Big Brother 21 - Week II Recap

htoutlaws2012 The first are always the most difficult to watch when your starting to realize who these players are you than notice how much the game changes quickly well that was the case here what would be.

Jack had no idea who he was going to put up until a four woman alliance was given to him by member of the gr8tful Eight Isabella who ratted out the name Jessica named ''The Black Widows'' didn't even last 24 hours in advanced and it was easy who Jack would target Kemi in this case of being accused a racist. Nicole, Kemi, and Jessica eventually realize who spilled the beans when Bella told Nicole what was up. Not quite the brightest move that I would of done.

The Chaos Whacktivity starts, and we got Snakes of all kinda, and of course it came down to three favorites Sam, Jack, and Jackson, and of those three jack came out victorious under 50 seconds is pretty impressive hustle I gotta say. Even Sam Could not believe it himself he fought he had that won.

We get to the veto Jessica is berated of Isabella snake like intentions being blown out of proportions, and little later on we get more past season houseguests to return to host Veto comps this time Tyler Crispen. We get a puzzle comp in which case Kemi was one away from saving herself until it tipped over, and as she put it ''seal her fate.'' she saw that coming even than and there. Meanwhile Sam did it again got the trip to Fiji while winning back to back veto's Sam must be careful don't win too many or you could end up on the block. Luckily he did the smart thing and stayed out the line of fire of the alliance that Jack could not a hold a secret to Sam in hilarious fashion. Also during that conversation late at night we hear some cliffnotes action take place, and Christie is up to hear it, and Cliff looks like he could be next on their hit list knowing the mistake he made as he targets all four of the couples he'd like to split up. Unfortunately he may not get that opportunity and could be a sitting duck by Week 3.

Normally whoever creates the all women alliance is normally evicted immediately look at Joey from Big Brother 16, but apparently not in the case. Double ouch for me seeing that she's a model to boot I fought she'd be out by this week instead everybody just took out Kemi because well... i'm not gonna go there. I do feel though she did doom her game from day one, and why is that? Not having a conversation with Jackson played a role for sure. In the game of Big Brother your suppose to at least interact with the house guest in terms of game, but that strategy backfired on the strategist in the role she was evicted 10-1, and that he actually chose to evict Jessica in a strange turn of events (Jackson that is). With one week left to go who will come back into the game and will even out the odds or will gr8teful eight end up owning the other half of the house with their secret alliance looking pretty recognizable at this point in the game turn in next week for BIG BROTHER!