Best Big Brother UK Housemates of 2014

Whose your favourite Big Brother 2014 housemate? Did Helen deserve to win? What do you think?
Please note: This is the UK Big Brother NOT the US

The Top Ten

1 Helen

She's a disgusting prostitute bully, and the only reason she won was because she had a pass to the final otherwise she would of gone week 1. No one stood up to her making it Helens house, And then had a breakdown about how disgusting she is and the idiot public voted her winner. There's a reason she's also on the most hated big brother housemates list. Idiot public. Bully scum slag.

She's so funny and really deserved to win, she's not as big of a bully as she's made out to be. I think everyone should show more respect to her.

She is now in the house with nikki and brian so excited best trio

She's really pretty, funny, generous and kind,

2 Steven

He's just a really nice guy. It cracked me up when he went bonkers.

He should be number 1. Comedy gold! - gemcloben

3 Ash

I liked the fact that he always had his friends back especially Helen cause she needed it most he is also really hot

He's really hot and should've been In the last two with Helen. No one even likes Ashleigh.

He was so nice and always had Helens back

4 Ashleigh

She's so pretty and nice. Helen shouldn't have won. Ashleigh is way nicer and prettier than Helen.

Ashleigh was so funny...

She's Northern Irelands Girl.

5 Winston

We needed him in the finals. He was funny and never did anything horrible to anyone

He put up with Bianca...

Essex lad. He dealt really well with Bianca...

The winstmeister should've won.

6 Christopher

He's very straight forward and brave enough to stand up to mark.

7 Mark

He's so funny and is always shouting

Mark cracked me up

I love his accent! Scousers all the way! Why was he even out! It's not his fault christophers so pathetic.

He's so Hilarious!

8 Pav

He's really kind and deserved to win. He came in during a difficult time, but settled in well.

He's nicer than everyone maks him out to be. He should've got further in the competition.

9 Bianca

I'm really tempted to write what she said to Winston...

We <3 Bianca. She's so funny and strips all the time. What's not to love? Also she got under danielles skin and stressed the ugly girl out. What Bianca said to Winston... Hilarious!

10 Jale

Jale would have won if she didn't start making friends with Helen. - gemcloben

The Contenders

11 Kimberly

I feel so sorry for Kimberly. She could've won if it wasn't for her leaving for hospital. My heart goes out for her and steven.


12 Marlon

He was COOL man.

13 Chris
14 Danielle

She's so down to earth and kind

15 Pauline
16 Zoey

Everyone was really mean to her for no reason

She came in and never did anything wrong

17 Tamara
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