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21 Storm

I think it makes the top wings slide down then it attacks making it the ultimate Beyblade metal fusion and you should try cosmic dang it's good, put it in smash attack mode every time k man

Great attack metal fusion wheel vote for it and buy it you will be surprised by the results of the storm metal fusion wheel or if you do not want just the metal fusion wheel buy a beyblade instead

The Storm fusion wheel is on my best beyblade and I have over 40 and its undefeated including burn fireblaze and earth eagle

Good all around wheel!

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22 Cyber

Wow come on people its legendary and attack and defense its best by far

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23 Galaxy

He is a great bey he can beat a lot of beys because he is just a great bey not only that he is a great attack type

Applying the Galaxy Fusion Wheel and you just became a champion!

Whith Galaxy pegasus I Can defeat almost everybody with the help of the attack type move circle destroyer

It hits the opponent so hard that it hardly spins anymore.

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24 Ray

Ray is the best all around balance fusion wheel. It can kill anything

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25 Big Bang

Big bang pegasus is my favorite Beyblade it has four odes and when it loses spin it change to rubber flat

Its an attack type so it is pretty good. Can't really say great, because it sucks at stamina and defense.

It is so awesome! It belongs to the #1 blader. You can't just say it is that bad.

I don't know anything about this fusion wheel, but it wasn't on so...

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26 Bull

This isn't a fusion wheel

27 Cosmic

Are you kidding me? The cosmic fusion wheel should be in the top 20 fusion wheels! When it is spinning it is kind of like a metal wall! - mew

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28 Scythe

Every Scythe bey beats every Earth bey every single time as well as every other bey Scythe Beyblades face Scythe beys are the best beys ever. Try it if you don't believe me.

29 Jade

Jade may fail but still it is one of the best fusion wheels because not the strength shines but the looks of the Jade fusion wheel, Jade fusion wheel is one of the strongest and wonderful fusion wheel and it is best for Defense and Stamina.

Jade is definitely one of the best fusion wheels because of the bearings. The bearings give great stamina and balance. It is is able to beat top wheels such as diablo and big bang

It's the best fusion wheel ever. The 4 bearing in the metal wheel give it amazing stamina and balance. It is able to beat the best fusion wheels such as basalt and variares

The balls in the fusion will give it some extra stamina and defense it's by far the best

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30 Beat

Great attack power but also has some defense and stamina it should be at least in the top 5 it is the best attack type fusion wheel

31 Blitz

It's awesome because it can use both modes : assault mode and barrage mode to attack plus there's sharp blades to destroy other Beyblades

It is a great and the best attack type fusion besides beat, crash, and vulcan

I like it it can change modes it is strong
Changing modes fusion wheels powerful okay so please vote for it
Please do it for me and I will for you

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32 Sol

It is suppose to be a balance fusion wheel with fine defense and fine stamina

It is awesome. With great attacking. Not much defense but I was able to defeat hell kerbecs and sythe kronos.

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33 Thunder

It's awesome! It's like grand, (cetus) but a little diffrent. It kicks but and lots if stamina plus defense want almost any tip! 85 spin track not recommended!

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34 Vari

Vari ares's fusion wheel

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35 Divine

Its both strong in defense and attack power, which makes up for its lacking stamina. This is perfect for a ball tip if you are a defense type user.

Its just awesome with any bey combonation, yet it has a bunch of recoil. Its truly a Bey wheel worthy of using

36 Wing

It is the the best!

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37 Fusion

This wheel is the onest right rotation wheel that spins steal if you combine it with B it is ultimate

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38 Counter
39 Hyper
40 Spiral

Spiral has like the best upper attack of all Beyblade fusion wheels. It has good stamina, decent defense, and excellent upper and smash attack. I'm going to get spiral fox and it is of course so moused to me great.

It is one of the best options if your going to use it in a attack type Beyblade. Sadly it is outclassed by fusion wheels like Beat, Lightning, and Variares.

It has a lot of smash attack. I entered a tournament with Spiral Unicorno 145 WF and I won. This is a great attack wheel in my opinion - doublebattlebros

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