Top Ten Beyblade Metal Masters Characters

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1 Ryuga

Because of the dark power he is the second strongest

Ryuga is by far the strongest blader. He only lost once to Gingka and beat him and Kyoya several times after with relative ease.

He has a very sexy Beyblade

Ryuga has the power to control
l drago's dark power

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2 Kyoya

He is the best blader with confidence in himself and no fear. He should be the number 1. So please vote for him.

He rocks so much+he has awesome bey

Great blader + Awesome bey = Marvelous blader

He is the ultimate badass blader

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3 Gingka Hagane

He is the best gingka should be number 1!

He's the best because full power he is invisible to anyone Julian concern bet him


He never gives up allways aiming for the top

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4 Tsubasa

Cool Calm and Smart... With great strategy. Loved the dark side he had in this series and how he fought against it. - Dan2603

Awesome. His dark side an apparently own anyone. Well, if he loses control then either he's doomed, the stadium is doomed, his opponents doomed, his partners doomed or all of the above. Thumbs upif you agree

I think tsubasa is one of the best characters so far because just look at how far he has got in the anime of Beyblade he is so in the top ten.

He is very clam and smart.i like eagle most.

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5 Julian Konzern

Because he has the best bey in the world the left spin is the strongest its better tan the right spin rotation.

He is charming and innocent and the best man of the world

He's unique, very strong and has a good background story


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6 Damian Hart

Damian is extremely strong did you see how bad he humiliated Julian

Definitely the best. I love his character (wish he was in the show longer, though), love his beyblade (it's my second favorite, right after Storm Pegasus), and his character design? Easily my favorite in the Metal Masters Series (Zeo also has a good design, but Damian's better). Also, he's low key pretty hot... Just thought I'd add that...

He is so cute to!

Damian beat everybody in the world championships and would have beat Gingka but he's the main character so they wouldn't let that happen

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7 Masamune Kadoya

Masamune is awesome. He is Fearless and fears nothing. You see, NOTHING! Not even Ryuga.

Tsubasa could very easily beat Masamune

His bey is coolest


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8 Nile

Nile is sweet, he has got to be in first because of his Beyblade, it is one of the best ones ever, you can trust me because I have seen it in action on T.V..

He is the strongest in my opinion and is friends with kyoya

Niall has to be the first one

I really like Nile I think he's GREAT! I also like him because he Is friends with Kyoya

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9 Yu

He is totally cute! I love him!

He should be the main character

Yu should be madoka boyfriend.

Yus libra is so strong

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10 Doji

He is creepy. He returns in metal fury with a fake leg!

Doji is evil he should be number 26

The Contenders

11 Jack

Jack is so damn hot!

He is awesome

12 Kenta

Flash is a attack defense tipe

This cute amazing friendly detarmindes kiddo is amazing.
! I'm running out of good adjectives to describe him he is truly amazing his BFFS Ryuga and Gingka and has Gingka a lot in many times it was because of him Gingka stands where he is THIS KID DESERVES RESPECT. Not to mention cracking and making ldrago destructor use its fullest power and beating pluto amazingly and the only dude to become a legendary blader at the final moment ( thanks to ryuga of course)


13 Dashan

He should be at number 5 in the place of Julian because he easily beat him

He is the best! And the hottest

He should have been a legendary blader

14 Zeo Abyss

Zeo is the coolest.

Zeo is best blader forever!

15 Benkei Hanawa
16 The King

King is so strong and has, what I think is the best passion for beys!

He's awesome he only lost to Ryuga ( he made Ryuga us his full power

I belive mr king is my number 1 blader

I love him so much, I think he's cute and hot
And I think mr. king is awesome legandary blader just like me.

17 Madoka

I think madoka is the best because she help other people, fix our broken beys and knows about our beys.

She is so kind. she repairs Beyblade. And in the other hand she is hot and sexy. I started liking her since I saw her in swimsuite.

I hate madoka.

I hate madoka because she always stayes with gingka

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18 Helios

Helios is the best!

Is a good blader. was the first one to take side of gingka after the battle. and that's great

19 Demure

Demure is khala bhut

20 Rago

Rago is very strong because he is the god of destruction

He rocks. Even ryuga couldn't beat him

He owns diablo nemesis and he defeated averyone.Even ginka needed help. He should be number one

Rago beat the ryuga but just remember this...even ryuga Beyblade meteo-l-drago cracked in the middle by kenta, this cause ryuga can't beat rago.

21 Hikaru

I saw him in metal masters he was like a king

She is a girl not a boy


22 Toby

Toby has twisted tempo that could ddefeat gingka this should be third - Ldrago

Tobby is so solid

23 Argo Garcia

I think he is a slight mad guy

24 Tetsuya Watarigani
25 Klaus

He is awesome. 1000 weightlifting is not easy at all

26 Sora

Sora is the best charater in Beyblade by far!

27 Mei Mei

Mei Mei is easily the best! Super cute and super determined, with just the right amount of badass

She should be the second because of her ass

28 Johannes
29 Chris
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