Top 10 Big Brother 15 (U.S.) Housegeusts

The Top Ten
1 Aaryn Gries Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

I personally believed anyone out their that believe she's a racist is a racist in their own way. It's fun to be mean to pretty girls and also kick a lot of butt on the way.

People seem to hate, but I love her for her game. She was the only decent person left once the process of selecting the jurry was underway. Plus, I think she was their to play the game while Candy-Land was there to have months worth of camera time.

Aaryn was one of the best females on this season with 4 HoH wins.

2 Amanda Zuckerman

She is a bully and pathetic. She is so cocky and she has won one competition.

3 Elissa Slater

The sister of a big brother legend Rachel Reily she is a smart phsyical competier who took out Aaryn, she could win it all.

4 Helen Kim

She was to overconfident the whole time.

5 Nick Uhas

He had everything figured out! But unlucky for him, Amanda realised what America realised - He could win this! If he had've stayed for a bit longer or he had made an alliance with Amanda he would have won no doubt. And he should have won

Best big brother contestant this season! I was seriously hoping he would win!

Nick was a good player but killed by Mcranda's wrath

6 McCrae Olson

He is controled by Amanda all day every day but can pull out a good move every once in a while.

McCrae is my favorite reality T.V. player of all time

7 Candice Stewart

When did she ever really played the game. She just let her emotions and likes/dislikes of people to govern her decisions

She was a fierce competitor when it came to her and Howard.

8 Judd Daugherty

Judd is the best season 15 guest. He was blindsided and then came back for revenge on McRanda.

9 Andy Herren


He was just a floater the whole time and did whatever McCranda wanted. He was a no go player.

10 Jessie Kowalski

Jessie was by far my favorite contender but played a week game which ended with a bang.

The Contenders
11 Jeremy McGuire

He was a strong competitor but was just dumb.

12 Spencer Clawson

He is a survivor of 6 Evictions and has played a good game.

13 Howard Overby

He had a good game plan but I didn't work out

14 GinaMarie Zimmerman

GM was week, she had 2 HoH's and got out Candice who was not a threat.

15 Kaitlin Barnaby

She did almost nothing the whole game. Her showmance with Jeremy was dumb

16 David Girton

He was the first evicted.

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