Top Ten Beyblade Fusion Wheels


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41 Flash

Smash attack is awesome. Not much use in stamina though

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42 Bakushin

I beated galaxy pegasus with my bakushin susanow, whats up with this list? Laugh out loud, it makes no sense -_-

43 Omega

A very reliable and legal wheel on my combo it has very high smash power and not a lot of recoil

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44 Mercury
45 Fury
46 Torch

The torch blades are good because they give great defense and exceptional attack. If you have torch aries you would know what I'm talking about.

It is by far the best because it gives great attack and defense.

47 Night
48 Ancient
49 Wind
50 Midnight

It is a great attack fusion wheel during Beyblade metal fusion

51 Hot
52 Driger
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54 Inferno

Inferno is a good stamina wheel

55 Mad
56 Cyclone

It's five wings have awesome attack power and it's even better when used with flat series of performance tips

57 L Drago Guardian
58 Clay

Clay would be one of the best wheels if it wasn't made of plastic. It covers a large area and is smooth enough to stop steal spin.

True its also good when used for stamina as it brushes off other beys

59 Heat
60 Forbidden

Forbidden is good with stamina and attack its great with a tall track

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