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1 Pen

I love how he can raise ten kids with his wife after being in the army for twenty+ years

He's that cool guy of the bunch. Yes. He's perfect. - Koro

Deserves to be higher than Match

I like pen because he is cool

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2 Yellow Face

Personally I don't like him, I think he's annoying. Pencil's alliance, Rocky, Puffball, Leafy, and Snowball are better characters in my opinion

Every one loves Yellow face. He's an awesome character.

He is amazing and awesome in any season in BFDI!

He has a funny face like a kids drawing

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3 Tennis Ball

He's smart and funny. I live his friendship with Golf Ball - MinusTop10

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4 Leafy

She only took because he upset for all that she's done for fiery he refused to let her in because one ride which leafy disliked. She just left out and I really disappointed when some people saw that episode they made her onto the bottom of the list despite what others have done to each other. Sure it may be but, it was out of sadness. I don't believe that Leafy initially was planning to steal dream island. I believe had she did plan to steal the island she would've done it earlier, hacked the speaker box's results or done something a bit more dramatic. But that scene just looked like she blew bad fuse. I mean I may done the same thing and not just me lots of people would. I just don't get how little crime could make someone the worst character but - princepretty

Leafy's just misunderstood. The only reason why she took dream island was because she felt betrayed that her best friend Firey didn't let her onto Dream Island, while he let everyone else onto dream island. Besides that, she's been nice and encouraging.

Blocky: Hey, let's melt Icy! (picks up Firey and puts him in the Squashy Grapes bin) Firey: Huh?! (Ice Cube melts) Leafy: (gasp) That was mean! (yells at Blocky) That was mean!

I hate Leafy, but I like Metal Leafy more

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5 Bubble


She's the best yoylecake lover in BFDI... SHE'D BETTER BE AHEAD OF STUPID FLOWER!

6 David

What can I say? He's the best stick figure in the whole wide world.

I, unlike most BFDI fans, love David. He has got to be the funniest character on the show!

I love david

7 Snowball

This guy is extremely underrated. Sure he's a jerk, but he just acts so stupid and goofy, he's bound to screw things up in the stupidest ways possible, that's what makes him funny.

And who can forget the most legendary line ever said in BFDI...


He was just putting the game into his head too much but, he nice outside of the game. I mean he helped rocky before the game started. I guess the game just got him - princepretty

Honestly, I'd rather choose Flower

Hey, what happened to all the o's?

8 Eraser
9 Match

Match is bae :D - johntheaddictive

Match is bae :D - johntheaddictive

10 Firey

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11 Fries
12 Rocky

Rocky is just awesome. His agreeing noise is awesome, his barf is awesome, his smile is awesome, everything about him is just awesome. I'm surprised that he almost always comes second to puffball in the prize competition!

Gotta love that barfy rock

Nope. - DapperPickle

13 Woody

7th place I think for my opinion

He's cute enough said

14 Puffball

She is just as awesome as PEN!

Puffball is the best contestant!

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15 Donut

He's better than Flower! 555

16 Teardrop

I can't believe she lost to FLOWER to rejoin!


17 Coiny
18 Needy

Needle: (slaps person who wrote "Needy") Don't call be Needy!

19 Spongy

He is so adorable and cute!

He is also very nice! - 19Joshua

20 Pencil
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