Why Hell is Not Possible

We're all familiar with the concept of hell. The most evil and horrifying place of all time. It's where sinners go to burn in flames for all eternity. Where they're tortured. Where they scream, choke, cry, there's absolutely no hope for them at all.

But in all honesty, hell doesn't really seem like it can happen. Why you may ask? Well just read this post:

Now can we use science to factually prove or disprove hell's existence? Yes, yes we can. We must precisely study something that hell requires. Now that's the tricky part, or is it really? What does your life have in common with the afterlife in hell? The answer to that would be pain. Pain exists in both realms (on earth and in hell). What do we know about pain though? More specifically, what do we know about pain from burning?

For example, let's say that I burned some random guy's foot. Inside the guy's skin there are cutaneous thermal nociceptors. Nociceptic transducers like TRPV1 will become sensitive at only 42 Celsius (107.6 Fahrenheit). The electrical nerve impulses move up the nerve fiber. The C axon carries dull pain signals at 3MPH. The A-delta axon carries the sharp pain signal at 40MPH. The signal travels through a neuron and must travel to other neurons. But there's a gap, called a synapse. Chemicals called neurotransmitters convey the signal across the synapse. Why aren't neurons connected? To localize electric impulses just like a light switch (otherwise, a tiny little burn on the hand with a cigar would feel like being lit on fire). The signal moves up the man's leg at 40MPH to his spine. A synapses formation occurs in the dorsal horn, where the man's body "decides" to accentuate the pain, dull it, or block it altogether. And then, up the man's anterolateral (spinothalamic tract), to his thalamus. The pain signal is processed in his ventral posterior nucleus. Then, it's sent throughout his cerebrum. It goes right to his superior temporal cortex, for spacial awareness. It goes to his limbic system, which is responsible for emotion. And then finally, the man feels pain.

Pain requires cells, chemicals, and electrical impulses working in concert. When you die, that system also dies. Your nervous system dies, but can your soul feel pain? No, it can't. How come though? Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPH) affects nerve endings, leaving the person unable to feel pain, even if they have a soul. And because of the effectiveness of oipoid drugs, we have further proof that pain is purely physical.

Another reason why hell doesn't exist is that it's completely and utterly illogical. Really think about it. Burning people for trillions of years? What's the point? How am I even supposed to enjoy heaven with people suffering in hell? I'm really not comfortable with anyone burning down there at all. I mean why are the only two options eternal bliss or eternal torment? Wouldn't it be fair to have some kind of middle ground for people who aren't that bad? Also if someone murders a person and that murderer is going to burn in hell forever, will that unmurder the victim? Will the eternal torture of the person's murderer make him/her feel better about being murdered? And what will burning forever and ever teach the murderer? I'm just saying that after 50 years, 100 years, or 1,000 years you're gonna have to let them have mercy now at some point. I've stated this many times before, but if God really does have to punish people then maybe he should at least have them experience all the wrongs they've ever done to others so that their punishment would end. Now that would make much more sense from the most intelligent being of all time.

So yeah, if you're scared to death of going to hell then don't be because it's most likely not possible. We already have hell on earth (metaphorically speaking, but you are in charge of creating your own heaven so take this life and make it yours. But know when to be safe and responsible because there are consequences).

The information I got in this post was from DarkMatter2525 (he's also the inspiration for my username).


It's your spiritual body that will be burning not your physical. - 2storm

@2storm-Even if it was possible then I still don't think people should burn. Like I said, if God has to punish people then he should have them experience the wrongs they've done to others. - visitor

Also I didn't say anything about our physical bodies burning in hell. Just to let you know. - visitor

Well I don't want people to burn either that is why you have to spend your life trying to convince people to become Christians. Another thing I want to say is what if the Christian Faith is wrong. What do you have to lose? But if the Christian Faith is right then if you never repented you lose your spiritual life in Hell. - 2storm

You don't necessarily have to be a Christian in order to be good. It's all not about living in fear, praying and hoping you're not gonna go to hell. If God wanted to punish anyone who wasn't Christian, then Christianity would be taking over and everyone else would be suffering. But there's a lot of suffering that goes on in this world and it happens to people no matter what they believe in (including Christians). It doesn't make any sense.

Also wouldn't it be much easier to treat Christianity like ONE of the correct religions rather than treating it like THE correct religion? If there was a correct religion we'd all be following it and there honestly isn't (I mean yes Christianity has the most followers but Islam has a lot of followers as well, almost as much as Christianity). If we just treated all religions equally then we would live in a much more moral and simpler world. - visitor

I respect your opinion, but I disagree. Everyone is given a chance to believe. God treats everyone equally, if you are a Christian your reward in the end will not be in this world, but it is instead in Heaven. About Islam I respect the religion of Islam. Both religions are based off of the original Jewish Faith. Christianity is simply the faith that Jesus is the messiah and is the Son of God. Islam also believes in Jesus, but instead of believing he is the Son of God he is instead a prophet. - 2storm

I'm just saying that all religions should be treated equally so that we wouldn't have anymore wars or debates. It would be much easier. - visitor

I agree with that. I believe all beliefs have legitimate cases, but in the end I believe Christianity is the right one. - 2storm

It's all a matter of opinion, and opinions aren't really meant to be factual. - visitor

And no offense, but having people suffer just because they have incorrect beliefs is still wrong regardless of what you're told about it. You may be told that if you're not Christian you'll go to hell, but someone might also be told that if they're not Muslim, they'll go to hell too. It's how they're raised and what they're told to believe. The real reason why Christianity is seen as correct in the US and Islam as incorrect is because of cultural differences.

There's a good reason why I made a list of ways to make Christianity look better, it's to make a few changes to it because it (along with other religions) really do need some serious changes if they wanna be alive. They all need to change if they want to coexist. If they did then we would have one big super religion, one where all religions could coexist and that we would all be following and have no wars or debates whatsoever. Atheism is one the rise and either religion changes for the better or doesn't change at all. - visitor

I just read this post. And I think all this information is completely true. Hell is pretty illogical not only because you'd "burn" for millennia, but people have different concepts of it. Like not just burning and fire, but also your worst fears or even nightmares. Hell is not a real place, but people do have their own concepts of one too if the definition of hell is the worst things that could possible be imagined. I think a good post idea could be why Heaven is not possible. People also have their own concepts of THAT. It's not just some place in the sky made of clouds and that all the people considered good go there. When someone dies, their remains stay in their graves or somewhere else if they're not buried. - PhoenixAura81