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CNN The Cable News Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

Look up George Soros, a person known for bringing countries down with division and riots. It will explain everything. These people are purposely dividing the country. It's not just fake news, it's paid news as well.

Extremely biased, but especially concerning since this network is so popular. At least people know and acknowledge Fox News as biased. More people just believe CNN since it’s mainstream even though it’s just as biased if not more.

The most obvious propaganda fake news channel there is. All shows and anchors have zero journalistic integrity. Cuomo and Lemon are both total jokes.

I would say CNN is worse than FOX News only because people still sponsor their bullcrud unlike FOX's equally annoying bullcrud.

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Fox News Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Their "news" part is skewed mostly to the right, but their talking heads like hannity and carlson continually spew the lies of trump, and they will not show or talk about real covid numbers or actual white supremacist attacks. Very right wing

They are basically the conservative bias sister of CNN. Their agenda is smeared everywhere. They do occasionally have debates with at least two perspectives instead of just stating one side, which other news sources are guilty of omitting entirely.

No president has ever had a more symbiotic relationship with any news outlet. Is Trump a paid Fox News commentator? Or is Fox a paid Trump campaign consultant.

Some people even think Fox News has a liberal bias. Nonsense. All they talk about in their political coverage is about how the Mueller investigation is corrupt (according to them), among many other biased and one-sided stories, and Trump gets many of his talking points from Fox News.

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Huffington Post

Easily the most biased mainstream news network there is. So horribly biased to the left, it's unbelievable. This is the only legitimate news website that I literally BLOCKED on Apple News so I wouldn't receive any more stories by them; they're THAT bad. At least Fox News and CNN are tolerable at times.

This website is biased, Huffington post should be number one on this list

Not only biased artists, but also trashy articles.

CNN if they were ran by young people instead of old

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MSNBC MSNBC is an American basic cable and satellite television network that provides news coverage and political commentary from NBC News on current events. The network also carries a nightly 'opinion' programming block during prime time hours.

Hardball was occasionally interesting. The rest of the lineup not so much. Are Rachael Maddow and Chris Hayes played by the same actor?

This isn't as biased as CNN but holy crap, they were extremely salty when a Trump won.

Statistically proven the most biased.

Nothing but propaganda. Wake up, America!


They put out ridiculous articles such as the Arabs run Hollywood and Logan is an anti-trump film. The only thing I agree with on this channel is that the left is nuts along with the MSM. These people are laughingly bad at journalism. This is not a news site, it is a meme site.

The "wars" part of their name must be a metaphor for how they want to divide us and start another civil war.

The only reason I might not agree is because they don't expect to be believed. They are actual fake news.

InfoWars is an echo chamber for psychotics, run by a psychotic. Worst of the worst.

New York Times

Fired their chief editor and their employee's boycotted their own company after allowing a conservative Op-ed to publish a conservative opinion piece.

It's so bad that the employees wouldn't allow their chief editor to allow any conservative beliefs.

You don't even need to put NYT on the articles anymore. They lean so far left I can tell it came from them just by reading it.

Once upon a time they did real journalism


Buzzfeed is the worst. They try to "fight" racism by dividing everyone. Buzzfeed literally panders to the lowest common demonstrator.

Ah, the website that has these crappy articles looking like they were written by drunk persons.

Wasn't this the news site that uploaded the video of that black feminist whipping white people?

They have no diversity... they are all feminist or guys or do crazy things


Definitely one of the bigger offenders in biased coverage.

Alt right, white supremacist

Cannot be trusted at all

Lol why isn't this in the top 5😂

ABC News

Bias network, they deleted Mori's emotion cover because they don't want their FAVORITE artist to lose popularity. Bias network, bias.

Supports a black supremacist movement in denial.


Demonizes the police for BLM

Yahoo! News

Turned off comments because people was posting the actual facts from local sources and Yahoo hated that people could read the stories without their EXTREMELY liberal spin and intentionally left out details that completely changes the perception of most of their news. Yahoo is the WORST!

Yahoo suspended comments during an election year in support of partisan politics. Yahoo has always been left leaning and it took action to silence conservatives who were becoming wise to their actions and had begun reporting the facts.

I believe that Yahoo discontinued reader comments because they were trending right and liberals were becoming educated. A very stark example of "Fake News".

Yahoo news has become the worst of all of them at leaning left. I can't even stomach reading any of their articles..mostly because they took away the comments and we can't even call them out on their bias any more.

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NBC News NBC News is a division of the American broadcast network NBC. The division operates under NBCUniversal News Group, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, all owned by Comcast.

They don't cover anything important, they only cover things that benefit their own agenda.

Seem to miss numerous newsworty stories


In a nutshell, they're "socialism is good" people. Ironic, for people who got paid from capitalism are supporting socialism.

"Pro-National Socialist website with clickbait titles." is the only way I can describe this trashfire.

The Sun
The Daily Stormer

Is this the Daily Mail's cousin?


Very much to the left..

The Daily Mail

Horrendous website.

USA Today USA Today is an internationally distributed American daily middle-market newspaper that serves as the flagship publication of its owner, the Gannett Company.

Very far left and biased. Should stuck to the nonsense pop culture articles they had before. Colorful because their readers are like toddlers who love picture books

Natural News
Mother Jones

Usually just silly with a streak of nasty, but I had direct knowledge of the facts in a story they ran a couple of years ago. They got the facts completely wrong. Poor reporting.

A little

MTV News

Just watch the New Years Resolutions For White Guys video and you'll understand how biased, not to mention racist and sexist, it is.

They call themselves "Music T.V.", yet all they do is exploit people's personal lives for views

Liberal propoganda

The Young Turks

Cenk occasionally makes a point that makes a point that seems to indicate that the progressive movement has real serious ideas about governance. Then Ana Kasperian speaks and it becomes clear that progressivism is actually about sniveling, whinning and foot stomping.

Cenk the host and owner is extremely bias, and even ran as a far-left progressive for office.

Most annoying lefties on earth by a large stretch.

Should be number 1.

The Rebel

These morons don't realize that destroying ANTIFA's right to protest will ruin the right to assembly on the right if they want to call out Trump when he does something stupid like blow up Syria. Don't sign the petition.

These people are trying to incite violence against ANTIFA in a completely unnecessary way. The ANTIFA goons are just weak idiots and there is no need for riot gear in order to get rid of them. I am starting to see the alt-right become actual fascists just like the left. Everyone is getting played. These people like Infowhores are biased pro-trump propaganda and are equally if not worse than the corporate media.


Utterly utterly as biased as can be for absolutely anything and everything liberal and far left.

Dear god, this website is a definition of biased.

The Daily Express
Daily Caller
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