Top Ten Best Big Bang Theory Relationships


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1 Shamy

I think their relationship has really helped Sheldon grow as a person, and I'm glad that he finally found someone. We all know how difficult it was for Sheldon to even go near people, so clearly Amy has changed him a lot. Not to mention this is a very special kind of relationship, especially because of the lack of physical contact. They are attracted to each others mind and personality (or at least, what they have for personalities haha), its just a relationship I've never seen. Not to mention its probably both of theirs first serious relationship. - keycha1n

2 Howadette

Another relationship where you see Howard change drastically from a overly horny creeper to a loving husband. And it was good for the show as his lines began to get old, also, Bernadette is also a well rounded character and they just seem pretty perfect for each other. - keycha1n

3 Lenny

I find penny is sometime overly controlling and expects to get her way all the time. Leonard needs to start buckling up! Other than that, I find that they have genuine love for each other and penny really does try and she really loves him. So all the aforementioned is forgiven. - keycha1n

4 Emipalli
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