Top Ten Best Big Brother Canada Players

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41 Allison White

Came in late and did what she needed to do. Would've made it much further if it weren't for the instant eviction twist, which sucks.

42 Suzette Amaya

She was an emotional player but made through her eviction against Liza but evicted the week after that

She was the best first HoH in Canada BB history, she was willing to do whatever it takes to get further

43 Arlie Shaban

Would have been great if I didn't think he was invisible

44 Topaz Brady

She had a pretty good strategy going into the game, with almost the entire house liking her as a person. She would pretend to not know whats going on but when it came to knowledge competitions she would be amazing. She was only screwed when big brother ruined her game with the instant eviction

Even though she messed up on finale night big time, she was one of the most realistic players. She would've stayed a lot longer if Peter (the idiot) had used his point of view on her... And also if Jillian didn't lie to her like a bajillion times

She was very argumentative

45 Andrew Gordon

Worst player of the game, also the rudest

46 Liza

Was so awesome, and was with Tom (I liked Tom) so yah

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