ever. Come on NIGHTMARE LONGINUS YOU ARE THE BEST BEY!

It is the best because of its deadly attacks that always leave my opponent in pieces and wishing they never faught me. It deserves #1 spot easily. Another reason is because it, when I looked at this list, beat every single one above it 7 or 8 times, it really does deserve #1 spot, please vote nightmare longinus for the win

Nightmare is honestly the greatest. Rekt my Winning Valkyrie, God Strike Valkyrie, yea. It's overpowered basically. And it never burst ONCE. Launch it correctly, and BAM! You've won. Vote for Nightmare Longinus everyone!


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13 Valtryek V2
14 Legend Spriggan

Spriggan you bet anyone in beyblade burst

It can beat the top three in left spin.

Awesome beyblade best ever

Legend spriggan does not spin steal

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15 Lightning L Drago

Attack broke my burst bey and could nit spin no more

Number 1 beyblade forever exept Golden L Drago

I love L drago

16 Vatryek v3

This is the best bey

It is the final evolution on the valteryek family and the best by how it was designed

I always win

I have a non customized valtryek v1 and I’ve beaten 2 different valtryek v3’s with it

17 Shu


18 Odax O2

This BEYBLADE is super fast and strong one fast dash to the opponent and its an instant burst

It's really strong I battled it against all other odax and it bursted all of them first try

Best ever, very strong, always wins

My odax recks my friends Longinus! It has little stamina I know I get it but it packs a huge punch, if you’ve seen the show you would know how strong it is, it almost beat shu!

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19 Zillion Zeus


I have zillion Zeus he defeated xcalibur,valtriek

That bey is the strongest bey I have ever seen
I don't care if a tiny bey like valtryek beat it!
Zach shouln’t have retired.

20 Xeno Excalibur

1: It rocks it crushed my victory Valkrie. And my quad Quetzalcoatl!

21 Quetziko Q2

Yas. I have this bey it’s my best

22 Tornado Wyvern

Has a free spin wheel on the layer and a free spin ball on the driver, it's absolutely awesome!


23 Zuetron z2

Zuetron is a great bey

I have him

24 Acid Anubis

Has never lost awesome stamina and defense

Acid Anubis is once of the best

25 Winning Valkyrie

Yo this rocks

26 Valt

Heck yeah not a beyblade

27 Shin Longinus, Lui's 3rd Beyblade

The best bey in the world

I love this bey best beyblade ever!

28 Guardian Kerbeus

Who knows about the hole on stadium stamina trick?

It’s the coolest

29 Alter Cognite

I got the Beyblade from walmart And I love the stamia mode!

Doing a backflip and lauching it does not really affect cognite, but the bey itself is really good.

Alter Cognite is, like the coolest bey. Period. I beat NIGHTMARE LONGINUS, and LOST LONGINUS! IN YOUR FACE BRAH! I finally figured out how to do Kuzsa's backflip. I used it's Ultra Stanima, IT ROCKED AND BEAT ONE OF MY BEST DRAIN FAFNIR"S!

30 Lost Luinor

Best bey EVER

31 Spryzen S3
32 Valtryek V3

Beat xcalibur

33 Maximum Garuda G3
34 Kaiser Kerbeus

Awesome, I would say top 10, but what ever

35 Tempest Wyvron

Best bey ever

The best BEYBLADE I have ever yoused

36 Valtryek

Oh, it sucks!

Valtreck can beat anyone if he belives what to do

Į trink it's a best bey

37 Yegdrion

it sucks

38 Omni Odax

Bettah than yo face!

Odax destroys BEYBLADES in one hit it is super quick and it’s attacks are through the roof he’s super dope get him and win

39 Unicrest U2

Best bey ever used it against by brother who has dark doomscizor. Dark doomscizor burst after 15 seconds

I love Über unicrest

40 Twin Nemesis

Epic beyblade

41 Wyvron W3

Coolest bey in the world

It should be first. my god it is good

42 Roktavor R3

Best Stamina Type - SetteeR1

we have it

43 Betromoth B2

Fast,stronger than any beyblade but not the god beyblades

44 Unicrest

"It got power"

45 Yegrion

Yegrion is the best bey in da whole wirld

46 Miniborus
47 Roktavor/Ragnaruk R3

Best stamina type.

48 Evipero

Best bey ever

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