Top 10 BFB (Battle for BFDI) Contestants

BFB, the newest installment to the world of object shows, has quite a large cast of contestants. But who exactly are the best of the bunch?

Also please submit actual contestants on the list. Recommended characters and hosts don't count.

The Top Ten

1 Black Hole Black Hole

Black Hole is the strongest contestant ever! And never gets voted off because he's awesome

He should be the mascot of BFDI Season 4.

Best out of All.

He sucks in stuff that is neat and awesome!

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2 Pen Pen

Pen Has Been My favorite Character Since BFDI 1 Part 1, He Is An Epic Character And I Don't Know Why People Think He's Overrated :I

Pen is good - PrinceBlu

3 Grassy Grassy



4 Bubble Bubble
5 Book Book

She's my precious girl I will protect her with my life.

Why is Book here - HunterBoy


6 Ice Cube Ice Cube
7 Puffball Puffball

Coolest. Voice. Ever.

8 Pie
9 Lightning
10 Taco

Wow this top ten is full of overrated characters and also how the heck is Black Hole at the top right now? Anyway Taco is actually a good character who exhibits her own flaws as well as good qualities and has gone through a lot of struggles throughout the story. There's a lot of underrated characters who deserve to be higher than they are on this list, but Taco gets my vote because I think she's the best character this season.

This character deserves more to win Dream Island or BFDI.

She's awesome and kind I hope she win in BFB.

The Contenders

11 Cloudy

This is the best egg gollekting cloud ever. - BlueBobYT

12 Golf Ball
13 Leafy

She's such an interesting character. From her paranoia and overcontrolling nature to the way she tries so hard to help but ends up making things worse to her feeling like she's the only nice person and that she deserves more gratitude, she's just so complex and fun to psychoanalyse.

She's my Ms. Perfect, I will never let anything bad happen to her! if she gets eliminated again, I'm gonna legit cry my eyes out.

14 Rocky


15 Flower

Like, is that Flower you're wearing too? Her eye for fashion has gotten so good lately. - CloudInvasion

16 Loser

He should be number 1 because he is a great leader and he is kind and loyal

Loser is actually a winner! He doesn't deserve the terrible abuse by donut, it's the reason why I hate donut even more than LIY

No, he's just overrated as hell. I didn't even find that ending that sad. I really hate how he got more rejoin votes than Liy. - BlueBobYT

17 Woody
18 Bracelety

Her cheering lightened the mood of the show, She has a cheerful personality...



19 Match

She didn't deserve to be eliminated, I believe if she stayed for longer she would have become nicer to prove she's a good friend to Bubble, but no! Bubble fans had to vote her out because of one episode. Snowball did the same and didn't apologise but Match got the boot.

20 Blocky

"He is like a father to Grassy, as seen in Lick your way to freedom and Four goes to far when he is protecting Grassy, Blocky needs more love."

He is so underrated

21 Barf Bag

Probably one of the most realistic contestants; I know a girl who is just like her. For safety reasons, I am not saying her name

22 Coiny
23 Tennis Ball
24 Firey

He's the coolest and nobody likes him...

love him

25 Spongy
26 Lollipop
27 Pin
28 Balloony

Balloony is a smart generous character wwho can manage to get the team out of situation

29 Liy

She is a great leader in my opinion and I love her voice and personality

30 Pencil

Neither she nor Match deserved being eliminated: people cry because "she got upset at Bubble, wahh" (and then we also eliminate Match even though she's nice to fan favorites) because ANYTHING bad that happens to fan favorites, it's almost automatic elimination, meanwhile we have people like SB and Flower on iance, while we get rid of interesting characters like the girls. Next rejoin, Pencil (or Match) are the only two who deserve to rejoin the game.

TL;DR version:
Pencil has never been eliminated fairly.

31 Snowball
32 Marker
33 Black
34 Yellow Face
35 Donut

Donut is hilarious and a good leader, not to mention he does have some anger issues so he's not a mary sue

36 Teardrop
37 Fries
38 Foldy

Foldy is actually 9999999998x nicer than liy, foldy is awesome with his awesome pal stapy!

39 8-Ball
40 Bell
41 Stapy
42 Needle
43 Tree

He's my precious Death PACT child, I will protect him for dear life!

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