Top 10 Beyblade Rock Songs

This is a list of the best Beyblade songs. Beyblade is unique in it's soundtrack because the songs are rock themed whereas every other anime/cartoon has either childish music, techno or Japanese music. I'm making this list because I grew up watching Beyblade and these songs still mean a lot to me so I'll try to be serious music wise. Anyway vote for your favourite song or if one is missing add it, just no Metal fight songs and no Japanese songs either. Rock On!

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1 Rise Above the Storm

The title motivates me to rise above the difficulties of life

Easily the best Beyblade soundtrack no doubt about it!

This is the song make the Beyblade feel in heart

My favorite. So nice

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2 Underdog

I've allways been the person who has been an underdog and this song was kinda like my theme song too and over all it's awesome

The best motivational song ever

I love to be the underdog

Nice song

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3 I'm Not Going Down

Seriously dude this has got to be the one at the top!
The rest are good too but this song just sets up a positive vibe!
Like a zeal to succeed!

Hands down, the best song in Beyblade.

This is the best song, Rise Above The Storm should be second. Round After Round and Underdog follow with All Across The Nation or The Beyblade Theme 5th.

My alarm is this songs...motivates me

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4 Round After Round (Heavyweight Generation Beyblade)

The best Beyblade song ever! The drums, the rhythm, the guitar riff, the verse the chorus. Everything is just perfect!

The best song and really its very encouraging when I watch the show

The best Beyblade song ever! The drums, the rhythm, the guitar riff, the verse the chorus. Everything is just perfect!

The Best song in the Beyblade!

5 Let's Beyblade! (Beyblade Theme)

It's memorable and gets me excited and nostalgic when I hear it

These are the lyrics:

Picking up speed

Runnin' outta TIME

Going head to head

It's a way of life

You gotta fall down

EAT ground

To get back up a-ga-in

LETS Beyblade

Spinnig it out

At the speed of sound

GONNA rip it up

Nother bet IS DOWN


OUR GANG is the one that's gonna win

LETS Beyblade


LETS --Beyblade

LETS --Beyblade

Beyblade LET IT RIP

I think it is the best no matter what and should be at least in the top 3

You should've marked it too! It's pretty cool song

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6 Never Gonna Take Me Down

THE BEST! Even now when I listen to this track I can't help but get this awesome feeling, but all Beyblade music was awesome

It really gives gives you the adrenaline rush of sort

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7 All Across The Nation

It should easily be number 1 on the list

8 Kai's Theme

This is easily the best song, the instrumental on this is better than anything on this list. Who cares if it has no lyrics.

I like this song because my favorite character is kai

Kai is my favourite character in Beyblade.

The best theme for the best guy

9 Swing Low

This song gets the feel.. !

Goosebumps every time I hear this

Love it..just love it

10 Hang On

It's the best but sadly it was never released.
Just listening to the bits played in between battles sound so awesome.
It's should be at the top. - nicholas73

One of the best motivational songs I ever listened to...(Y)

Men, why they didn't took out the full song? I really like it. I'm not going down and this are my favorite ones

Well that just sucks I really liked this song a lot

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The Contenders

11 Always Be In The Game

It's pretty good at the start. I like the music. It's pretty catchy

12 Switchblade

I suppose I voted for this one because it's one that I can relate to, given some of my past experiences (I. e The chorus. ) That said, even without the meaning it's still quite an uplifting song, with firm vocals, a catchy chorus and a memorable tune.

13 Shine On

This song is the best of all. This sing should be placed at number 1

This song is the Best

14 Let's Go Beybladers

The solo guitar but is epic especially in the series when it's used in a battle

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15 Ray's Theme
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1. Rise Above the Storm
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