Top Beybladers of the Zero G Era

To show who is the best Zero G bladers who are the new generation bladers who are connected with the metal fight characters like Gingka and Kenta.

The Top Ten

1 Hiro Sho Kurogane

Hiro Sho deserves to be at the top of the list because he is the best he knows everything what to do and that he is confident blader even in the Metal fight era he is the best obvoiously - Nagalingam

How did Zyro beat this guy - Nagalingam

Also known as Sho is the greates blader ever has not lost a single battle except to his ypunger brother Zyro only once but otherwise he is the greates blader ever that is the truth - Nagalingam

2 Hakuro Okaya

The new Gingka but the evil like version he is the only blader who yet wasnt defeated a single time proves he is the best - Nagalingam

3 Kira Hayama
4 Sakyo Kuroyami

Sally is the strongest he deserves to be number 1

Why is Sakyo in the list he is crab and who the hell is he

No man you don't know who Sakyo is you are stupid Beyblade fan you don't know the dragon emperor go and Zero G series Shogun Steel, Lining Steel, Bridging Steel and more
He is the best dragon emperor ever Sakyo never makes msitakes ryuga he is pathetic he is a fool never thinks about the consequence only after Metal Victors he becames more clear and calm - Nagalingam

Why is Sakyo so strong man I think he 100 times better than Ryuga
Sakyo looks sick as well he is aloner but has friends like Takanosuke, Marches, Eight, Zyro, and more - Nagalingam

5 Shinobu Hiryuin
6 Zyro Kurogane

Why is Zyro in 6th place he is strong though he has beaten all the bladers - Nagalingam

He got lucky when he won against Hakuro, Sakyo, Kira, Sho and Shinobu - Nagalingam

7 Kite Unabara
8 Takanosuke Shishiya
9 Eight Unabara
10 Marche Ovis
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