Top Ten Big Brother (U.K) Players


The Top Ten

1 Nikki Grahme

Hands down legend, she's been brought back 3 times including Ultimate Big Brother, and now has been voted in Big Brother Canada. Not only best big brother housemate, best reality T.V. Star - Britishboiii00

2 Jade Goodey

The reason why Big Brother was such a phenomenon. So many amazing moments and one liners. "Jade name two fruits with the letter S! " She replies "Strawberries & Spinach" became a celebrity in her own right. - Britishboiii00

3 Helen Adams

The very first ditsy blonde on big brother. Such an innocent sweetheart. - Britishboiii00

4 Josie Gibson

Hilarious, Genuine, and NOT BORING. Owned her season and the nation loved her. - Britishboiii00

5 Makosi Mumbasi

Stirred up so much crap in her season, passed the hardest of hard secret missions, had the whole house around her finger up until the infamous jacuzzi night. - Britishboiii00

6 Brian Dowling

A great housemate. Won bb all the way back in 2001, and Ultimate Big Brother in 2010. And even became the host on the revival for 2 years. - Britishboiii00

7 Brian Belo

So many great one-liners, has a true knowledge how to play the game, and deserved to win his year. definitely was great to see him in Big Brother timebomb but the awful Helen bullied and forced him out. - Britishboiii00

8 Alex Sibley

So confrontational, over-opinionated, but still so endearing to watch and you can't help but die laughing and end up agree with what he says. - Britishboiii00

9 Emma Greenwood

The OG Spirfire, stood up to anyone that came in her way. Played a huge part in the very famous big brother "Fight Night" so much so she got herself ejected. But still an amazing housemate for only being in for a couple weeks. - Britishboiii00

10 Victor Ebuwa

"The Ghetto V.I.P" "Mr.Slick" first housemate to take the show as a game and played really aggressive. Pretty controversial housemate at his time. Ended up being liked a lot more in Ultimate Big Brother - Britishboiii00

The Contenders

11 Pete Bennett
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