Best Beyblade Burst Tops


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1 Lost Longinus

Lost Longinus is one of my favorite Beyblade he is absolutely crazy and the strongest, but there was only one Beyblade that can win it, and that is NIGHTMARE LONGINUS!

Personally, it is good, but I would swap the tip. - FatPoo

It's strongest beyblade burst ever.

Best beyblade in the world

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2 Xcalius/Xeno Xcalibur

Xcalius is the best beyblade because it has the special sword that will always burst the opposing beyblade straight away every time

Xcalius has a golden sword he can beat anything in his way

Xcalius must be first it burst the bey with his sword

I have him and have never lost when battiling with him, even against my friends lost longinus. The sword makes him burst practiccally every single opponent

3 Valtryek/Valtryek V2

It's not that good but deserves to be at second place. It is a great beyblade for young people.

It is so great the most powerful bey

Best bey especially Genesis Valtreyak V3 Bro

Valtryek is my partner. It is especially strong and has defeated some of my other beys including Oober Unicrest, Kerbeus, Yegdrian,Roktavor and sometimes my Xcalius.Valtryek deserves first.

4 Spryzen

Spryzen must be in first place

Spriggan requiem is deadly weapon

5 Kerbeus
6 Spriggan Requiem

The Holy Grain of God!

It has rubber on it's layer like Drain Fafnir, it has a blue metal god chip, it's dual-spin, it has the heaviest disk in the game, the driver has 3 modes, and it looks awesome!

Best bey

Because it has the abilities of Drain Fafnir Nightmare Longinus God Valtryek and Legend Spriggan

7 Spryzen S2
8 Dark Doomscizor
9 Doomscizor D2
10 Horusood H2

Horusood is the best he spins longer than any of my friends and the rest of my beys

It defeated a metal fusion: earth eagle. - FatPoo

The Newcomers

? Tornado Wyvern


? Vatryek v3

The Contenders

11 Drain Fafnir


12 Valtryek V2
13 Nightmare Longinus

Nightmare is the new attack type that are the strongest of all Beyblade burst. He is the best ever. Come on NIGHTMARE LONGINUS YOU ARE THE BEST BEY!

Hey really strong

Nightmare Longinus can win any bey, even spriggan requiem

14 Quetziko Q2

Yas. I have this bey it’s my best

15 Legend Spriggan

Spriggan you bet anyone in beyblade burst

It can beat the top three in left spin.

16 Odax O2

I wouldn’t say so it’s my second best

17 Zuetron z2

Zuetron is a great bey

18 Unicrest

"It got power"

19 Kaiser Kerbeus
20 Valt
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