Top 10 Big Brother Azerbaijan Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Manshada Murva

Definitely the best winner of all Manshada manipulated the whole house and season 8 probably had some of the smartest people in there, but none compared to Manshada - BreeShangahu

2 Anur Abad

Anur's showmance might have got him the win but there is not no denying he is one of the most stragetic people to ever play big brother azerbaijan - BreeShangahu

3 Melrisa Mashkarja

She should have won, Evita was the biggest floater ever - BreeShangahu

4 Burken Metter
5 Parvana Rashid
6 Shasia Bulanger
7 Eko Mara

He was very manipulative, If Burken was not there he definitely would have won - BreeShangahu

8 Bretagne Mugalina

It might be controversial putting Bretagne here after putting Manshada first but he was very good and deserved better than 5th place - BreeShangahu

9 Mai Azeri

Mai was basically the Janelle of big brother Azerbaijan as she was in seasons 7,9 and 12 - BreeShangahu

10 Et Biulasche

Not only was he the best player of season 4 he was extremely sexy - BreeShangahu

The Contenders

11 Evita Amabre
12 Wigert Biulasche

He would have won but the sibling twist screwed him over

13 Manja V 1 Comment
14 Abi Elrutzi
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