Top Ten Best Big Brother UK Moments


The Top Ten

1 Nikki Grahame "Who Is She?" Rant

Most memorable moment. This was a Rant fueled by pure anger and went down in history. - gemcloben

2 Fight Night

The best big brother season!

In big brother 5, a HUGE fight broke out (mainly started by victor Ebuwa) and resulted in the security come in. - gemcloben

3 Steverly

Steve is my favourite housemate ever. - gemcloben

4 John McRirick vs Makose Religion Debate

This is the best argument and John crushed her religious beliefs. - gemcloben

5 Vanessa Tells Big Brother to F*** Off
6 Helen Wood Wins

Most controversial win ever, but she only won her series by 1.2% - gemcloben

7 Nasty Nick Get Confronted

He was a great housemate and he shouldn't have cried when he was found out. - gemcloben

8 Brian, Nikki and Helen Re-Enter the House

Revived a helpless series. - gemcloben

9 Shabnam's Eviction

Tracey or Carole should have gone instead, but shabnam was crazy during this.

10 Leo Sayer Breaker Down the Door

Best breakdown of the entire show. - gemcloben

The Contenders

11 Go Away You Adulterer!

Feel the Woodburn.

12 Ken Morley Says the N Word... Again

He didn't care who he offended. - gemcloben

13 Bobby's face to face nomination against Farrah
14 "Get Grace Out"
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