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1 Sheldon Cooper Sheldon Cooper Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D., Sc.D., is a fictional character in the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Jim Parsons.

Sheldon is awesome and funny. He is the reason I watch Big Bang Theory. He's my favorite T.V. character ever! Sheldon rules!

Sheldon transforms the Big Bang Theory and gives it an edge over over comedy shows that don't have that intellectual side to them, he is without a doubt the best character.

There's no reason to comment. And no reason to say anything. But there's one thing to note. He's just AWESOME!

He is the sole reason to watch this show with stereotype s

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2 Rajesh Koothrapali

He is very intelligent and sweet. He is very clear in representing his thoughts.

They should give more drunken lines to him, his innocent one liners which often rhyme are definitely fumy

He's the one who always has me laughing my favourite character.

Sheldon should not be first

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3 Howard Wolowitz Howard Wolowitz Howard Joel Wolowitz, M.Eng is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Simon Helberg.

As charismatic as Sheldon is I have to admit that Howard is the best of the show and I laugh most because of him - especially his earlier stuff before he met Bernadette. Also how is Raj above him - his character was ruined once he could talk to women without alcohol.

The show would suffer the most if he left.

Stewart is the most underrated as even his facial expressions can make you laugh.

Howard is hilarious especially when he argues with his mum. The times when I laugh the hardest are normally from his moments.

Howard is hilarious. He is a great character. I laugh so hard in his scenes.

Howard is the most successful of the characters. He is a NASA engineer, his work is the throne for the ISS. He also is an astronut, not many humans have that distinction. A weapons builder for the military, and a part-time scientist.

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4 Leonard Hofstadter

A sensible, wise, funny guy, sometimes mischievous... Some of his actings makes him appear more funny than is talkings... All 10/10 for Leonard!

Granted he's the most generic of the characters, but that's what I find the best thing about Leonard. He's relatable and, at times, really funny. Granted, he's not as awesome as Sheldon, but he's definitely the second best character in the series. by the way, I understand they are popular but how the heck are Howard and Raj higher than Leonard?

I love Leonard because he is nerdy and goofy but he can also socialise with other people and talk about other stuff besides science and Star Trek.

Leonard is the best character, not a lot of people realize how terribly funny he is.

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5 Penny

She could beat up Sheldon. She is amazing, really pretty, and will stand up for her friends. How many girls do you know who will kick a bully in the nuts for you? She is the perfect woman.

She is so much more socially aware than the other guys meaning she can get through stuff easier. It is also funny how she doesn't care about science - greatesttop10s

Penny can shed ligh on personal relationships and always apologies when she's in the wrong. She's there for everyone always. She's super funny. She adopted to the scientific group of friend because she likes them for who they are as people and at the same time shows occasion interest as well as keeping true to her character. And she's pleasant to look at even when she makes faces

She's really hot

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6 Amy Farrah Fowler

Why is Amy sixth? She is an amazing character! Her growth during the series and her love for Sheldon and how much she puts up with is really something. She is a bit of all the characters. My favorites in order are: Amy (bit weird in the earlier series), Sheldon (too self centered and insulting), Howard (after all the creepy stuff of the first few series), Leonard (too easily controlled), Bernadette (too mean), Penny (too arrogant) and lastly Raj (his interactions with woman other than Emily and Lucy make me cringe). This is my favorite show and I love all of the Characters dearly.

She gives off a comedic feeling that I feel none of the characters give. It's hilarious seeing her attempting to socialize normally. If she weren't on the show it wouldn't be as enjoyable to watch to me.

She is simply the best, as creepy as Howard, as funny as Sheldon with their weirdness and as cute as Raj when she wants more from Sheldon. I just miss her as a nerdy talking about neuroscience (i'm a neuroscientist )

She is the best. she is number 1 not 6

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7 Bernadette Rostenkowski

She's a great actress. She can easily change from lovably goofy to mean in a sec. She and amy provide the comedy from the women's side...

She's so funny and never fails to make me laugh! I love her attitude and despite her cute, tiny appearance she can be quite vicious. People hate her for her viciousness and how she acts towards Howard but I find that a funny part and important to her unique character.

I love that Bernadette is very sweet, tiny, and quiet--so it comes as a complete shock when she says she's very vengeful. She's secretly kick-butt and tough, all wrapped up in a high-pitched voiced, small, sweet, and funny package. Bernadette is my favorite character!

Simon Helberg and Melissa ranch should have their own comedy show, they are the strongest characters on the big bang show.

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8 Mrs. Wolowitz

Don't know what she looks like. She is such an old hag, and that makes her the best character!

I remember a quote when howards in bed with leslie, and asks if shes jewish but she isn't, and after she shouts, 'ok! You too have fun up there! 'one of my fave bbt quotes EVER!


I wish she didn't die :'(

R.I.P Carol Ann Susi (Mrs. Wolowitz)

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9 Stuart Bloom

So under appreciated by fans. He's usually in the better episodes - just one look at his face and you'll laugh.

Let's be honest he owns a comic book store. Without him how would the guys visit a comic book store to have their famous talks and debates over superheros.

Love Stuart Bloom. Glad he has more camera time lately. Go Stuart!

I have the shivers too but I think I might have lime disease so... Stuart all the way!

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10 Barry Kripke

He should be considerably higher! He is brilliant, every word he speaks makes me laugh out loud!

He talks funny, but there's nothing wrong with that. I love when he messes with Sheldon.

He's definitely one of my favourites. Just an entertaining, and often unexpected interlude. - PositronWildhawk

Don't you mean, Waugh out woud

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11 Zack Johnson

Zack is from my home town he Is nice funny and real favorite character on the show

I wish Penny would cheat on Leonard with Zack and then Leonard wants a divorce.

Not very smart, but still a great guy.

Must amazing guy

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12 Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton

It makes me laugh when he tricks Sheldon during that card game by telling him his Grandma died; it was after he wins that he tells Sheldon his Grandma isn't dead. Sheldon should have known it was trick and he believed it anyway.

He played in Star Trek and is awesome at this. What more do you need?

He was amazing in star trek AND is amazing in the big bang theory!

I couldn't breath because I was laughing so hard. WILL WHEATON!

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13 Leslie Winkle

The coolest female character of the show. Feisty, smart and doesn't hold back to get what she wants. She can take on anyone on equal terms and then some. That makes her very sexy in my book. Sara Gilbert did a terrific job.

I love Leslie so much, her and Sheldon's arguments are hilarious. She should be higher!

I like her because she HATES SHELDON

14 Wyatt (Penny's Dad)

He's cool. And he encourages Leonard to keep trying with Penny, which indicates that he knows a good guy.

15 Professor Proton

They never should have killed him.

The reason why he doesn't appear on the show anymore is because the actor who played him died.

Funny character. Love the episode with him and Bill Nye

16 Mary Cooper
17 Mike Rostenkowski
18 Missy Cooper

She's so pretty and Sheldon's complete opposite. I laugh when she kicks Sheldon in the nuts after he suggests that she donates eggs. Bad idea, Sheldon!

Missy is definitely super hot. How is she related to Sheldon?


19 Professor Crawley
20 Mrs. V.M. Koothrappali
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