Top Ten Best Big Brother 17 (U.S) Houseguests

It's summertime, and it is time for another season of Big Brother. As of right now (July 25th), it is the beginning of week 5 in the Big Brother house, so I have seen these houseguests play the game enough to rank them. Vote for your favorite!

The Top Ten

1 John McGuire

The best easily - Luckys

My favorite player this season. Already, he has thrown 2 Battle of the Block competitions and has been put up 4 times! He's pretty good at comps, and I like how he is laying low and going with the house. That strategy may help him stay in the house longer. - Minecraftcrazy530

I love him so much, and his gameplay is very smart. He knows when to win and when to "throw" comps

Best player woohoo surprised he did not win Americas favorite house guest

2 Vanessa Russo Vanessa Ashley Rousso is an American professional poker player. Born in White Plains, New York, Rousso holds dual citizenship with the United States and France.

She's one of my favorite female strategic players since Danielle BB3 and Maggie BB6. When I saw her preseason interviews I knew Vanessa would be good but had no idea she would be very damn good. Vanessa had her hand almost every eviction post-Jace. She sent home: Jeff, Jason, Meg, and Austin - all of whom had good social games and/or superfans of the show. Her other alliance members went after threats she needed out: Jackie, Becky, James and John. Every eviction she had no blood on her hands. She had a pretty good read on most of house guests and crack deals to expose games in the house. Vanessa's biggest flaw was how she had a hard time keeping her emotions in check and she was too loyal to people who want to screw her game (i. E. Austin, Shelli and Steve). Vanessa ended being the best player of the season as she collected 7 comp wins and finished 3rd place. - BlackDiamonds

Needs to be #1. Was a master manipulator and wo so many competitions. She was the target so many times but she managed to slip her way right into the final 3.

She is part of a major alliance, but is not really on the radar of anyone. The "other side" of the house wants either Shelli and Clay to be split up, or to get out Austin. She is a strong competitor, and great at lying and manipulating. - Minecraftcrazy530

She's my current favorite so far. - Turkeyasylum

3 Becky Burgess

Lol I didn't even know she was in the house for the first couple episodes - Luckys

She might be a floater in this game, but floaters can make it far in the game. She also won an HOH comp, so she can at least compete. - Minecraftcrazy530

Her biggest mistake was not preventing the flip of votes during her HOH reign to evict Shelli. She kept the most powerful houseguest in the house (Vanessa).

4 Shelli Poole

Currently, she's running the house and is on the tack to be the winner of the season. On another note, I've never seen so much irrational hatred of any houseguest ever as I've seen with Shelli this year.

Yes, her and Clay are a power couple, but she isn't that bad of a player. She is pretty convincing, and she has won 2 HOH comps. Her flaw however, is complaining about not wanting to get blood on her hands even though she WON the HOH comps. Honesty Shelli, don't win an HOH comp if you don't want any blood on your hands. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Steve Moses

He deserves props for refusing to volunteer as a pawn. After all, he should know as much as anyone else (and he does) that pawns go home, unless you're the designated pawn a la Spencer or Victoria.

A Big Brother superfan who is extremely good at collecting information from the other houseguests. He is paranoid at times, but has the potential to make it far into the game. - Minecraftcrazy530

He might not have a strong social game, but he's good at comps when he needs to be and is rather perceptive.

6 Julia Nolan

Yes, I put Julia here and not her twin Liz. The reason for that is because she generally seems like a better game player. She might not be competing in the house individually yet (she will soon), but she seems better than Liz. - Minecraftcrazy530

She was no comp warrior by any means but Julia provided good humor and likability where Liz might had lacked. - BlackDiamonds

7 James Huling

He is a pretty nice person (considering he made Audrey that omelette), he doesn't upset anyone, and he is a good competitor. He has lots of potential to make it far in this game. - Minecraftcrazy530

The funniest guy ever and needs to be a comedian. His pranks were off the chain and he was also a very good competitor

Fun guy for sure and deserved America's favorite Player this season. James was the house prankster and didn't mind taking risks against Jace (a possible physical threat) and the showmance of Clelli. His downfall was not aligning himself better once Jeff and Jason were evicted. I think if he aligned with John and Steve who knows how far he'd got in the game. - BlackDiamonds

He just made a big move by nominating power couple Shelli and Clay and it's only week six. As far as big moves go, I respect James for this and considering that there were none in BB16, I'll take it.

8 Jason Roy

He might have been the'Vonne's ally, but he shockingly isn't a target right now. Many people are willing to work with him and protect him. - Minecraftcrazy530

Jason Davonne Meg James Jackie are the only good people this season! Everyone else sucks!

9 Da'Vonne Rogers

She was one of the people that told the truth and wasn't afraid to speak her mind, which was why she should be somewhere in the top 5

10 Austin Matelson

I know he's obsessed with Liz but other than that I don't see why people hate him so much, she is actually beginning to have feelings for him

Was a pretty good game player and probably couldv'e been a male Vanessa if he didn't have a showmance.

The Contenders

11 Meg Maley

A queen - Luckys

She might be playing the game as a floater, but she is trying to stay low key while building relationships with the other houseguests. I hope she makes it far into this game. - Minecraftcrazy530

12 Jackie Ibarra

Jackie came in the game as a target because she came in with someone who knew each other before Big Brother and was from the Amazing Race so she had to float through Weeks 1-3 so she wouldn't be targeted, once Jeff left her game started going well by aligning with Becky, Jason, James & Meg, she even a good read of the house by calling out Shelli for recommending to put Jason on the block and was one of the few people early in the game to catch on to Vanessa's tactics.

Jackie was playing this game as a floater, but recently she has been talking game with many of the houseguests. This week, she even won an HOH. Ever since Jeff left, she has been playing the game much better. - Minecraftcrazy530

13 Jace Agolli
14 Audrey Middleton
15 Jeff Weldon
16 Liz Nolan
17 Clay Honeycutt

I groan as I watch this face on my screen. Thank goodness James. Got his face off my screen because I would've walked into the house and hurt him.

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