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1 Sheldon Cooper Sheldon Cooper Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D., Sc.D., is a fictional character in the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Jim Parsons.

Sheldon is awesome and funny. He is the reason I watch Big Bang Theory. He's my favorite T.V. character ever! Sheldon rules!

Simply the best!

Sheldon transforms the Big Bang Theory and gives it an edge over over comedy shows that don't have that intellectual side to them, he is without a doubt the best character.

Greatest. Person. Ever.

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2 Rajesh Koothrapali

Simple adorable

Funny and a huge skux when drunk.

He is the most humble one in TBBT.

Most skilled one

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3 Howard Wolowitz Howard Wolowitz Howard Joel Wolowitz, M.Eng is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Simon Helberg.

He has so many subtleties to his actin if you pay attention. He does so many different things with his eyes and face, even when the focus isn’t on him.

As charismatic as Sheldon is I have to admit that Howard is the best of the show and I laugh most because of him - especially his earlier stuff before he met Bernadette. Also how is Raj above him - his character was ruined once he could talk to women without alcohol.

The show would suffer the most if he left.

Stewart is the most underrated as even his facial expressions can make you laugh.

He Is the funniest guy period

I would say Howard is the most successful of the men by far. An astronaut, has his own device on the ISS, and collaborated with Leonard and Sheldon on a guidance system. Howard has contributed more to humanity than the others.

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4 Leonard Hofstadter

I think Leonard is a sweet and honest character and really should be higher on this list. He does not mock his friends achievements or control them like Sheldon, he doesn't make racist or sexist jokes like Howard and he isn't as helpless or needy as Raj's character. He holds the group together well and is romantic and loving to Penny despite the fact she acts like she is doing him a favour by being in a relationship with him and sometimes treats him like dirt. He is not sexually needy like Amy or cruel like Bernadette. He keeps the show interesting and forgives all the other characters of their faults. He even put up with Sheldon for years because he knew the man needed him to be the adult and was willing to go through the roommate agreement so his friend lived in more comfort. He never invades other characters privacy (okay he reads Penny's diary one time but does try to make it up to her) and he respects each person's interest and culture. He is romantic, funny and honestly a ...more

I really love Leonard! He is the most sane of the main characters and also very sweet, mature, kind, loving, caring and reasonable and loves Penny not quite all the way for her looks, but for who she is: a person who gives him the love and affection he never got from his mother, a world that he never got to experience as a kid and also because he gains his desire to socialize with other people.

If there's anything I don't like regarding Leonard, it's his mother! A dirty lump!

Leonard also never hurts people's feelings and also cares about people's feelings, even Penny's.

I always think Leonard's relationship with Penny is the best thing that ever happened! Leonard and Penny are the loves of each other's lives and they're now happily married (despite any of the horrible stuff the writers can write).

I really wish to have HIM as a roommate, instead of Sheldon!

A sensible, wise, funny guy, sometimes mischievous... Some of his actings makes him appear more funny than is talkings... All 10/10 for Leonard!

Granted he's the most generic of the characters, but that's what I find the best thing about Leonard. He's relatable and, at times, really funny. Granted, he's not as awesome as Sheldon, but he's definitely the second best character in the series. by the way, I understand they are popular but how the heck are Howard and Raj higher than Leonard?

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5 Penny

Love this girl. Carries the show. Wouldn't work without her. Come on!

Very funny and very caring person she really shows compassion towards her friends especially Sheldon and Amy I'm really glad her and Leonard got together

I'm going to narrow down my love and hate for Penny into three pros and three cons. Con 1: She takes Leonard's love and romance for her for granted and makes no effort in the relationship. Pro 1: She kicks a bully in the nuts for them because she is a badass. Con 2: She constantly calls all of what the guys do and love stupid and pathetic Pro 2: She really understands and connects with Sheldon. An honestly beautiful relationship, probably one of my top three. Con 3: She mooches off the guys for years with their food and their Wifi and then jokes about having to marry one of them in the end. This shows how needy and selfish she can be. Pro 3: She keeps the humour and the guys' connection the the outside world wide open. She introduces Howard and Bernadette and always seems to be there to lift a down character back onto their feet (Raj after Lucy's breakup, Howard after she was mean to him, Sheldon at his birthday party, the list goes on). Overall, I think this is the right place for ...more

I think Penny is the really best part of this comedy series. She's able to make a scene funny, knows how to grow up, and is strong enough to be able to look after herself... in other words, today's woman. I was going to vote for Sheldon, but in the past several seasons he isn't as funny as he was in the earlier years and has lost his scientific strength because of Amy. So Penny gets my vote.

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6 Amy Farrah Fowler

Why is Amy sixth? She is an amazing character! Her growth during the series and her love for Sheldon and how much she puts up with is really something. She is a bit of all the characters. My favorites in order are: Amy (bit weird in the earlier series), Sheldon (too self centered and insulting), Howard (after all the creepy stuff of the first few series), Leonard (too easily controlled), Bernadette (too mean), Penny (too arrogant) and lastly Raj (his interactions with woman other than Emily and Lucy make me cringe). This is my favorite show and I love all of the Characters dearly.

The show has always been great, but it started to be a really addictive show when Amy became part of the cast. Her character and her romance with Sheldon, but also her friendship with Penny and Leonard etc. is what makes you want to watch and never stop.

I liked her better when she was just strange and seemingly into Penny, not Sheldon. I don't get her dismissive attitude towards pop culture/geek culture. - truckturner

She gives off a comedic feeling that I feel none of the characters give. It's hilarious seeing her attempting to socialize normally. If she weren't on the show it wouldn't be as enjoyable to watch to me.

