Most Powerful Metal Fusion Beyblades

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1 Lighting L Drago

I really want Pegasus... but I could do with L-Drago it don't matter what Metal Fusion BeyBlade I get, I just want to get at least ONE>

Most powerful Beyblade in metal fusion

I want that lighting l drago give me

Crazy attack

2 L Drago Guardian

I like dragon because he most powerful and his also a lagandary bey blade.

I like the name of it and my friend Paul is getting a Ldragon guardian

3 L Drago Destroy

I can't believe that el dragon destroy defeated diablo nemesis when nemesis was in the lead at the start

4 Meteo L Drago

Best Beyblade of all time good attacks and master at spin steal

Its great in power

5 Burn Fireblaze

Burn Fireblaze you're the best battler ever. Good luck beating L Drago!

I won a whole tournament with this bey.. It's the best

The 2nd most powerful metal fusion Beyblade

This beyblayde is one of the best beyblades ever. I always wanted it.

6 Beat Lynx
7 Diablo Nemesis

I think Diablo nemesis is the best because it is so strong and awesome

8 Phantom Orion

Simply the ultimate stamina beyblade beating every bey higher than it.

9 Earth Eagle

It is very pro in balance

Earth eagle can spin a lot more faster then my other bayblade and I have labrl and peguses

I have eagle and he wreckt my cosmic Pegasus and twisted tempo he is so strong should be first he defeated my lightning l drago

The most owerfol"ROCK LEONE"

10 Storm Aquario

4th most powerful metal fusion Beyblade can switch modes

The Contenders
11 Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf is an amazing beyblade even thought the owner of this beyblade was evil

12 Rock Leone

The power of the wind!

It's so strong
and good in defense

13 Storm Pegasus

I'm a big fan of Pegasus

It is the best bey

14 Poison Serpent

It can switch modes

15 Flame Libra
16 Thermal Pisces

It RIPPED off my friends 145 spin track part
It is so powerful

17 Fusion Hades
18 Big Bang Pegasus

The best Beyblade which can change modes

19 Storm Capricorn
20 Hades Kerbecs Hades Kerbecs Product Image
21 Galaxy Pegasus
22 Scythe Kronos

Kronos beats lightning l-drago every time should be number one I have never come close to losing with it ever!

23 Ultimate Meteo L Drago Absorb
24 Ultimate Meteo L Drago Assault
25 Mercury Anubis
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