The Best Big Brother Editions

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1 Big Brother USA

This is the only edition that is based on skill and not just popularity
The houseguest have to use there brains to try manipulate others, make smart alliances and they chose who to evict

Um... actually based on strategies.
A perfect combination of social, strategical, and competitive gameplay

2 Big Brother Canada

I actually prefer bb can over the American version. There are still strategists and actually good genuine players. Big brother us is so rigged

3 Big Brother Philippines

Pinoy big brother is the best big brother edition around the world because this is very atypical from different countries editions because this edition is for the whole family to enjoy. The philippine big brother is very wise and teaches the housemates a lot of things. I think this is the only country that does teens and special edition like all in (where a number of celebrities, teens, and adult housemates are together in one house) and lucky season 7 (wherd the 4 lucky suns, 4 lucky stars and 4 lucky houses make the dream but in order to do tbat there wefe 3 editions in one season celebrities, teens and adults and from all the editions there were only 3 people who get a chance to be in the dream team but there's a twist the big brother picks two evicted housemates from each edition to battle it out to get tbe fourth lucky symbols from each edition.). This is the best edition because its not only a T.V. show where fanily can come together but it is also a T.V. show where you can ...more

Only in the Philippine Franchise that Regular Adults, Teens and Celebrities are compete in ONE Season (since PBB ALL IN, 2014). Pinoy Big Brother shows the real Filipono thing, being a Family-oriented ones.. I love this franchise. (my next bet is BBcan)... PS: I think only the Filipino Big Brother shown his "funny side" to his housemates..

This is the most controversial franchise in the history of Big Brother. First time ever that a housemate got over 1 million of total votes for the final night.

This franchise is the best since they've shown the ethical way of living and how people should react on an environment where the world sees whatever you do.

4 Big Brother UK

Who gives about all this social because at the end of the day.. BBUK is amazing television, especially the celebrity ones. They all get like so dirty & have great tasks & great housemates & great everything.

5 Big Brother Brazil
6 Big Brother Africa
7 Big Brother Bulgaria
8 Big Brother Germany
9 Bigg Boss

It is fantastic with every season very wonderful

10 Big Brother Italy
The Contenders
11 Big Brother Mexico
12 Big Brother Netherlands

First big brother ever, created by John de Mol. Also, sex right away in like the second week. Pretty shocking back then.

13 Big Brother Australia
14 Bigg Boss Telugu
15 Bigg Boss Tamil
16 Veliki Brat
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