Big Brother 21 - Week III & IV Recap

htoutlaws2012 3: With a big massive alliance controlling the game could they be stopped? Nope since With a big massive alliance controlling the game could they be stopped? Nope since Nick won the crap shoot comp, and made some bad waves with isabella in the ''bully'' phase where he and her really went on the offense of Nicole, and even there alliance turned on the both of them. The power of veto was one of the quickest and kaitlyn returned in comedic horror. Kathryn ironically enough won the puzzle to which nobody was close in. Thinking that his whole alliance would vote the same way, instead they would be named the Six Shooters in their first act went somewhat to plan when they got Cliff evicted to be the final member of camp comeback. This was probably the most disappointing part though I was rooting for David the most, and Cliff just killed that competition with no pressure of any sort highly disappointing.

4: Yet he actually upset Jack to win HOH things were looking better that 4th week. He makes a bold move putting up Jack, and Jackson willingly goes next to him. Not sure if I buy he had the fastest time in the veto (Jackson that is) taking off all his clothes, but the way this season has gone not pleased with that decision. Back up a little bit to the veto draw. Jack chose to use his chaos power for a redraw. Sam won it again, Kat instead was picked instead of Jessica, and Analyse also got to play. Things were looking good all up until Jackson was pushing desperately for Christie to convince Cliff to put up Bella, and in a shocking twist she doesn’t unleash the diamond power of veto, and actually out her up with blood on his hands. By a 8-2 the bully (Isabella) is out in favor of the racist (Jack) now in primed position to not only go far, but could win this whole thing if houseguests were actually wise to vote out the stronger player in this case knowing he may never go back on the block perhaps ever again. With an endurance comp will the power fall back to the six shooters or will somebody on the other side once again get another chance find out next time on Big Brother!