Best Big Brother Canada Season 2 Players

The Top Ten

1 Neda Kalantar

Easily the best big brother Canada player of all time. She was very manipulative, intelligent, had so much knowledge of the game being a secret super fan, and played cutthroat and emotionless. She also did well in comps and won when she needed to. She was never targeted up until her eviction and played a near flawless game. Playing under the radar at first then controlling the house by manipulating the decisions of the other houseguests (getting Jon to put up Arlie and Adel / keeping Adel and Heather from going after her and Jon) and making big moves (backdooring Kenny and taking out Alison) it's clear Neda is the GOAT of BB Canada

Bitch what, best player of all time? she flopped majorly in bbcan5 - musicalorange6

2 Jon Pardy
3 Heather Decksheimer
4 Arlie Shaban
5 Sabrina Abbate
6 Kenny Brain

He won competitions when he had to win, even though he wasn't good at strategy or social game he secured his safety for the first few weeks

7 Allison White
8 Ika Wong

Maybe not the best on season 2 but definitely the best on season 5. Liza is just jealous she didn't get a second chance because she was so boring.

True, Liza is delusional. - musicalorange6

9 Sarah Miller
10 Adel Elseri

The Contenders

11 Kyle Shore
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