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1 Leafy

She is my favorite bfdi charter

She is an 2nd and I'm so happy ☺


She only took because he upset for all that she's done for fiery he refused to let her in because one ride which leafy disliked. She just left out and I really disappointed when some people saw that episode they made her onto the bottom of the list despite what others have done to each other. Sure it may be but, it was out of sadness. I don't believe that Leafy initially was planning to steal dream island. I believe had she did plan to steal the island she would've done it earlier, hacked the speaker box's results or done something a bit more dramatic. But that scene just looked like she blew bad fuse. I mean I may done the same thing and not just me lots of people would. I just don't get how little crime could make someone the worst character but - princepretty

2 Yellow Face

I don’t really like it better to be annoying

The funniest character

racist - Hummingbirdf

Personally I don't like him, I think he's annoying. Pencil's alliance, Rocky, Puffball, Leafy, and Snowball are better characters in my opinion

3 Pen

I think leafy is bland but she had to be number 1 because the mindset of 50% of the bfdi fanbase is worst to best = meanest to nicest


Pen is just dumb seriously!

I love how he can raise ten kids with his wife after being in the army for twenty+ years

4 Tennis Ball

he's smart

He's smart and funny. I live his friendship with Golf Ball - MinusTop10

He's so cute and funny.

His voice is funny - 23windomt

5 Bubble


ohhh noo - 23windomt

She's the best yoylecake lover in BFDI... SHE'D BETTER BE AHEAD OF STUPID FLOWER!

6 Firey

I have wanted Firey to win throughout all the episodes he is the best character on Bfdi

HE IS MY friend

Best character.

7 Snowball

This guy is extremely underrated. Sure he's a jerk, but he just acts so stupid and goofy, he's bound to screw things up in the stupidest ways possible, that's what makes him funny.

And who can forget the most legendary line ever said in BFDI...


He was just putting the game into his head too much but, he nice outside of the game. I mean he helped rocky before the game started. I guess the game just got him - princepretty

Honestly, I'd rather choose Flower

Hey, what happened to all the o's?

8 Eraser

Hands down the best contestant on the show!

WHICH IS... - RubyTheSwearingParrotFan2019

Needle is a pointless slapper, teardrop has no character, and well we know that David and Rocky are home characters. However,eraser is next level. Maybe he was supposed to be a kid of pen and snowball, but that didn't really work out, NOW DID IT! All he does is copy whatever his clique does and is SUCH a follower, making him THE worst character imao.

9 Rocky

Rocky is my favourite character I think he should have one he is the best

One Word: CUTE!

Rocky is just awesome. His agreeing noise is awesome, his barf is awesome, his smile is awesome, everything about him is just awesome. I'm surprised that he almost always comes second to puffball in the prize competition!

Aw! He's cute! I love his barf! He has Great Friends (TB and Balloony). This Little One (Get it? Balloony calls him Little One) is the first random character. He should have won Dream Island! "

10 Fries

Yes my boy fries

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11 David

David he's funny in my object show david says new words

David is my absolute favorite next to Rocky and Woody. - KeyboardHero

What can I say? He's the best stick figure in the whole wide world.

I, unlike most BFDI fans, love David. He has got to be the funniest character on the show!

12 Match

Match is bae :D - johntheaddictive

13 Coiny

He's cool also he dident slap fiery in idfb or bfb because he slaped fiery in bfdi a lot wow

Coiny earned improvement from BFDI

Why is Pen at the top? He doesn't have the charm and humor Coiny possessed in BFDIA.

14 Needy

She is super cute


She's hilarious in this series, I wish she wasn't so different in BFB though...

Don't call me Needy - 23windomt

15 Puffball

I hate you

She is just as awesome as PEN!

Puffball is the best contestant!

She bertryed her team but I forgive her

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16 Spongy

Why do people hate him. he's nice and caring to barfbag after shes bullied by lollypop TWICE.

He is so adorable and cute!

He is also very nice! - 19Joshua

17 Pencil

She is cool but a little mean she should be in the top9

She is mean

18 Pin

Pin is sometimes mean but funny at the same time

19 Teardrop

I can't believe she lost to FLOWER to rejoin!


20 Donut

He's better than Flower! 555

21 Flower

Is she mean or not?

Following the winner is... FIREY! Flower is the most he I never had!

Why 28 she is hilarious

Sponchi is right.

22 Ice Cube Ice Cube

REVENGE LMFAO - 23windomt

Who ever put this photo needs was probably playing around, doesn't know what bfdi is, misunderstood, or is a total jerk

For some reason, a picture of a person named Ice Cube is here. - 19Joshua

23 Blocky

Don't call me stabable!

24 Bomby

LOL! Bomby is a Little bit Weird...

25 Ruby

Ruby is like my favorite character and why is she 28th well that's messed up

Really, my favorite character is the third worst!?

26 Book

You mean well READ *gets frozen*

Book is my favourite

He must not be well red

27 Nonexisty

Nonexisty is nothing.

Everyone's favorite non-contestant

28 Woody

Underrated character. - KeyboardHero

7th place I think for my opinion

He's cute enough said

29 Gelatin
30 Steven

Best Bfdi character

31 Announcer Speaker Box
32 Naily

She dserves to die

33 Dora

Oh lord jesus lol - 23windomt

" Dora why don't you go explore the TLC" Puffbox Speaker - 23windomt

34 Nickle

Nickle from II season 1 and it is called Nickel

35 Golf Ball

Honestly, I'd rather choose Snowball.

She is a huge character in BFDIA plus she manages team no name

36 Evil Leafy

She was in IDFB

37 Basketball
38 Firey Speaker Box
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