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1 Lost Longinus

Lost Longinus is one of my favorite Beyblade he is absolutely crazy and the strongest, but there was only one Beyblade that can win it, and that is NIGHTMARE LONGINUS!

Lost longinus is good because it has a strong attack and its extremely fast but there's one bey that can beat it the NIGHTMARE LONGINUS! It also won 5 championships in a row it's like no other bey can beat it. It's the most amazing bey ever...

I think Longinus is very powerful and strong. I love everything about it except that he is a evil bey and has lui as owner. And I HATE lui

Actually, for this list lost Longinus is the best but actually bloody Longinus is the best!

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2 Xcalius/Xeno Xcalibur

Xcalibur is so good it wins almost every time.

It sounds cool

I have buster xcalius and he is very good

Man, I can feel for this bey

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3 Valtryek/Valtryek V2

I figured out a secret move he has and destroys my opponents

Valtryek goes at the speed of light and basically destroys all the other beys, it is really good 9/10

He is 10Times Stronger then Everybody!

Either in the Beyblade Burst Turbo app or in real life, this bey is the one of the BEST I've ever had! With the stunning design of the Valtryek V2 QR code I got from Hascon way back in 2017 and the sheer determination I have, I haven't lost a single battle with this awesome beyblade! Please leave a vote for this bey, as it is - by far - the most awesome bey I've ever had. And I mean EVER! Leave a vote please!

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4 Spryzen

It is so good my Brother Keeps winning the matches.

It has a good balance between defense and attack

I love spryzen. It has good attack

He is the best! He bested Lui and Shu can battle with both hands making Spryzen even more powerful, besides he is a balance type

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5 Spriggan Requiem

It is the best god bey of all! It really can switch between Attack, Defense, and Stamina! Not to mention right or left spin! The rubber on the God Layer even allows it to spin steal as well! I'm pretty sure that it also has metal on it too. And it's a pretty heavy bey and hard to take down too.

It can have the advantage over any bey and beat any drain bey on left spin so this is the best one

Attack, Stamina, Defense! This beyblade has all! It spin steals, and it spins right and left! What is there not to like about this?

Spriggan Requiem makes its way to be the best beyblade

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6 Kerbeus

It is the worst

It bursts so easily

Very bad

The best bey

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7 Spryzen S2

This by sucks it has bad burst resistance and deserves to be vaulted

Spryzen is the best

Sprigging requiem is better, sorry storm spryzen fans, but overall, requiem outclasses storm is nearly every way

Ya I agree that Spriggan Requiem is better than spryzen S2.

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8 Drain Fafnir

My Favourite Bey is in the top 8! Drain Fafnir is really cool and it sucks other bey's power which I think made it one of the most powerful bey ever. I like the part when the driver is pressed down and it suddenly zooms so fast that it can either dodge the opponents bey or BURST it, and the other beys will be like "Fafnir, give...mercy..." and Fafnir will be like "GET DUNKED ON! " then you'll know what happen.

Drain fafnir he should be number one I have it and it is amazing leave a vote

He drains other peoples bey and I don't have to lunch it I can spin it with my hand and I still win

I have the green drain fafnir f3 and I have beat all my friends and I have won multiple times against 8 people at a time. I also beat the old fafnir, salamander, achilles and so many more. It also looks cool. This bey was also my first and friends were like YOU CAN GET FAFNIRS AT TARGET!?

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9 Dark Doomscizor

Doomscizor has great attacks it beat my metal revive Phoenix with a burst

Doom scizor is the best attack type ever

hell ya

Best bey ever

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10 Doomscizor D2

I got the Japanese version it is awesome it barley ever bursts and could take out sprytzen and valtryak no probably go doomscizor!

Amazing defense and stamina

Defense,attack,who cares! Enough said

Bro this bey is da best

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The Contenders

11 Nightmare Longinus

Ya I have it is awesome but the more you use it the more it works try using the launcher instead of outward do it to the right or left what hand you are give it a try it get massive stamina boost and attack it is awesome

One of the strongest beys ever. Shoulda be 1

It should be #1 it has outstanding attack power it spins to the left and has moderate stamina and its made with a lot of metal and it can spin steal a little

It's a god I did a 15 bey free for all with my friends and it bursted 6 in all

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12 Horusood H2

He is a good stamina type bursts people sometimes with those plastic edges just switch tip with survive to make his tip not scrape the ground when hit

Horusood is a god it beat all my friends

Horosood bursts easily

I have horusood

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13 Valtryek V2

I really think this should be higher up on the list because I learned a launching technique that keeps stamina even though Valtryek has no idea stamina

Valtryek is super fast in spin and can go the the outer rim and gain more speed

Valtryek is the best because its super fast and when it gains speed it does more damage


14 Winning Valkyrie

Best bet he is the fastest Bey of them all

Its tip is so oP it always bursts any beyblade burst bey

He is one of my best


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15 Shu

I cut his head the made his arm a launcher and ripped him

I Ripped his head off and said let it rip

You mean spriggan right...?

What if Shu is a beyblade?
(X files theme plays)

I got a launcher and cut his head then launched him

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16 Geist Fafnir

Geist Fafnir. Need I say anymore to make people shudder?

I think it has great stamina. I also think it's better than that guys drain fafnir.

