Top Beyblades In Defense

The Top Ten Top Beyblades In Defense

1 Basalt Horogium

Basalt is the smart bey. Because of it, s sharp performence tip it can defeat any bey. It crushed my scythe cronos, rock zurafa and my 2000 thousand rupees proto type nemies. If you do not believe me then go on youtube and search in the search bar"basalt crushes three beblaydes.

2 Diablo Nemesis

By far the hearyist blade I have

3 Scythe Kronos

No it's a stamina type the only reason it takes a lot of hits is because of stamina

Is this bey even a defense type?

4 Death Quetzalcoatl
5 Jade Jupiter
6 Rock Giraffe
7 Big Bang Pegasis

Big Bang pegasus just took out caprocorn, meteo l-drago, earth eagle can there be anything better

8 Flame Sagittario
9 Rock Leone
10 Earth Eagle

Earth Eagle is the bomb! He took on 3 beys and won!

The Contenders

11 Torch Aries
12 Counter Leone
13 Earth Virgo

It is The best Beyblade it beat basalt in under 2 minutes

14 Fang Leone
15 Gravity Perseus

The best bey

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