Top 10 BFB (Battle for BFDI) Contestants

BFB, the newest installment to the world of object shows, has quite a large cast of contestants. But who exactly are the best of the bunch?

Also please submit actual contestants on the list. Recommended characters and hosts don't count.
The Top Ten
1 Black Hole

He has a chill personality and that is what makes him really awesome. He is amazing and even agreed to get annoying Bomby a banana. Really good character and if he gets eliminated I will probably cry myself to sleep.

Black Hole is the strongest contestant ever! And never gets voted off because he's awesome

I love Black Hole I even voted to save him at The Power of Two plus I'm shipping him with Remote

He's one of the more humble and chill characters on the show

2 Flower

“ She is try to improve and redeem herself to be nice, also it states in the BFDI book she is try to respect and listen to the other people. So that’s why she’s the best!

I guess the redemption really paid of as she (Spoilers) won the entire show.

She has changed a lot plus I'm hoping she wins for Battle for BFB

A very great character and I hope They wins

3 Taco

Taco is great, she helped out her team even though her team thought she abandoned them in BFB before the show split. She is loved a lot now by the other contestants but I'm sad she got eliminated.

Wow this top ten is full of overrated characters and also how the heck is Black Hole at the top right now? Anyway Taco is actually a good character who exhibits her own flaws as well as good qualities and has gone through a lot of struggles throughout the story. There's a lot of underrated characters who deserve to be higher than they are on this list, but Taco gets my vote because I think she's the best character this season.

Taco I really love her she is very unique and very nice her team shouldn't have thanked her at BFB 3 instead of saying bad things to her

Taco has been in two seasons inanimate insanity and BFB and both seasons together make her great

4 Tree

He may be stern but actually reasonable.Throughout season 4, it can be seen that he has common sense.I hope he will keep this up in TPOT.

He's my precious Death PACT child, I will protect him for dear life!

Very cool and smart

5 Leafy

Leafy Is the best character and I love her! She is so kind and she helps the team a lot and doesn't want others to feel bad. I know some people think she's a boy, but she's a GIRL even though her voice is deep. Many contestants don't treat her fairly or kindly. She should get more attention.

yeahhh, leafy may be really nice, but I would say ARGUABLY the nicest character in Battle for BFB. she expects a bit too much from other people, and thinks that she is nicest; don't get me wrong, leafy is nice, but
she thinks that she's the nicest person, a little too much on self-esteem with niceness there.

I love leafy, She is really great and she deserves to be more loved by the characters in the show, She’s sweet and I’m glad she apologized.

She's such an interesting character. From her paranoia and overcontrolling nature to the way she tries so hard to help but ends up making things worse to her feeling like she's the only nice person and that she deserves more gratitude, she's just so complex and fun to psychoanalyse.

6 Bell
7 Pen

Pen is so funny, and he's cool. The only reason people would dislike him is because he's a pachillion dollars in dept (he still didn't pay me! "

Pen is a great man you know he is chill and he is the most helpful on his team

I love pen, he's just fantastic and it's good to see him at the top spot

His personality is actually interesting for me.

8 Loser

No. Just no. He does not deserve to be this high. He stole way too much spotlight from the rest of his teammates, and it's clear that the showrunners are bias for him. This is a great example of how a character should not be executed.

Loser is actually a winner! He doesn't deserve the terrible abuse by donut, it's the reason why I hate donut even more than LIY

No, he's just overrated as hell. I didn't even find that ending that sad. I really hate how he got more rejoin votes than Liy.

He should be number 1 because he is a great leader and he is kind and loyal

9 Remote

I think she's underrated.Not many people talk about her how she actually helps her team rather than talking about her sending a bomb to Robot Flower in BFB 7.You may know what Death P.A.C.T. (her team name) stands for but she only did that to save her team from elimination.

