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21 Mrs. V.M. Koothrappali
22 Dr. Koothrappali
23 Ramona Nowitzki

She's just as nuts as Sheldon.

24 Dr. Gablehauser
25 Emily Sweeney

I'm glad they made Emily a main character, she is the prettiest girl on the show, and her and Raj are the cutest couple. I would like to see the show start to focus more on Emily and Raj than Penny and Leonard.

I think Emily and Amy should be best friends, like Penny and Bernadette are.

Interesting and dark, brings a new element to the show

In my opinion,Emily is the prettiest girl in Big Bang Theory,not to mention her dark, mysterious and fun self.
I would definitely love to see more of her.

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26 Stephanie Barnett

Love how she fools Sheldon into not talking by telling him he had an enflamed Larynx. Sheldon's obviously not as smart as he thinks he is.

27 Alex Jensen

I love Alex! Got to be my favourite.
Penny is a close second.

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28 Cinnamon (Raj's Dog)

The way Raj pampers him is just like how protective and irritating Howard's mother is to Howard.

29 Priya Koothrappali

I really don't like Priya. She's not funny at all, and she's kind of a hypocrite. She wants Leonard to stop hanging with Penny because she saw Penny as competition, but as soon as she gets back to India, she's has sex with her ex-boyfriend. She even confesses. Priya's a joke!

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30 Lucy

She's a lot like Raj. She has a hard time talking to the opposite sex.

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31 Jessie
32 Todd Zarnecki
33 Alice V 1 Comment
34 Arthur Jeffries
35 Stephen Hawking
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