Top Ten Bible Questions and Plot Holes

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1 If Jesus is God's only son, how can the rest of us be God's children?

God Is Our Heavenly Father, by way of Creation. Jesus Is God's Only *BEGOTTEN* Son. He Had Existed with the Father and the Holy Spirit for all eternity. - clusium

2 Why does God get angry at people? Doesn't he know everything that's going to happen?
3 Why couldn't God just forgive everyone? It makes no sense there had to be a sacrifice. God's making up the rules, it's not like the Bible says Jesus sat around heaven and asked to be punished in place of Adam and Eve.
4 Where did Cain get his wife?

She was his sister, obviously. - clusium

Yes, but, that was because there were only siblings back in the day. - clusium

5 If killing the firstborn is what makes Pharaoh release the Isrealites, why not start with that? Why bother with the staff-into-snake gimmick and the other plagues?

Because every plague was one of the Egyptian Gods that they worshipped. God was showing them that he is better than their gods

Everyone starts off with the lighter threats before moving on to the bigger ones. - clusium

6 How does Adam understand the consequences of being disobedient if he doesn't yet know what disobedience is?

Adam and Eve sounded like babies.

7 If God can create all life, and instantly end it, why doesn't God make a new wife for Lot out of clay instead of drunk incest?
8 The disappearance of the Garden of Eden rather than having it exist with angels guarding the entrance is a plot hole.

Guessing its in the middle east. Well guess what no one has ever found it. No one has ever seen someone with wings guarding a garden.

9 The Tower of Babel language divisions is a plot hole given we can learn other languages and given one cannot enter heaven via a tower anyway.
10 If God can create all the life in the universe, why the need to go to all the trouble of telling a guy to put them all on a big boat. Why not just start over?

I think it was all the violence, not much explained in the Bible but that's why the world was flooded. But its impossible for a 600 year old man, wow his age to get 2 of every kind of animal into a wooden boat and sail for 40 days and 40 nights, and where did the olive leaf come from? How did the olive tree survive? How did the pyramids survive to flood? How was the world populated again? How did the animals get back to their country? Noah's Ark is a pile of plot holes and is pointless to believe in so please don't.

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11 Where is Heaven and Hell?

If they exist.
Don't you think Heaven sounds boring if no one can cry, no more nighttime, everyone has a mansion.

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