Oh Remote she is super cute especially with Black Hole I'm shipping her with Black Hole

I think she's an important friend. I feel sorry for her in episode 7 but she's cool

She's epic and must win dream island

10 Bubble

Manowar9 You may know who am I on YouTube. Maybe you have a valid point there, but Bubble is scolding Match as if it's just for her changes. The proof is that Bubble still cares about Match and says "I needed you" to her. I believe Bubble does this only for her changes, even though Match might not be as bad as Pencil but she still demoted Bubble. However, I believe that someday Bubble will change back to her original personality (BFDI) because it's true, she has gone too whiny and that's her shortcomings. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and with that, I really hope that Bubble can also change because I think she can change. She has already begun to develop at BFB 18 and I hope it'll continue until others trust her. I still love her :)

One of the greatest female characters! I truly believe her character could change for the better...

Bubble is my favourite character she is so cool her voice is also cool

She is my fave character on the show. She should be a plush!

The Contenders
11 Woody

I think Woody always tried his hardest just to be brave and strong, like portrayed in BFB 22. That balsaboi is definitely my favourite character.

I'm impressed Woody is trying to face his fears, and doing that makes him a good character. He may have a chance of winning.

I love how much woody overgrown his fears. ALSO if he is so scared of grey, the why is two of his teamates from BEEP grey?

He doesn't deserve to be 6th, he deserves to be -6th! (7 places above 1st place! )

12 Ruby

Ruby brings the comic relief back to bfb, especially before her elimination... but I love her because she is the perfect 4th alliance member with pencil!

Ruby is my favorite character, she's such a cutie bean >3

I would thank Ruby cause I think she was the reason why Flower changed and became nice and more helpful

very smart sometimes weird

13 Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball is a very smart character, being able to invent things with only his legs. If I could put Golf Ball on this, I would.

Tennis ball is iconic, nice, and smart. And with golf ball this guy is a laughing stock!

Tennis ball is funny especially on a team with golf ball.

Tennis ball is clumsy and smart and he is cool like that also I like the lazyness

14 Grassy

The worst! Why are you here? You end up destroying your team and putting your team up for elimination every time! How are you still here?

He is just so CUTE! I see him sitting there for hours just being the cutest way he is. So adorable.

Grassy is a good character! I really like the tone of his voice and seeing him in a happy additude! It's so cute!

Grassy is everything, He is so cute and deserves more love.

15 Rocky

Rocky is obviously the best character, but I also love how Ice Cube, Bubble, and Leafy are getting some support on this list. This is one of the things where the community is less broken. Rocky needs to win a BFDI.

Rocky deserves the win rocky is the best character

An adorable vomiting rock
What not to like

Duh! He is the bleh-st character on the show! And he has been my favorite for a long time now!

16 Golf Ball

Gb Gb... Hah. Our team name will have to be... I love the controversy between Everyone and Gb. She’s also stubborn and never ceases to make me crack up... Why so much hate?

She is great, It might be an unpopular opinion but her personality it great and she is so cute, She is an overall amazing character!

I love GB! She always does what's best for her team, even if they aren't supportive of her.

I like her relationship with Tennis Ball.

17 Teardrop

Teardrop is great. She is one of the strongest, and coolest characters. She is so kind. She is just misunderstood because she is mute.

I love teardrop in bfb, really dynamic character compared to bfdi and bfdi again. Of course she’s going to be eliminated today (The 12th of 2021, Feb) but that’s ok, because I’m glad she made it this far!

Just because she can't talk doesn't mean you should hate her.She actually has common sense if you pay attention carefully throughout the series.

Teardrop is able to gain a personality without even speaking, which is why she deserves at least a top 25.

18 Ice Cube

They deserves more respect

Icy needs more respect

I most protect her

Yeah go ice ceub!

19 Pin

Pin is so sweet! She is great and was literally made to be one of the best! Her personality is great and I wish she was in the new bfb season.

