Top 10 Big Brother 23 (US) Houseguests

Big Brother is finally back with a new cast after a bombing quality from the last 2 seasons. Surely things have to turn around with a new cast director in charge right?
The Top Ten
1 Kyland Young

Kyland seems like a nerd that could go far or be one of the unfortunate first boots. He seems to know what he is doing, but then again he could use his dead relatives as a last second desperation move to keep himself in the game. Would he win in that way I wouldn't think so.

2 Azah Awasum

Azah has a very fascinating bio where she definitely knows her stuff, and what type of player she wants to be. She could be like a Danielle (BB3) or be like a Jun with skilled cooking which actually does work to a tee alright. If she can align herself with a Travis or maybe a Tiffany would work well too. It's all about outplaying your craft and that's what I see from this one.

3 Xavier Prather

My top 2 seem to actually know the game very well scouted in my view, and Xavier is definitely a legitimate threat to winning it all. He aligns himself with the right pieces in places he could smash things as he does as an attorney.

4 Tiffany Mitchell

Cool to have a Michigan player represented but I don't know if she'd go too far. I like that she is the elder of the group. At the same time, I'm getting these odd like Dominique (BB19) vibes that could lead her to her doom. You can play the floater card which has worked in the past. With how this cast is assembled, you might have to be the most awkward rounded to outlast your competition.

5 Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa is either going to be a Jessica (BB19) or Angela type player. It either works and that mentality pays off. Or she could align herself with the biggest threat in which she isn't afraid to take blood on her hands.

6 Derek Frazier

Son of Joe Frazier has become more famous on TikTok which I don't really care for. I'm gonna guess he will get carried into the jury at most. From a physicality standpoint, he could be a comp beast. Social game is where the flaws can come crashing down. It's not like we haven't seen this before with Frank Eudy who was memorable and did decently well.

7 Sarah Steagall

Sarah is a scientist who could either be two things. Really bad at floating like Bronte, or be quietly good like Michelle (BB11). Unlike Tiffany, I could see a case for Sarah to go far if she aligns with the right groups and figure out how to play it out she can lay back knowing her weirdness fits into this cast overall.

8 Claire Rehfuss

Claire is the last-second replacement for Christie who is a Survivor superfan. I'm not sure if she has actually seen the game enough seeing it is too soon. She could be like Jackie in a sense. She could also be an early boot with the team twist if she doesn't align with the right set either.

9 Brandon French

Just reading from Brandon's bio he seems very likable with his sense of humor. I don't know if he'd actually win the game seeing he would look like the eldest by these houseguests. Dubbed the ''Frenchie'' he has a nickname that is kinda interesting to the point will he live up to it will see.

10 Derek Xiao

Another nerd like this hasn't happened before. He looks he could have some weird traits like Steve, but he could also be Cameron 2.0 if he isn't careful in this team twist he is in for. This is a boom or bust guy to go with here.

The Contenders
11 Brent Champagne

Looks like a comp beast, and having similar traits to Cody (BB16). I don't think he makes that far of a run knowing everybody in the house would wanna take out a guy that resembles exactly that style of boring gameplay that can be more identifiable.

12 Christian Birkenberger

Let's try this again, just from his look and bio he could be one of the early boots. Christian is trying to ride out the trending to play dumb card. I don't see that working some very well backgrounded cast assembled against him.

13 Whitney Williams

A little sketchy on her seeing she could be this coaster-type player just from some of the things that have been said in her bio. She looks like a non-threat sure, but in this team twist would she outlast getting to jury I'm not sure.

14 Travis Long

Travis gives me some Jason vibes, but then again maybe not if he aligns himself with Christian which would be a bad move on his part. A duo of him and Azah would be that second coming I could picture. Travis does like a lot of BB 20 which is fine, but if he is getting a bromance he might not go that far.

15 Hannah Chaddha

I definitely don't see her going far at all. Yes, Young players can win Big Brother too. You'd have to wow me after reading your bio. I wouldn't say the combo of Bay-they is a good influence at all for starters. That's what I sense is shall be one of the more dramatic of the vast cast if she somehow managed to make jury. I doubt she is truly a calculated player, but again wow me is all I gotta see from Hannah.

16 Britini D'Angelo

I see what they were going for here having another kind-hearted teacher route like with Nicole. Britini could go decent far if she does float and has a good enough social game. Otherwise, if the mega comp studs rule the house she could be one of the first to go as well.

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