Top Ten Beyblade Metal Fury Characters

This is the top ten list for beylade metal fury characters. Vote for your favorite one. I want everyone's opinion on this.
PS don't be offended when first see this. This is how I think the bladers should be ranked. If there is another characters you would like to add, add as many as you want.

The Top Ten

1 Ryuga

Defeated almost everyone he was the one who made gingka realize he didn't fully understands his bey yet. His hey crushes apparently eveything in his way. Awesome.

Hey where gingka should never be in no. 1 l drago destroy and ryuga should be ryuga has awesome dark power

Rayuga beat almost all the beys. He is the best.


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2 Gingka

Although he often needs battles to find out his true strenght ( for example, the battle in china that unlocked his special move cosmic tornado) he's kinda the strongest because he needed all the power of the star fragment to defeat nemesis... Still, awesome

He is the best because he learn from his mistakes

I like him because he has studied about his bey power, skills etc...

He is very cool he is having 3 pegasis

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3 Kyoya

Sic. He won against almost all the other legendary bladers. He's probably third strongest. Awesome.

Kyoya Works the hardest out of them all he travelled to slit of places just to train to defeat gingka and in metal masters and fury gingka COULD NOT beat kyoya

And when gingka got galaxy Pegasus the "Legenadry bey" COULD NOT defeat rock leone so even though kyoya Couldn't defeat gingka, gingka couldn't defeat kyoya with his new bey

And when both their beys evolved into Fang leone and cosmic Pegasus both if them couldn't defeat eachother!

So kyoya Should be number 1 is deserves it!

He works really hard to defeat Gingka

My favorite character

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4 Chris

The winner of the beyster island tournament. He worked for nemesis for a while until gingka made him good again. His special move really packs a powerful punch. Awesome.

Are you joking? Chris should be number 1

Chris is born for owning phantom Orion

I have a phantom Orion B it actually spins for 7 mins
To me Chris is stronger than Kyoya

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5 King

Are you mad man variares is the strongest bey in the world and yeah kings not good but the bey rocks and I like the change he get in his hairs when he uses lots of power like super saiyan 5. but king I don't like him much!

One really hyped up blader. He actually was the first one who made ryuga use his full power in the beyster island tournament. And defeated masamune. I wonder how strong he was when he didn't get vari Ares yet.hmm. But still awesome.

King is a best

He's a very cute friendly hyper blader and is also really strong

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6 Kenta

He is my favourite character because of two main things his beys flame sagittario and my favourite bey flash sagittario and the thing that I love most about him is that he is so kind to others and he can do anything for his friends and he never gives up.
Vote for kenta

He attempted to defeat ryuga more than once which takes a lot o guts I gotta give him that... Then he got ryugas trust and the power of the star fragment... He's one lucky guy. Awesome

Yes man he is very kind and determined. He is like gingka he never gives up and his bey rocks even flame sagittario and flash sagittario.

I like ryuga but I am voting him because ryuga lost from rago because his face bolt had a crack and the crack was made my saggitario

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7 Masamune Kadoya

His Ray striker is good. I appreciate the way he saved his friend Toby

He is cool. I was bummed out when I saw that Chris was the winter legendary blader
He deserves to it. He has a lot of skill.

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8 Rago

Rago is a bad guy but he is extremely strong. The only thing I didn't like about him about his quote.

Powerful. It blew up a temple with its special move and left the others completely stunned. And revived a kingdom using is bey. Awesome.

Rago is the best I don't like his shoes

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9 Tsubasa

Tsubasa is awesome he is my favorite. I was impressed the way he overcame his dark side in Metal Masters. Cool!.

Tsubasa is very cute and strong :-) he is the best and hot too:-)

Tsubasa number 3 please

Too good and power full
But a weak bey

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10 Dynamis

An awesome strategist. He played around with ryuto and gingka and found out they were worthy of hearing the legend of nemesis. I have to admit, resisting from hades curse then resisting from the pain then fighting two bladers in a row, must of really hurt. But he survived it all. Just awesome.

I think that Dynamis is the best he's like a mix of super coolness and toughness. Please vote for him, I say he's number one.

Dynamis pieced everything together and he's actually really cool. The bladers would have accomplished literally nothing without his help. And he's really really badass under Hades Curse.

He is the best he made ginga use his special move and even after that Jupiter and dynamis had enough power to create hallucinations his bey was just wobbling.

He is very knowledgeable he was the one who broke 🌟 star fragment into pieces and because of him legendary bladers came into existence. I don't tell that he should be number 1 cause he was defeated by kyoya but still he deserves a better place in list I think at least three.

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The Contenders

11 Nile Nile Nile is an American technical death metal band from Greenville, South Carolina, United States, formed in 1993. Their music and lyrics are inspired by Ancient Egyptian/Near Eastern mysticism, history, religion, and ancient art, as well as the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

You can't leave or forget this really awesome boy

One of the reasons I choose Nile is his bey, Volcan Horoseus, is like no other bey and he has a 'no give in' attitude...

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12 Yu Tendo

Yu is so cute and strong. I love him so much that I could... I don't know. But, he is my number 1 character from all cartoons I watch. He should be first.

Yu Tendo in my opinion is an amazingly strong blader. Having the ability to use super sonic waves? I feel that should be unbeatable.

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13 Tithi

One of my favorite characters. Adorable and strong. Really knows when to have fun. And he's really playful. Like really. He can make friends with almost anyone except kyoya. Haha. Awesome.

He is so cute and his DEATH QUEZALCOATL is one of the epic Beyblades in the world. He should be in the first place in this section.

14 Aguma

He deafeted ginga and yuki. He could beat chris. My list is 10, yuki, 9 Chris, 8 Tithi, 7 dynamis, 6 king, 5 Aguma, 4 kyoya, 3 ryuga, 2 ginga, 1 rago.

Also once bad, he's part of the beylin fist. Well, until his battle with tithi and some words from dynamis made him good again. He's the second weakest out of all the legendary bladers though, no offense. Still, awesome.

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15 Bao
16 Yuki

Yuki is a great blader his Beyblade anubuis is the powerful bey I have ever seen

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17 Dashan Wang

His beyblade is awesome

I don't think Dashan should be on 16th he should be on top 10 list

I like Dashan's swag.Man I wish Dashan would be a legendary bladder too

He have rock zurafa R14WB and and a best friend of ginka and chao xin

18 Zeo Abyss

Zeo is totally awesome! He's totally overlooked in this series, but he's a major character in the previous one! I admire how he chose to leave all his power behind to start over using his true power! ZEO FOREVER!

19 Kai Hiwatari
20 Reiji

His personality adds a charming feeling to the show.

he is cool

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