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21 Kenny Brain

He was smart and loyal to the First Five. Also he's extremely hot

22 Sarah Miller

Played an excellent social game, and was one of the most likable houseguests ever

She rocks lige

Sarah's a b*tch she just got the nice girl edit from the show she was such a b*tch on the feeds

23 Brittnee Blair

Why is she not higher up on this list? She should be up there with Sarah, they played very similar games while still maintaining their alliance to the end and making their own decisions. Brittnee didn't even tell Sarah what the special power she received was! She would've been in final three if Ashleigh hadn't won the last point of view.

Won comps, got out huge players

Won comps, got out huge players, yet still everyone loved her because of her sweet personality

Why is n't britnee higher on the list with neda and sarah

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24 Sabrina Abbate

She ran the house for several weeks at the start of the season and managed to make it to final two even after her allies walker out the door one bye one.

She did fine for the first five weeks but when she was nominated by Canada it's like her strategic moves just died off - RoxasDan

Canada just didn't like her but overall she made smart points in the game dominated the first week of the game

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25 Sindy Nguyen

She was completely awful. She was put up every single time she was eligible. She was a major poor sport and claimed that she was the one who masterminded the eviction of Jordan when it made absolutely no sense at all to. Jordan wouldn't not have came after her. She was incredibly idiotic. One of the worst and overrated by far. All she has is a few comp wins which really doesn't go far if your social game is terrible.

She was a queen comp, and I would love to see her in all stars

People in the house underestimated her

Comp beast, she played the game GREATLY

26 Nikki Grahame

Nikki didn't have much of a game but she was hilarious and amazing to watch like we were all wondering what she would do next. I'm very happy she mad it as far as she did, she was never gonna win but that's ok because she was great in her own way and it would be awesome if she came back as an all star. Nikki is awesome.

When she had a tantrum or was upset, people would feel sorry for her and that was part of Nikki's social game, and that her go further in the game

Good social player.Made it far in all her seasons of BBUK and is making it far in BBCAB



27 Heather Decksheimer

She was underrated, which allowed her to make it far. She was seen as not a threat whatsoever, but she was actually one of the strongest female competitors. Everyone viewed her as being stupid, but she was fairly intelligent. Sucks that she ended in fourth though; would have loved to see her in the final two of her respective season.

I think that Heather is really under estimated and that sucks because she is the first person in the house this season to have made a big move.

Such a great player and really fun to cheer for. She was most definitely an underdog and if she hadn't refused to wear the squirrel suit, she very likely could have won.

Heather is easily one of my favorite big brother canada players just because she was socially really strong which let me rationalize rooting for her. is she a top 10 bbc player? definitely not. but she is certainly an underrated player who deserves more attention

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28 Pilar Nemer V 1 Comment
29 Loveita Adams

As of right now we don't know if she goes back in the house, though if she does I think she could potentially be an honourable mention on a top ten, but if Kelsey goes in I think she may be closer to a worst list.

Although her gameplay was messy, she tried to right her wrongs the second time she was head of household. She also won 2 hohs in the first three weeks what kind of icon goddess queen

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30 Kelsey Faith

Although Kelsey didn't play a very good game in the beginning after spending that week with loveita really woke her up seeing that she has only been in the house for a few days she still needs to keep playing but put all that aside she is one of my favorites this year next to Jared and Nikki

I believe Kelsey under estimated herself in the beginning of the game. But in the beginning portion she flipped the votes against Paige to stay, she got fake evicted, but Loveita knocked sense into her, Making her a social and strategy beast. She is also a "Mastermind Genius"

Such an underrated legend, queen of studying and had in a huge hand in every single Eviction other then her own, Raul and Jared's, and Dallas'


31 Jared Kesler

The only reason Jared could be considered a good player is because for SOME REASON everyone wanted to literally throw away their game for him. He didn't even have a great social game. Just an average player all around.

Has been a target the whole game and he's still in

- Biggest physical target since day 1
- Strong ties with everyone in the house had the rest of his alliance get voted out before him despite them being much weaker players
- Won the most competitions in season 4
- Everyone wanted to work with him
- Although some would argue kelsey coming back helped him, I disagree, she just dragged him down
- That being said, he would be the best BBCan player of all time had he not been tied down by Kelsey, but definitely still in top 3 so far.

32 Maddy Pavle V 1 Comment
33 Anick Gervais

Even though Anick was voted early she still won too me

She was an amazing person inside and out was robbed.

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34 Jordan Parr

His last name is Parhar, but he's so irrelevant that I'd be surprised if you got the last name right. They tried to make him the next Peter Brown and tried to play him off as some mastermind. In actuality, he relied entirely upon Zach and did nothing during his time in the house. Volunteering to go on the block and getting evicted in the same week? If he was really the superfan that they played him off as, he would know that it never works out when you volunteer to be nominated! He does NOT deserve to be on this list.

Definitely playing a good game. Good strong alliances and keeping a cool head.

I really don't like him, however he is playing a good game but might get caught ridding the middle for to long. Also his name is Jordan Parhar

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35 Ramsey Aburaneh V 1 Comment
36 Nick Paquette
37 Paige Distranski

Paige is so sweat. I she made it the first week I think she would have made it far or won

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38 Andrew Gordon

Worst player of the game, also the rudest

39 Adel Elseri

Entertaining player, I think he should be a little higher on this list.

"So much love and smiles" and way way to funny

40 Topaz Brady

She had a pretty good strategy going into the game, with almost the entire house liking her as a person. She would pretend to not know whats going on but when it came to knowledge competitions she would be amazing. She was only screwed when big brother ruined her game with the instant eviction

Even though she messed up on finale night big time, she was one of the most realistic players. She would've stayed a lot longer if Peter (the idiot) had used his point of view on her... And also if Jillian didn't lie to her like a bajillion times

She was very argumentative

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