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1 Parable of the Good Samaritan

Well done for crowning this. Much deserved! - Britgirl

This story made my granny shot my grandpa, now he's in life sentence(we think she is transgender

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2 Three In a Fire

I would say 4 in the Fire not three because actually according to Scripture it did say that he said look! I see four men in the Fire and one of them looks like God!

This story is just a wonderful miracle from God such an amazing miracle seen in a fiery furnace! I can say What a miracle God did

Three turns Four amazing story. - paasadani

My favorite story

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3 Moses

The reason I read the Bible a second time and I'm not even Christian. If god did create the Bible he knows how to write a good book.

4 Jonah
5 The Widows Mite
6 Whose Baby
7 Ananias and Sapphira
8 Zacchaeus
9 The Good Shepherd
10 A Special Promise

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11 Noah and the Flood
12 The Death and Resurrection Of Christ
13 Anointing at Bethany
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