Top 10 BFB (Battle for BFDI) Contestants

BFB, the newest installment to the world of object shows, has quite a large cast of contestants. But who exactly are the best of the bunch?

Also please submit actual contestants on the list. Recommended characters and hosts don't count.

The Top Ten

1 Black Hole Black Hole

He should be the mascot of BFDI Season 4.

So far Black Hole has done more compared other members of Death P.A.C.T

2 Pen Pen

Pen Has Been My favorite Character Since BFDI 1 Part 1, He Is An Epic Character And I Don't Know Why People Think He's Overrated :I

Pen is good - PrinceBlu

3 Grassy Grassy



4 Bubble Bubble
5 Book Book

Why is Book here - HunterBoy

6 Ice Cube Ice Cube
7 Puffball Puffball
8 Pie
9 Lightning
10 Loser

He should be number 1 because he is a great leader and he is kind and loyal

Loser is actually a winner! He doesn't deserve the terrible abuse by donut, it's the reason why I hate donut even more than LIY

The Newcomers

? Lollipop

The Contenders

11 Taco

This character deserves more to win Dream Island or BFDI.

She's awesome and kind I hope she win in BFB.

12 Cloudy
13 Flower

Like, is that Flower you're wearing too? Her eye for fashion has gotten so good lately. - CloudInvasion

14 Barf Bag
15 Golf Ball
16 Tennis Ball
17 Rocky
18 Blocky
19 Yellow Face
20 Pin
21 Donut

Donut is hilarious and a good leader, not to mention he does have some anger issues so he's not a mary sue

22 Teardrop
23 Balloony
24 Coiny
25 Woody
26 Fries
27 Foldy

Foldy is actually 9999999998x nicer than liy, foldy is awesome with his awesome pal stapy!

28 8-Ball
29 Bell
30 Stapy
31 Liy
32 Firey
33 Leafy
34 Spongy
35 Pencil
36 Needle
37 Snowball
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