Top Ten Best Big Brother Canada Players

Vote for the player who played the best game and had the best strategy on Big Brother Canada.

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41 Arlie Shaban

Would have been great if I didn't think he was invisible

42 Aj Burman

Played the perfect pawn game- but no strategy at all

An amazing player also very strategic

No strategy at all. Why is he up higher than Brittnee and Slayha?

43 Allison White

Came in late and did what she needed to do. Would've made it much further if it weren't for the instant eviction twist, which sucks.

44 Ashleigh Wood

She wasn't a great strategic player, but one thing she has going for her is that she never gave up, even after all her allies were gone, she fought until she finally got evicted at the final 3. She is also the first woman to win 3 vetos in a row.

An amazing player, she was strong, smart and very clever and she would have probably won if Godfrey wouldn't have done the mistake to take sarah to the end

Bad player, but I give her credit for her determination.

Ashleigh was 1 comp win away from winning BBCAN3 and she honestly played a really solid game, really confused as to why she isn't at least in the top 20

45 Liza

Was so awesome, and was with Tom (I liked Tom) so yah

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46 Suzette Amaya

She was an emotional player but made through her eviction against Liza but evicted the week after that

She was the best first HoH in Canada BB history, she was willing to do whatever it takes to get further

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