She's developed so much since bfdi, from being a mean and bossy leader to that one person you wish you be friends with in real life

Why is she this low, she has improved as a character sice bfdi. does need more screen time though

Because pin is cool

20 Coiny

Coiny has developed a lot since bfdi starting from just slapping firey and an annoying voice to being in my top 10. I love coiny

Please, let this character in the top 10. He was merely average in BFDI but in BFB he got so much better.

Count is here but not pin! Yup I like count more because characters with enamies are cool and cute

I love his friendship with Pin

21 Firey

FIRST Object Show Character created (BFDI was the first Object Show Publicly Shown),

has a game based around him,

won BFDI,

has a Comic with his name,

has two Object Shows with his name (Total Firey Island and Total Firey Points, they were created when BFDI was a Concept and wasn't shown to the Public until they posted it on YouTube),

and an overall Decent Personality and Interesting History.

He definitely has a Special Place in my Heart, but he was SUPER BLAND for a lot of the Seasons.

Firey is a great character. First off, I thought that he was a follower of the other contestants. However, in BFB 18, Leafy thanked him in her speech. So, she maybe be using Firey in conflicts with him. Additionally, she's acting innocence but actually a wolf in sheep's clothing so be aware of that.

Tbh,Firey is also at fault of the whole Fireafy Drama,1.He told Leafy that he'd be with her instead of the island back in 2012,but then he scolds at her saying no likes her anymore,um,basically everyone forgave her and that was almost a decade ago,let it go man! 2.Whenever he saw leafy after 2012,(until end 2019) he called Leafy a stranger,um,says the guy who'd be with her instead of the island and everyone else, and 3,if he did intreact with Leafy when she was still hated,they'd be alone TOGETHER,I know that's to romantic but still,so while I do like Firey,he's also a big hypocrite.

Why did Firey get eliminated in BFDI Weekly? He deserves Dream Island and needs it back

22 Lollipop

Definitely my first. Her sarcasm and rudeness make her character enjoyable, and her helpfulness is another factor ( of four lol). I don't like her hate of Barf Bag but her personality and likeability make up for that. Love her, number 1, go queen

Lollipop is probably the best object show I’ve seen in a long time. Because her personality is so funny and she is a little weird witch is enjoyable she is definitely the best of the mean contestants.

In the beginning,Lollipop was hated for her
judgmental personality.Now,she's been liked for standing up for other contestants like Taco.

I know people said she is rude but her rudeness and sarcasm makes her personality funny and enjoyable to watch and not boring. Hope she stay long enough in the show

23 Liy

Liy prevented THE most deaths in Death Pact, why did she have to get 4th last In BFB just because she tried to get Teardrop to talk. And why did Loser get more votes than this contestant that seriously needs redemption.

Sadly, some great contestants are already eliminated. Liy is an example, she is very useful in preventing deaths, and it is just sad how she got out

I love her, She is amazing, I think she shouldn’t of got eliminated in that one episode, But she will luckily another chance in tpot.

Why is Liy so low on this list. She was one of the only teammates that actually Did something. Everyone cries about her "Teardrop abuse". She didn't even do anything. She she did like 95%of something when everyone else did like 5. Why is the team only called Death P.A.C.T when Liy was preventing other people's death when the other like Bottle and Pie were just preventing death for themselves.She is the best leader ever.followed by Pin.She was one the only contestants who deserved a Bfdi. I also kind of ship Liymote. And her voice is so amazing. LONG LIVE LIY!

24 Blocky

"He is like a father to Grassy, as seen in Lick your way to freedom and Four goes to far when he is protecting Grassy, Blocky needs more love."

Blocky is one of my favotites of all time, along with pen eraser and snowball.

I love his little show With the pranks

Yeah I killed bubble

25 Spongy

Let’s face it, Spongy is Overhated. Sure, what he did in BFB 14 was not nice, but it isn’t like he’s worse than Hitler or something. A Spongy plush will be creative as well

I want a bigger plush, and he is a useful object. Doesn't deserve to be way down here

He shouldn't be hated
He should be a plush
Overhated but useful and good

I love this character! He's pure and awesome!

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