big brother UK 2015 series review

gemcloben This series just finished! But who cares? It was the worst series in a while. It still gets a review.

I think this series had a lot of good twists, but they had to as the series was so tragic. I was pretty glad with the time bomb theme. And that Simon was first out. The 4 in 4 out thing was a good way to save a truly awful series. And the time warp housemates turned it temporarily the best series in a while. And the money one was also good.
This logo was a little weird, yet I still think it was alright. Classic logos are the best.
The presenter:
This series was yet again presented by Emma. She tried to hard and doesn't do a very good job.

Now, housemates:
Adjoa: Adjoa wasn't the most legendary of housemates. All she did was constantly go on about how she was lesbian. I am glad she was first out, she contributed to little to the house.
Aaron: I have never seen an actual grown man cry as much as this abomination did. We knew he was gay, but did he have a real reason to do what he did to Joel? No. Of course not. The only thing we learned from that is that Aaron is not a good drunk.
Amy and Sally: Jade was the 2nd most over-hated housemate (after Marc) and all these twins did was be mean. I couldn't care less about the fact they were being mean, but when it takes airtime from the real comedy and they weren't even funny, it annoys me.
Harriet: She was so boring. Her voice was literally the most annoying thing I have ever heard. Almost as annoying as Kieran's!
Kieran: What did he contribute other than that unbelievably annoying voice?
Sarah: I couldn't care less about her, she did next to nothing. But what she said to Joel annoyed me. What did it have to do with her?
Eileen: People liked her outside because she was older. But she was still boring, lets face it. She was also really weird!
Jade: Jade was the 2nd most over-hated and 2nd best Irish, you can guess who beats her in both! She did seriously demonstrate her polyamorous side when Brian joined! Oh well. She was still rather entertaining.
Brian: This was when the series started to get interesting. Brian was the funniest in this series, his series and one of the funniest ever. He is so simple it is hilarious. Shame he got called a rapist and climbed over the wall.
Simon: SHOWBIZZZZ! Ha, no. I don't know if he thought saying that was funny, or cool, but to me he was just stupid.
Helen: Helen Wood: the most controversial win ever. At least she was better than the others in her series (except Steve! #STEVERLY). Anyway, she was pretty evil. Who cares, the series was getting boring.
Nikki: Nikki is pretty funny, yet overrated. On the first night she came up with the remark of the series (record later broken by Jack). And when she got that thing thrown at her...
Marc: "THIS IS BIG MARC'S HOUSE NOW! BIG W*****!" Marc O'Neill - first day in the house. Quote of the series. Almost. Him not winning was another reason to stop watching the show. There was no question, he was more entertaining than everyone else put together. The end.
Harry: Where do I start... I couldn't care less about seeing her t**s, but still, I know this psycho stripped for the cameras. Nick should have slapped her and told her to f*** off.
Sam: #LOVINGLIFE! If I heard those words one more time I would have ripped my hair out. She wasn't loving life, just wanting attention to compensate for the fact she is boring!

The finalists!

Christian: Christian had the personality of a piece of toast. His music was also awful. U GET ME BRUV?!
Nick: Nick was literally getting controlled by Harry, and he should have stayed with the others once Jade left.
Jack: In the final after Marc was evicted, he was my new favourite. He was hilarious! "Lets actually make toast" was the quote of the series. Had me on the floor laughing.
Danny: Danny was the most annoying housemate and he shouldn't have lasted any longer than Marc. He thought he was some sort of hero.
Joel: His so called slut drop was just embarrassing. His singing was awful. He was too serious. And he will never be a politician. At least he was smart.
And the winner...
CHLOE! A pretty boring winner, but she was very kind, sweet and did deserve it.

So, in my opinion, Jade, Jack and Marc should have been the top 3. Marc should have won.
Hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading!