Top Ten Big Events that Were Overshadowed by Another

The Top Ten Big Events that Were Overshadowed by Another

1 Scientists Figured Out Molecular Teleportation Was Overshadowed By The Royal Baby

I MEAN MOLECULAR TELEPORTATION that was super important but no one cared because the royal baby was I mean yeah its important that the royal baby was born but Molecular teleportation which if you want to know what it is its basically TELEPORTATION I mean that's important or is it just me. - Thecyanryan

Everybody he's not saying that the events that overshadow the other events aren't big deals he's just saying the overshadowed ones shouldn't have been overshadowed. - Skullkid755

This is among the reasons why I think Britain should become a republic.

What a shame, because this could be very useful in the future. - Swellow

2 Rwanda Genocide Was Overshadowed By The OJ Simpson Trial Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a sovereign state in central and east Africa and one of the smallest countries on the African mainland.

Why did people care more about a trial than a brutal genocide? - iliekpiez

I feel like it was direct. I mean, maybe OJ Simpson wasn't a big deal, but the media intentionally popularized it, because they wanted to distract the people from realize what happened in Rwanda.

In most of these, the more important event is the one that overshadows the less important one, but wow, Rwanda Genocide was a big deal, bigger than OJ Simpson. - Martinglez

Shows celebs oversaturated in media. - iliekpiez

3 Farrah Fawcett's Death Overshadowed By Michael Jackson's Death Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett (February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009) was an American actress and artist. A four-time Emmy Award nominee and six-time Golden Globe Award nominee, Fawcett rose to international fame when she posed for her iconic red swimsuit poster – which became the best selling pin-up poster more.

HEY PEOPLE ON THIS LIST LISTEN I am going to have to clarify that I'm NOT saying that one being overshadowed is more important then the one overshadowing it I'M Saying that the one being overshadowed is a big event in its own right and deserved to be more recognised rather than just tossed to the side like it is nothing important. - Thecyanryan

Farrah was an actress in shows like Charlies angels and movies like Logan's run and Saturn 3 but died on the same day Michael Jackson did - Thecyanryan

What I Think, Farrah Fawcett died BEFORE Michael Jackson. because it says overshadowed, but I don't know I jist like MJ

4 Electric Traffic Lights Introduced Were Overshadowed By Germany Invading Belgium Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.

Unlike many others on the list... Electric Lights caught on, traditional traffic lights nowadays are only seen at a Cracker Barrel or a museum - Maddox121

Maybe because Germany's invasion was a major issue? - Therandom

5 Man Rowing Across The Ocean Was Overshadowed By A Man Walking On The Moon

That doesn't really matter compared to a moon landing... - judo8alex

Yes that's true but it was an achievement that really mattered but all John got was one interview - Thecyanryan

I understand this, but I feel bad for "John" - EliHbk

John FairFax Was The man EVER to row across the ocean solo it was a huge accomplishment but the moon landing overshadowed it - Thecyanryan

Because Earhart couldn't fly over, FairFax decided to row across instead.

6 Roger Moore's Death Was Overshadowed By Manchester Bombing At Ariana Grande's Concert Sir Roger George Moore KBE (1927-2017) was an English actor. Moore played the British secret agent James Bond in seven feature films such as Moonraker, The Spy Who Loved Me and Live and Let Die, between 1973 and 1985. Moore worked as a model and made several appearances in minor films and television more.

No, this wasn't overshadowed. The tragedy of Manchester was on everyone's mind, at least from where I was. But we felt for Roger as well. - PositronWildhawk

What! Are you saying that the world should have focused on roger moore who had lived a long life instead of the young victims who died during the bombing? - judo8alex

No I'm not saying that I'm just saying that barely anyone knew that he died because of the bombing I'm not saying that everyone should have focused on his death I'm just saying that maybe a news article or something rather than a brief news story the bombing was really important to and definitely more important it just overshadowed his death - Thecyanryan

Oh come on! Why are celebrities more important than the lives of innocent children? I don't get people these days!

I am not saying its more important just read the comment I gave to judo8alex - Thecyanryan

Roger Moore Played James Bond from 1973 to 1985 and died sadly a day after the bombing - Thecyanryan

7 OJ Simpson Was Let Out Of Prison Was Overshadowed By Chester Bennington's Death Orenthal James "O. J." Simpson, nicknamed The Juice, is a former National Football League running back, broadcaster, actor, advertising spokesman, and convicted robber.

Really? People were all over Twitter tweeting their condolences to the late Linkin Park singer and posted tributes.

Technically he is on Parole for 5 years but that is still pretty big but Chester Bennington died so no one really cared. - Thecyanryan

No it wasn't, one was on the Nat. News, one was in a small metal community! Really? - EliHbk

Apologies. I read the sentence wrong. But people were still talking about OJ.

8 Boys Life Saved Overshadowed by the Death of a Gorilla

Because It's the boy's mother fault. The gorilla didn't do anything wrong.

Is this the point we are really at were a human boy is less important than a gorilla I mean gorillas die all the time and I never see anyone out but when this one was killed everyone as acting like it's the end of the world just sad - Thecyanryan

Why do people care about this gorilla so much? What did he do to deserve this much love? - MegaSoulhero

Presumably because gorillas are quite endangered still, and people do care about animals a lot, so why shouldn't someone care? - MaxStickies

If I own a dog and a son and both are in danger, I would definitely choose my son over my dog because I know it's hard and saddening but sometimes you must sacrifice your own pet to save your only child. For this one, Harambe's case fits perfectly into my dilemma here - Neonco31

9 Groucho Marx's Death Overshadowed By Elvis Presley's Death Julius Henry Marx (October 2, 1890 – August 19, 1977), known professionally as Groucho Marx, was an American comedian, film and television star. He was known as a master of quick wit and is widely considered one of the best comedians of the modern era. His rapid-fire, often impromptu delivery of innuendo-laden more.

You have probably never heard of Groucho Marx but back in the day he was a HUGE television star but Elvis Presley died 3 days earlier than Groucho did so rarely anybody knew - Thecyanryan

10 The War On Waste Was Overshadowed By The 9/11 Terror Attacks

Jesus Christ, this is the most disrespectful thing I have seen on TopTen. Get this off the list! - Wolfski

I'm already waiting for the comments like "But that was Bush and not terrorists, it was a pretense to attacking Iraq" LOL

But that was Bush and not terrorists, it was a pretense to attacking Iraq

The war on waste was simple America lost 2.3 Trillion Dollars - Thecyanryan

The Newcomers

? James Lipton, Max Von Sydow, Michael Roux, Honsi Mubarak and Javier Perez DeCuller deaths all overshadowed by Covid-19 related coverage

everything at this point is overshadowed by coronavirus - junk

The Contenders

11 Mother Teresa's Death Was Overshadowed by Princess Diana's Death

Mother Teresa deceased 5 days after Princess Diana's death, when the hype around Princess Diana's death was still huge, so Mother Teresa's death received less attention

Mother Teresa's death should have been broadcasted over Diana's death.

Unbelievable for anybody to even try and compare the two

12 The Acknowledgement of Kim Jong Un as the Supreme Leader of North Korea Was Overshadowed by Katy Perry's Divorce from Russell Brand

This one is just sad. ALthough Katy Perry is great, her personal life doesn't sound too different from most others

13 Doctor Who's First Airing Overshadowed by JFK's Assassination

Honestly if anybody gets triggered by this item and they misunderstand the list because of it I'm gonna... plan out what I'm gonna do then do it. - Skullkid755

I can definitely understand this. Really, if your President (if you live in the U.S) died and a show started airing at the same time, I would probably care more about the President's death than the show. I understand that this being in the list doesn't mean you think Doctor Who starting was more important than JFK's death, though.

Yep - 2storm

But...butt.. its doctor who..! b...b..BAKA

14 The Blueprint by Jay Z Was Released Overshadowed by the 9/11 Attacks

The stupid reactions to this list are proof that humans are devolving fast, or that the people reacting are in a previous stage of human evolution. - Skullkid755

This makes me angry. A LOT OF PEOPLE DIED OR GOT SERIOUSLY INJURED IN THAT ATTACK. Oh, but let's complain about an album getting not so much attention. Sad, right?