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7 Bernadette Rostenkowski

I love that Bernadette is very sweet, tiny, and quiet--so it comes as a complete shock when she says she's very vengeful. She's secretly kick-butt and tough, all wrapped up in a high-pitched voiced, small, sweet, and funny package. Bernadette is my favorite character!

She's a great actress. She can easily change from lovably goofy to mean in a sec. She and amy provide the comedy from the women's side...

She's so funny and never fails to make me laugh! I love her attitude and despite her cute, tiny appearance she can be quite vicious. People hate her for her viciousness and how she acts towards Howard but I find that a funny part and important to her unique character.

She's great! Don't know how Leonard and Raj got higher than her on this list...

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8 Mrs. Wolowitz

Don't know what she looks like. She is such an old hag, and that makes her the best character!

I remember a quote when howards in bed with leslie, and asks if shes jewish but she isn't, and after she shouts, 'ok! You too have fun up there! 'one of my fave bbt quotes EVER!

"howard! The Phone is ringing! "- Awesome and funny character


I wish she didn't die :'(

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9 Stuart Bloom

Stuart really hit it during Sheldon+Amy's wedding, with his confident handling of Mark Hamill. I hope he gets more scenes like that. And maybe he will finally find true love with Denise!

So under appreciated by fans. He's usually in the better episodes - just one look at his face and you'll laugh.

Let's be honest he owns a comic book store. Without him how would the guys visit a comic book store to have their famous talks and debates over superheros.

Love Stuart Bloom. Glad he has more camera time lately. Go Stuart!

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10 Barry Kripke

A constant scene-stealer. - truckturner

He should be considerably higher! He is brilliant, every word he speaks makes me laugh out loud!

He talks funny, but there's nothing wrong with that. I love when he messes with Sheldon.

He's definitely one of my favourites. Just an entertaining, and often unexpected interlude. - PositronWildhawk

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11 Leslie Winkle

Leslie is the second funniest character on The Big Bang Theory.
Sara Gilbert is brilliant!

The coolest female character of the show. Feisty, smart and doesn't hold back to get what she wants. She can take on anyone on equal terms and then some. That makes her very sexy in my book. Sara Gilbert did a terrific job.

I love Leslie so much, her and Sheldon's arguments are hilarious. She should be higher!

I like her because she HATES SHELDON

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12 Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton

It makes me laugh when he tricks Sheldon during that card game by telling him his Grandma died; it was after he wins that he tells Sheldon his Grandma isn't dead. Sheldon should have known it was trick and he believed it anyway.

He played in Star Trek and is awesome at this. What more do you need?

He was amazing in star trek AND is amazing in the big bang theory!

I couldn't breath because I was laughing so hard. WILL WHEATON!

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13 Zack Johnson

Just, its such a funny contrast, like he makes penny look clever

Zack is from my home town he Is nice funny and real favorite character on the show

I wish Penny would cheat on Leonard with Zack and then Leonard wants a divorce.

Not very smart, but still a great guy.

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14 Wyatt (Penny's Dad)

He's cool. And he encourages Leonard to keep trying with Penny, which indicates that he knows a good guy.

15 Professor Proton

They never should have killed him.

The reason why he doesn't appear on the show anymore is because the actor who played him died.

Funny character. Love the episode with him and Bill Nye

16 Mary Cooper
17 Mike Rostenkowski
18 Professor Crawley
19 Missy Cooper

She's so pretty and Sheldon's complete opposite. I laugh when she kicks Sheldon in the nuts after he suggests that she donates eggs. Bad idea, Sheldon!

Missy is definitely super hot. How is she related to Sheldon?


20 Mrs. V.M. Koothrappali
21 Alex Jensen

I love Alex! Got to be my favourite.
Penny is a close second.


They should bring her back.

22 Dr. Koothrappali

He is so cute

23 Beverly Hofstadter

She's just as crazy as Sheldon. And to think she's Leonard's mother.

She is so funny

24 Ramona Nowitzki

She's just as nuts as Sheldon.

25 Dr. Gablehauser
26 Emily Sweeney

I'm glad they made Emily a main character, she is the prettiest girl on the show, and her and Raj are the cutest couple. I would like to see the show start to focus more on Emily and Raj than Penny and Leonard.

I think Emily and Amy should be best friends, like Penny and Bernadette are.

Interesting and dark, brings a new element to the show

Raj and Emily are adorable together! I want to see more of her.

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27 Cinnamon (Raj's Dog)

The way Raj pampers him is just like how protective and irritating Howard's mother is to Howard.

28 Stephen Hawking
29 Stephanie Barnett

Love how she fools Sheldon into not talking by telling him he had an enflamed Larynx. Sheldon's obviously not as smart as he thinks he is.

30 Alice

I don't know why she isn't in more

31 Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nye the Science Guy William Sanford "Bill" Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer.

Bill Nye your moms a guy

32 Priya Koothrappali

I really don't like Priya. She's not funny at all, and she's kind of a hypocrite. She wants Leonard to stop hanging with Penny because she saw Penny as competition, but as soon as she gets back to India, she's has sex with her ex-boyfriend. She even confesses. Priya's a joke!

She's very pretty though.

I really don't like her. She saw Penny as competition and wanted Leonard to stop hanging around her, yet she has intercourse with her ex as soon as she gets back to India, and she was still with Leonard. She even admits it. Priya's a bitch!

33 Lucy

Much better than Emily!

She's a lot like Raj. She has a hard time talking to the opposite sex.

34 Jessie
35 Todd Zarnecki
36 Arthur Jeffries
37 Raj's Dad
38 Alfred Hofstadter
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