I love him he is the best hand spin bey

It is the best

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17 Zet Achilles

Best hey it broke vortex

Best bey ever

Good a savage beast

Can't believe it broke and I have z achilles

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18 Vatryek v3

Its fast strong damage and it looks cool

Good attack

Sometimes it is hard to activate Genesis reboot and I think we all had that

This beyblade is o.p

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19 Zillion Zeus

2nd favourite bey

Worst beyblade

You got to be kidding me how is it 17 place?

Yes it be goode

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20 Maximum Garuda G3

Good nothing beat shut up

It needs to be in the top 10

The best
I have about 50 blades and he beats them all

So OP it won dead hades Cho z Valkyrie and my Archer herclies

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21 Lightning L Drago

You are the best

Pegasus is better

You are terriable

Who cares this is l drago the best metal fusion it can beat all burst

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22 Hell Salamander

Hell salamander should be number one amazing stamina and attack with left spin he's impossible to beat

I have one hell salamander.. And it could crash the rock dragon

Other bey's of mine are like: "that bey is HELL"!

Attack or defense whenever you want it

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23 Legend Spriggan

i have it

It's the best beyblade ever. I am not saying about is features but about its attack power. If used with tactics it's the best. However people are saying that SPRIGGAN REQUIEM is the best. I don't think so. Yes it has powers but


It has the best attcks and burst all of my beyblade!

East or West legend spriggan is the best

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24 Shin Longinus, Lui's 3rd Beyblade

It is fast when you pull but it has weak stamina

The names is bloody Longinus not "shin Longinus".

Bad bey


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25 Alter Cognite

Best beyblade in the world

Its attack is op and has long stamina on either mode

It is so good it beat Xeno Excalibur AND GEIST FAFNIR at the same time

It deserves number 1

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26 Legend Spryzen/Spriggan

Legend spryzen is red eyes Beyblade

I've battled him against alter cognite and he won, he should be places above alter cognite.

He sucks like poo

He can left and right spin and is a balance type which means he clearly has the advantage over most beys

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27 Lost Luinor

Best bey to ever roam the earth and I found out that it goes toward its opponents

The is the best

This is lost longinus

Lost Luinor defeated a metal fusion: Basalt Holugium

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28 The God Valtryek

He sounds like a winning boy

He's crappier than sprison.

It's the best

best ever

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29 Twin Nemesis

Weak but when you put up onto lost Longinus it totally demolished him

So bad

I have it with at 7 middle and a heat salamander driver and, it chipped my Friends Cho z Achilles.

Best bey ever really good stamina good defense and attack 9/10 should be number 6 :(

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30 Odax O2

Omni odax is the best bey and my favorite!

Es bueno

I've created a bond with O2

On all points, it is very good besides stamina. Most of the time, it could counter the other bey’s attack with another attack. This scenario could count as defense in one way or another

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31 Tornado Wyvern

I have it awesome

It is so good that its tip is the best and it can't be spin stealed.

yo momi

Awesome bey and it cool

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32 Quetziko Q2

It is so good

I has him - LucarioLov3

i have him

Awesome design best bey EVER!

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33 Valt

Valts beys are superior over all

Best bey

It should be number one because it is the most powerful...

This is a character no a beyblade. :(

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34 Unicrest

This bey is really strong

Bro this bey is op and it bursted killer deathsyther in one hit

Ukio has this bey


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35 Wyvron W3

He is good

It should be in top 10.


I have this beyblade and it sucks.

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36 Roktavor/Ragnaruk R3

He is so cool

My roktavor beat a valtryek so it should be in the top ten

Roktavor beat vault

Best stamina type.

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37 Valtryek V3

I have it destroyed regulus r12

I own it, Awesome

It is sooo good attack type

Beat xcalibur

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38 Guardian Kerbeus

Awesome bay I love ken and king

It is my favourite

Who knows about the hole on stadium stamina trick?

It’s the coolest

39 Tempest Wyvron

The Atomic driver... Awesome

Best bey ever

The best BEYBLADE I have ever yoused

40 Acid Anubis

Why isn't this first wrecked all my friends



Best defense bey!

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41 Xeno Excalibur

The best one I have

He is so good at attack I beat nightmare Longinus


1: It rocks it crushed my victory Valkrie. And my quad Quetzalcoatl!

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42 Evipero

I love his stamina

My favorite


Best bey ever

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43 Yegdrion

It is the best

Best bey in the world

My best

It’s fantastic

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44 Roktavor R3

Best Stamina Type - SetteeR1

we have it

45 Kaiser Kerbeus

Best in the world of beyblade ever
Will always burst the best!

Where do you get the puppets

It drains it's opponent's stamina a little by little. Either winning with a spin finish or burst finish

Awesome, I would say top 10, but what ever

46 Valtryek

It's the best

I have Valtryek, Spryzen, gold Excalius, Psychic phantom

Oh, it sucks!

Valtreck can beat anyone if he belives what to do

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47 Yegrion


I battled against lost Luinor and it BROKE IT COMPLETLY!

Yegrion is the best bey in da whole wirld

48 Unicrest U2

Bounces around too much

Worst bey ever

This beyblade should be number two or number three it's so good

Awesomeness is what comes from this beyblade

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49 Miniborus

I have minobourus and it's my only beyblade and he beat the destroyer


Miniboros is amazing

50 Spryzen S3


Theeereee best bey ever

Very impressed with this one. I like that it can swap between 3 different tips and that I can choose wich way it turns. Win against luinor L3 and all four of my beyblade including 2 metal fusion

uma droga

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