Don't look at me I didn't add this and whoever did add this was not saying that the album was more important there just saying that this was being overshadowed by something else - Thecyanryan

A future meme is more important than Jay Z. - Therandom

15 Chandra Levy's Disappearance Overshadowed by the 9/11 Attacks

The search for Chandra Levy, who at the time was still believed to be alive, had been dominating the news for a while. Then 9/11 happened and she was pretty much forgotten about until her bones were found a year later.

It's not as serious as a terrorist attack, but it was still important, since she was a politician, and the crime was disgusting. - Swellow

16 John McCain's Death Overshadowed by Logan Paul vs KSI Boxing Match

That's sad. - oneshot

17 Peter O'Toole's death overshadowed by Paul Walker's death

Wait, what? Peter O'Toole's dead? I didn't even know that! Guess that shows how overshadowed it was. It's a shame, because he had a really good career as an actor.

By the way, to everyone complaining about this list: It's not saying that the event that overshadowed the other wasn't a big deal. This is just a list of events that nobody paid attention to because other events just happened to be going on that received more focus. Usually, both events are equally important to history, but one event is often more focused on than the other.

18 CS Lewis' Death Overshadowed by JFK Assassination

Well he was the POTUS. - Therandom

19 The Launch of Battleborn Was Overshadowed by the Launch of Overwatch

Poor Battleborn...overshadowed by the Overrated Overwatch. - DapperPickle

I actually like battleborn. - Therandom

20 Hurricane Ike Was Overshadowed by the Stock Market Crash of 2008
21 Aldous Huxley's Death Overshadowed by JFK's Assassination

All three on the same day! Chronicles of Narnia author, Brave New World author, and US President. - ColinH

22 Aaliyah's Death Was Overshadowed by 9/11

Um, 9/11 happened more than 2 weeks after she died. Usually, the hype over any celebrity death ends after a few days. That would be like saying if there was a major terrorist attack on a country today, it overshadowed Chester Bennington's death, but by now, most people have calmed down over his death and moved on. - MountainDewKid101

23 Jim Bowen's Death Overshadowed by Stephen Hawking's Death
24 Release of Errol Flynn's Robin Hood overshadowed by the Anschluss

For those who don't know the Anschluss was Nazi Germany's annexation of Austria, in other words a union of sorts which the majority of Austrians welcomed with open arms. Meanwhile arguably the definitive Robin Hood came out in the same year.

25 Release of Toy Story 3 overshadowed by Spain v Holland World Cup final

The return of Woody and Buzz Lightyear? To Hell with that, Spain won the world cup despite the brunt of a dirty Dutch side including an incident in which Spain's Xabi Alonso got booted in the chest by Holland's Nigel de Jong and yet Jong wasn't red carded for that challenge by Howard Webb.

The world cup is more important than anything Disney makes.

26 2018 Winter Olympics Overshadowed by Parkland School Shooting

I didn't care about the shooting in my opinion. I just wanted to watch the Olympics.

27 Hurricane Camille was overshadowed by Woodstock
28 B-Project: Kodou Ambitious was overshadowed by Yuri on Ice
29 The release of Baby Driver Overshadowed by the release of Crash Bandicoot: The N.Sane Trilogy.
30 Release of Thor overshadowed by Will and Kate's royal wedding.

It's a Marvel movie. It deserves to be overshadowed.

31 Roger Federer's 2018 Wimbledon defeat overshadowed by England's World Cup semi-final defeat.


32 Ted Kennedy killing Mary Jo Kopechne overshadowed by the Moon Landing
33 Assassination attempt of Steve Scalise overshadowed by Grenfell Tower Fire

Grenfell was a huge tragedy and would have been outrageous if it was overshadowed - iliekpiez

34 The Launch of Apollo 11 Overshadowed by the Launch of the Falcon Heavy

There were around 3500 people packed in the closest area watching the launch of the Saturn V carrying Apollo 11 while there were more than 4000 watching the launch of the Falcon Heavy in 2019 from the same spot.

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